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Reviews 394,134

  1. Jose Montes
    Game gets ridiculously hard after the first four planes. Loses all of its fun after the tenth mission due to getting shot down before you, yourself, are in shooting range.
  2. Needs more customizable contols
    Paul Rene Padilla
    Users should be given the option to customize the controls so that pulling back/down on the directional control allows you to point the nose of the plane up. Also, one cannot do loops/rolls in the plane, which greatly limits your dogfighting ability.
  3. Fun
    Shawn Lydic
    I like the overall accuracy of the look of the aircraft... I am disappointed with flight controls though... The control is inverted compared to a real aircraft... Pull back on the stick for up elevator, push forward for down elevator in a real aircraft.... There is poor roll effect for aileron as well.... I would like to see these repaired proper... Looking forward to some updates...
  4. This is BRILLIANT!
    punam chowdhary
    This game is one of the best 3 games I always play. Shadow fight 2 , clash of clans, Hay Day and now this game has also took place in these. I will say that you all should also install these 4 games
  5. Not bad
    Rich Peterson
    You have advertising in the bottom of the playing screen, as the phones get bigger so do the ads covering the page. You can't even hit the firing button as the ads cover them up!
  6. Controls are hard
    TofoTuto Tutorials
    This game has amazing graphics... But controls are not the best. If you want better controls download Fighter wing 2. This is a great game.
  7. Meh
    Joshua Morris
    Plane dies way too fast in early missions. If there was a way to make enemy planes less accurate or do less damage early on it'd be good, because I find myself getting hit 3-4 times and already smoking.
  8. INFERNO 224
    Didn't hate that it,its just the ads kept poppin up in the control screen covering half the plane. Then when u try to exit it,ur getting shot down.
  9. Awsome!
    Richard Muna
    I really like the effects and the little details in the geography I just wish that there would be some modern day planes the dog fight would be even much better
  10. I am downgrading my review....
    Robert Michael
    I had it rated 5 stars as I thought that the layout was very good, but now i am on level 29 and I realize that 42,000 coins for the stuka and another whatever coins for the zero are not worth playing for. the game never gets any better, the opponent only gets more erratic, and there is no actual improvement or difference. The respawns should be better spaced. there should be some coins given for each plane shot down, not simply 1 number for success, 1 number for failure. This game has potential for improvement, but until it does, im not happy with it.
  11. Good game
    Parker Palumbo
    It's a good game love to see the different planes you can buy and fly wish you could go off the actual run way strip and not just be in the air when you start off.
  12. Bryan DiMesio
    Game play is ok, the way the plane reacts and maneuvers isn't as realistic as it could be. Upgraded planes don't out maneuver or out run previously owned models like one would expect.
  13. Needs some improvements
    da pol
    You don't get points per plane, so what happens is later in the game, you get a small reward and saving for a better plane becomes very slow. Then when you play close to 500 games to save up for the plane after the Zero fighter, you will learn that the this plane is wimpy and unplayable. So i went back to the zero, I calculated that it would take 800 games to get the next fighter. In short, it takes too long to save money and I can almost guarantee that they did not have a tester play it though
  14. One BIG fix.
    Lee Jerris
    One BIG fix! Control options need to be added for those used to actual flight e.g. swiping down = flying up and swiping up = flying down
  15. very beautiful but unfair game
    Hemant Kerketta
    its virtually impossible to defend the plane with several enemy planes attacking u from every side. there is no upgrading of weapons or armour making it difficult to defend
  16. Needs work
    Dominic Hinde
    A health bar for your plane would be useful. Also the reward for mission failure is the same regardless of of you shoot down six out of seven planes, or none at all, the reward should reflect how many kills you get with an added bonus for mission success. No upgrade options like the battleship game they released. Also working to unlock a plane that's poorer than the current one isn't great. Spawn system needs work to.
  17. It could be better
    Chris Farley
    Do away with the ads at bottom so u can see better. Use pop ups and I will give 5 stars
  18. What could make it better
    craig young
    Its a great game, however, it is not fun to be shot down by an unseen enemy. You literally spawn in, try to find the enemy, and get shot down. Try to add arrows pointing at all off screen enemies. And then you have the ads. Yep, that blocks your view of the awesome graphics that you play for. The plane, the scenery, and sometimes the other planes. I do understand that those ads are the way the devas get money, but i m not asking for the ads to be removed, just to be moved. Try to change this, like maybe to the top of the screen. Thank you for reading.
  19. Man bravo
    Vincent Rasmussen
    Cool game but it didn't give me 5000 coins so I deleted it I just edited it right now just to tell yous
  20. Great game but...
    Savitz Kili
    on the real planes the pilot has almost 360° vision.. on the game you can only look yo the front and back.. there is no way to see where the enemy is coming from when they come from the side. Kills the fun to be shot down by that which you can not see..


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