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  1. Cheri Mckinney
    Puts me to sleep...great sleep aid. Game goes nowhere without keys which are too costly to get...not enough bonus for winning a bingo...i do like how i can play endlessly, would just be better if it was livelier...
  2. Bingo craze
    Henry Maneval
    Keeps kicking you off in middle of game lose your cards and progress not just once but several times
  3. Like It, Don't Love It
    Joan Clayton
    This is a pretty good bingo app as far as they go... but still your credits disappear fast and you end up having to buy if you want to keep playing. I guess in that sense they are all the same.
  4. Heather Silva
    Don't think you should need a key to unlock the prizes that you have won during a game. If you don't have a key you have to purchase one I'm not trying to do that just want to play the game.
  5. James Peterson
    I can't play the slots section, and I have completed all the areas!! That's the only reason I give it 4/5 stars! Game always freezes up when I try to play the slots!
  6. Great game
    jody abner
    I like this bingo game better then all the others I have played. The only things I don't like about it are #1 you have to wait 24hours to get more bingo chips. Less wait time would make it awesome. And #2 the slot game does not give me my coins won and then just force closes. Other then that I like this bingo game.
  7. The cash and key reward are not big enough!
    Cathy Durman
    The cash so and key rewards are too small, it takes way to long to build up enough cash to buy keys or credits.$1000 to replenish the keys or
  8. It's ok
    Tegan Beattie
    I like this game but wonder how someone can get bingo with only 2 numbers called...
  9. Love this bingo game
    Michael Flathers
    This game is very easy to play. Numbers are called slow enough so you don't miss any. I say if you want to kill time and love bingo then get this NOW
  10. Family Compton
    Needs more ways to make money! Keys are expensive but you have to open chest for $...can't afford keys or power ups
  11. Fun bingo game
    Kara Tompkins
    To make this a great five star game, a couple of suggestions. Ask one time while playing to rate the game; more than that is annoying and other great bingo games dont ask as many times. When you get a bingo, make the reward worth winning. Takes a long time to get your coins to an amount to get more keys or power ups. Otherwise a very entertaining game!!!
  12. I really want to like this game, but bcos it is so incredibly difficult to build up in-game currency, w/out bein forced to use real £/€/$/¢, it's impossible to buy t' Keys & Power-Ups u need to complete t' collections, & enjoy it to its fullest…
    Tara-Louise Aiello
    …Also, bcos we can't get t' Keys needed to open t' Chests, which, not only, do they seem to hold t' only way to get t' collection items, but also t' money needed to buy Keys & Power-Ups, it is so incredibly ironic, considering u need 'one' to get t' 'other', but need t' 'other' to get t' 'one' :-\ !!! …& t' only way I'm able to get any money, is t' $50, for each Bingo i might be lucky to get, & as I'm only able to play 3 cards each round, & bcos I don't have t' freedom to say; “Sod getting food, let's spend £10 getting Power-Ups & Keys, that'll b gone quicker than it took to purchase", it's takin 4ever to build up in-game currency… …Plus, in t' 2 wks I'v had t' game, I'v won only 10 Bingos in that whole time! & I'v noticed a few times, a few rounds I'v played, hav had me gettin almost every possible combination of ‘winning lines’, except for just 1 number, & this can happen 3/4 times, on just 1 card. But its a promising game, very clean layout, but impossible to enjoy completely. If it wasn't for the aforementioned issues, it'd b excellent. Thanks for reading. Take care. Xx
  13. Almost perfect
    christine T
    It would be nice to place in the tournament at least once. Can't win more than 1200 in 4 rounds. And I have played the slots once because it is really hard to win coins.
  14. Same
    Lisa Carver
    It's the same and less as other bingos. The first place second place and third place bingos should receive more bingo chips than the last place bingos. Gives more insensitive to purchase chips. Just a thought.
  15. Love this game
    Eddie calarcon
    So far one of the best bingos I've play,really good app, love it.....
  16. Such a bummer!!!!
    Michelle Bigger
    This is another bingo ap that if downloaded through google play then you might ad well for get the extras in your email and since you cant connrct eith facebook its not as fun without your peeps.
  17. Wendy Gersch
    The game is good, but it takes a lot to gather coins to buy power ups and keys. Just wish it would give more coins per game.
  18. LAurie Martin
    It took all my chips power ups and keys what a rip off
  19. awesome game!
    Nene Batario
    its a very entertaining game..only problem though the key to open the chest is very expensive...
  20. It's fun, but...
    Megan Simons
    You don't get enough rewards to buy any keys or power ups.


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