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David Seunghoon Jung | Co-Founder & SVP

대한민국 |

Kisup Lee | CEO & Founder at BitMango

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kyungmin. Chloe Lee | --

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Yewoon Seo | Project Director at BitMango

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Reviews 8,867

  1. Angie Wetherbee
    Only thing don't like u only have one shot if u don't get high enough score even clearing board u have to start over from level one
  2. Mary M
    Mary McGill
    I don't like that if u fail u have to start from the beginning, other wise I like it.
  3. Bev Huzzard
    Great game to play, like the classic & arcade , can't wait for coming soon level.
  4. Danette McNeley
    fun but have to pay to go beyond level 17
  5. Not great
    Shaji Nair
    After every level it goes to an ad page. Then it restarts from the begining, asks again whether we wish to continue from where we left. No details of high score. Very much disappointed with output compared to the file size.
  6. Jaime Duke
    I really love this game! Except since this latest update I have not been able to open the app! So basically it automatically updated and now I can't even play. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but it still won't let me even open the app. The screen goes black for a second and then it just takes me right back to my tablet's main screen. Please please fix this! I want to play my favorite game again!
  7. Sheila Forbes
    Too bad game goes back fo level 1 when you fail a level. Frustrating!
  8. Tea 29
    Its first time I am playing it and having fun so for
  9. Good game
    Fiona Matsvaire
    Nice game just don't like having to start over when u fail a level. Hope one day you can continue from last passed level at least
  10. Michelle Fletcher
    Worked fine at first and I loved the game Now it won't open at all. I reinstalled it and it still won't open.
  11. 2012!
    This is s great game loooooooove it
  12. Annie Reyes
    Too many ads that it distracts you from the game itself. I'm aware it is your main source of revenue but isn't there a way to put those ads where you won't accidentally click it?
  13. Cool game
    Candy Pettus
    Way to many adds, but if dont mind clicking an x to continue, then its worth it.
  14. Debbie Lee
    Hi, Re: P.S. yes, the back button on my phone would not work. So, I had to tap on my phone's 'home' button to exit. It did save my score and level! Also, (last night) the game went into slow motion preceded by about 3 secs delayed response. It was slow enough for me to see the various points flash near the group of tiles being removed. Today, the response and speed is fine :)
  15. Block crush mania
    Eddie Stanton
    Very nice game. I like not having to tap more than once.
  16. I love it no problems
    katie willis
    Lots of fun no problems best game ever
  17. Penny Johnson
    A lot of fun but I wish in the arcade games the bottom button wasn't so little
  18. Awesome!
    Laura Regan
    This is an awesome game. An awesome time killer and just all around awesome!
  19. Too many ads!!!!!
    Becky Lucas
    Too easy to click on ads. Very frustrating. Would give 4 or 5 stars if not for this.
  20. Super cuteeee
    Austin Lugue
    Very much addictive. Specialy the gift after 15 mins. I will give 5 if they update it.


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