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Brent Hatfield | Vice President Outside Sales, South Gulf Coast

Richardson, Texas |

Susan Ehrlich | Chief Financial Officer at Simple Finance

Portland, Oregon |

Bruce Sturgell | Founder/ Editor in Chief at

Portland, Oregon Area |

Caitlin Milligan Sheaffer | Project Manager at Simple Finance

Portland, Oregon |

Reviews 9,275

  1. One of the best decision I have made.
    Regina Cooper
    I love love love this bank & app. It has simplified my finances & budgeting 100%. I had Citizen's bank and they were the worse. They charged me NSF fees when they caused the NSF.
  2. Worst bank you can use.
    Aaron Davis
    I set up direct deposit into my simple account. This was a huge mistake. 3 days after my payroll department has confirmed that they deposited my check into the simple account and and I still have a $0 balance and simple has no answers. Their customer service is very unhelpful, and they have no answers to any questions at all. They just tell you they will call you back.. Save yourself the frustration and go with a real bank. Simple stole my money, and now I have no idea how to get it back.
  3. Love it!
    Great app! Does everything it's supposed to do with little hassle and trouble
  4. Beautiful.
    Frank Valerio
    This service has been so good to me since I joined. What a hard working team of individuals. Hats off to all of you.
  5. Needs some improvements
    Shivum Kumar
    Fix the lag with the pin code login and the unknown error message I get when depositing a check even though it actually submitted fine. EDIT: Sometimes it will submit fine but with an error message, sometimes I get the error but it never submitted. I have never gotten a success message.
  6. Amazing bank! Just one Problem.
    Michiah Johnson
    Let me just start off by saying I absolutely love this bank. Helps me keep goals and and has amazing customer service. The only problem that I have with it is you can only Archive messages to support, there is no ability to delete them. If they added this function I'd be totally set!
  7. It doesn't require rocket science to notice the difference! Viva SIMPLE. .!
    dave brown
    OK OK, my previous banking was with BoA, Chase. ... but I decided to try out SIMPLE. And I'm extremely HAPPY I did the move to SIMPLE. This is how those other banks should take note and redesign their banking model after.... awesome BANKING with the mobile app to accessorize and complément SIMPLE. I'm loving the way that SIMPLE supports external transfers. Viva. ...SIMPLE. .!
  8. Best Bank & Apps Ever
    Stephen Timperley
    This bank is awesome. They keep up with updates to the newest android versions, and I never run into any problems. One little note about programming: I just deposited a check into my account and there's a button that pops up for Pending Check Deposits under Safe-to-Spend, and when I long press the button on Lollipop, the Material Design little circle that animates starts under my finger like normal, but also starts again in the center of the button. Tiny glitch. Hope that makes sense. Should be easy to fix.
  9. Simple Over Everything
    Chris Bailey
    It appears as though Ally bank has just found its nemisis.
  10. The best bank ever.
    Irah Chandler
    I have had such a great experience with this bank. Simple always cashes my checks in a timely manner, never hits me with exorbitant over draft fees and is the most convenient and expedient way to bank in the 21st centry. Thank you simple.
  11. Simple Rocks
    Darrin Rich
    Love this app and their service. App is fast, easy to use and has a great interface. Setting up goals is a great feature which I use a lot. Push notifications on activity works as it should. Enjoy being able to add notes, tags and a picture to a charge
  12. Why does it use 400 mb a month?
    David Jones
    Love the app, but one issue I'm having is that it's using all my data every month. Usually around 400 mb. Not sure why a bank app needs that much data. Please make a note of this.
  13. Simple is Fantastic!
    Chris Johnson
    Love it. I'd be nice to be able to see how much I've spent in different category's total. ie. Gas, Groceries, Utilities. If this feature were added I'd be 110% satisfied!
  14. Awesome Bank. SIMPLEy Amazing!
    Gabriel Cabasug
    I love this bank! A bank that I'm actually happy to do business with!
  15. Amazing!
    Paul Bamson
    This is the best banking experience I have ever had. The app is beautiful and easy to use. It's not even close!
  16. Still trying it out...
    CJ Greywolf
    I got my card, my bank account verified, and I'm waiting for my first direct deposit to post (hopefully this Fri) so that I can really give this a good try. My initial issues were handle well by the customer service rep. So, so far so good...
  17. Love the bank but..
    James Apley
    With the latest update, July 6th 2015, on the Android M developer preview, with a nexus 6, I am seeing major battery drain, 45% of my battery is being used by the app alone. Sent a message to support but got no response as of yet. Figured I'd leave note here as well, there is something wrong, clearly. Devs, please check it out.
  18. No card
    Danielle Smith
    I still haven't received my card in the mail and it's been two weeks!!
  19. Simply great bank, great app.
    David Levey
    Simple is fantastic. Switching from a local chain has been no issue at all. The app sold me but their support and interest on free accounts as kept me. This is a win! Feedback for Simple: Please add resizable widgets without goals, just balance.
  20. Not a good experience
    Willie Robinson
    I've been waiting for an "invite" for months now.


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