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dungeon boss
dungeon hunter 5
soda dungeon
съедобная планета



Rob Tibbetts | Lead Game Tester

San Francisco Bay Area |

Tony Chiu | Game Engineer II

San Francisco Bay Area |

Ned Hugar | Animator

Chie Boyd | Game Artist

Reviews 218,608

  1. Lost conection
    Joseph Ferrer
    When the first I play this game it suddenly it said " error lost conection" well I will only give you 3 star, I hope you will fix my issue.
  2. Pay to win
    Pier Tremb
    Losing at the 4th level because had a crazy regen spell... I do not recommend this game. You will not have any kind of real fun... Unless you pay , of course...but even there ...
  3. Finally a "freemium" game you don't need to pay to win.
    Hunter Hardin
    If you want to invest money in this game, you can buy the premium currency. However, there are still plenty of ways to earn it in game for free. Lots of heros to collect, challenges to overcome, and fun to be had.
  4. Great Game, but too many connection losses
    Abm Haydar
    I love the game but for some reason it disconnects me from the game and takes me to my home screen anywhere from 2-5min of actually playing the game, constantly...hope this issue gets fixed soon so I can truly enjoy the game!
  5. Energy too low
    Daniel Bone Idol Fitness
    Not enough energy/things to do. Burn through all my engery in like 10 minutes. Increase energy or add other ways to get more like daily tasks etc etc please! Then i will rate a 5!
  6. Best game on Play
    quentin mckee
    There so much to do better than clash of clans and copies nothing like this game. I'm a crazed fan. Good job guyz
  7. Read description
    Connor Pie
    Most RPG, adventure games on the phone are really boring, and stupidly made. But this game is probably my favorite game on the app store ever. And is finally a freeminum game that you don't need to pay to win, you can still be very competitive against players who do pay and still be strong.
  8. William
    Doesn't take very long for the grind to begin. On top of that, I played this game to make my own "dungeon" but I haven't been able to touch the content because of the level requirement. Graphically it is nice, but I'm not impressed by the gameplay.
  9. Great game
    Sergio Derosas
    Very fun dont have to spend money they give u gems like crazy easy to earn u can choose to buy them if u want but not needed to play very fun
  10. Good.. but.
    Billy Brough
    I am now team level 12. And i keep getting an error. found. Please fix this and i will give a good review and 5 stars.
  11. Beat game ever
    Angel Godinez
    It's fun plus you don't need any money to play, cool character design, and I haven't had any problems with yet so I give it 5 stars
  12. Great game but!
    Charles Xzavior
    Won't let me play. Game keeps crashing. I want my money back that I spent on it. No fair I only got to play 2 hours.
  13. Crazy fun but can't play :(
    na na
    Every time I get halfway through a battle it craps out on me. If I finally do get through a battle it craps out at the end! It really is fun to play, but I can't play it for more than 2 minutes or so. Will change to 5/5 if my connection problems are fixed. Droid Bionic. OS: 4.4.2
  14. Good Community
    Martin Flanagan
    Enjoying it so far, Community's nice, lots of active Chat, people willing to help one another, you can summon added friend's characters for help within the game, helps you, helps them, good bonuses, give it ago, also check out ECT on youtube, i found out about this game on their channel, always good for a laugh those guys
  15. Amazing game
    Jeramiah Dalton
    Best rpg game on mobile. Has turn based combat with an elemental rock paper scissors to it. Rewards you for playing the game and get the daily bundles which are only a few bucks. You can enjoy it completely without spending money too. Has the cutest mine craft style to the art I love. Don't bother with any other game but this gem.
  16. Josh Smith
    The app closes on the loading screen every time. If the game isn't compatible with some devices let us know so we don't waste time installing them.
  17. Okay
    Patrick Caldwell
    The game is really basic and similar to other charge apps. Missing some explaination, no one knows what hammers are for till lvl 10 and it spams chat. Energy when full equates to around an hour of play at lvl 15. It won't really matter because the game becomes so difficult on stage five that you will need to farm up for three days to beat the final chamber. Once you do moving forward is a mix of short lived excitement and hours of forcing yourself to replay levels for an extraordinary amount of time
  18. Better chances
    Tre'Von Dorsey
    Better chance of getting a better hero when you use 500 scrolls other then that it super fun smacking enemies
  19. Brilliant
    Paul King
    Addictive however the first boss is so hard its unreal and so difficult to move through the game
  20. Best f2p rpg
    Devin Abolins
    In depth stat system and a unique and easy to understand way to acquire heroes. It definitely makes you feel in charge of your your success even though combat is deceptively simple. Plus the graphics and art style are better than any other I've played.


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The moment to take up arms and fight a new threat has arrived - many will perish but the victors will have earned their status of BOSS
Join the Epic battle against the malevolent Chaos and get ready to face the danger in the infected land

• Kicks off a brand new campaign to stop a new EVIL force
• Chaos is a new powerful force that players must face and master
• New Runes to obtain to help master Chaos
• VIP Program improvements
• Various bug fixes and performance improvements

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