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Rob Tibbetts | Lead Game Tester

San Francisco Bay Area |

Tony Chiu | Game Engineer II

San Francisco Bay Area |

Ned Hugar | Animator

Chie Boyd | Game Artist

Reviews 4,283

  1. won't run
    Emily O
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. I open Jewel Legends and two developer cards show, the screen goes black, and the app closes.
  2. Sandi Sill
    Love this game. I play this on my nexus 7 and the sound and graphics are real nice. I got this to play to relax in the evening but I find myself playing more than I expected. This is highly addictive.
  3. Nice variety
    Katherine Moore
    Fun variety of match games. I like playing the Zen choice. No timer so I can sit back and enjoy the games without the frustration of playing against the clock.
  4. Nexsus 7
    Lori Mast
    I really like this game. It has more to it than just the regular jewel games. It is very relaxing but at the same time engaging. I am totally addicted. I love the music and characters in the game.
  5. jewels legend tree of life
    judy andrew
    iv been playing this game for 6months i enjoy greatly infact i recomend it highly only one complaint in order to replay the adventure you have to delete the game and reinstall ..that should be fixed i give 5 stars and still giveing 5 stars
  6. Puzzles & Fun
    Sam Cuthbert
    If you like any of the Bejewelled style games (matching 3 or more gems etc), then you'll love this game. You can play against a timer or take a casual go. Either way it's fun & sometimes You wonder where the time has gone. Playing on Huawei Ascend Y300.
  7. Awesome
    Deanne Austin
    Very addictive game. Tried lots of jewel games and this is one of the best. Love it.
  8. Pretty mindless
    Victor A
    Pretty repetitive gameplay, power ups are useless you don't need them it's too easy. Nice crisp graphics but pointless game, doesn't give you a reason to keep playing since there's no goal.
  9. Would love to rate this game a 5
    Elisa Riedy
    BUT...I also have a Samsung Galaxy tab 3 and it crashes before it ever fully opens. I paid for the full version + it looks like loads of fun. I have installed/uninstalled 4 times over 2 months but no go. ********update******** 6 months later and I am STILL WAITING FOR EITHER A REFUND OR A FIX so this game is compatible with my tablet. Would love my comments to be acknowledged by the developers of JL please!! I'm wary of purchasing any more BF games until then.
  10. Good but buggy
    Karen Smith
    Great game, relaxing, but stops working alot on Galaxy tab 3 and 4. I would like to see some different tiles every so often, too.
  11. Annoying!!
    Shane T
    This is one of the most irritating games I've played I a long time. It almost doesn't let me play, as it changes icons across the board so that there is no real challenge. In my opinion, a waste of money!
  12. jewel legends: tree of life
    carol lewis
    love the game... keeps interest for too long... very distracting and enjoying☆☆☆☆☆
  13. Jewel Legends Full
    Dawn Cookson
    Excellent game with brilliant graphics and really smooth game play. If you like jewel quest games I recommend you download it now. Presents excellent value for money as it can be replayed in different quest types and it is a very playable and addictive little game. Well done!
  14. Nice!!
    Angela Pickles
    Love playing this game, great sound and graphics, relaxing gameplay but at the same time, challenging.
  15. It is a good game
    Margaret Pena
    If you fix it for me it keeps going out on me would like it better if i could get though it so please fix it for me Thanks!
  16. excellent!
    Tijouh Bear
    awesome game...the graphics are really cool..way better than most match-3 jewel games i've played before. thanks bigfish!
  17. Fun!
    Sparkle Zimmerman
    I really enjoyed this game. Played on zen mode, completed all 100 levels. Was a nice game to play when I was tired or just needed a distraction. Would love to see another game like this with the matching and also the rebuilding of the village. Made me feel like I accomplished something. Wish I could save a picture of the completed village for wallpaper!
  18. Jewel Legends
    Gail Hatton
    Love the game and the sound effects but the music got on my nerves so I just muted that. Bought this game on my iphone prior to this but I had to pay again on my new phone. Well worth the £1.25
  19. Great game
    Stacy Taylor
    Love it! It was so worth buying got tired of candy crush on facebook, wanting you to spend money all the time.
  20. Great!
    Lc D
    Superb graphics- match 3 with a storyline quest. Don't understand the other comments about the short length since the adventure mode clearly states each win is out of 100- there are 3 modes of play.