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  1. Ingenious!
    Richard Craig
    Just incredibly well done... I've never played anything like it in 30 years of gaming. Very difficult too but in a really fun way.
  2. This game, its just incredible!
    Jose Guillermo Camejo Ojeda
    Epic 8 bit stile, crazy difficult, one of the best titles on the app store I must say . 5 stars baby
  3. Crazy fun addictive
    Alex Adame
    Those are three words that describes this marvelous game or should I say games. You should try it and tell your friends about it or play with them. Five stars in case your color blind
  4. Love
    Tata Ab
    I loved it, it works fine dosent crash and it awesome, when im bored or cant sleep. Keeps me busy. :)
  5. Madness.
    Brandon Jeong
    This game is guaranteed to vastly enhance your multitasking skills. Why play one game when you can play four at the same time? I highly recommend this game. Or games. It's difficult at first, but you'll get the hang of it. Also, this is Sparta.
  6. Remember the Warioware or Four Second series of games?
    Alan To
    17/07/13 about shockwave's Arcadia? Mix them all together and you get something like this! An excellent multi-tasking (but more like mind-numbing) game! One extra star if I could store this app on my storage device! Can't wait for updates and more mini-games.
  7. AwesomeMAYHEM!
    Mudit Rawat
    This review ain't gonna be long. Awesome game, really tough but only one thing the tutorial doesn't tell us about all of the games and how to play them but only some of them. Anyways please tell me how did you get the idea of making it?
  8. Crazy idea, well executed
    Mace Ojala
    A well balanced nervekiller, in really oldschool audiovisual style. I really suck at games like this, but it's good fun and positively humiliating. Maybe add Google Play integration perhaps?
  9. Perfect game when waiting in some sort of line.
    Turdy TurdPiles
    Im honestly addicted to this game. frustrating and challenging at the same time. as you progress through game you set your priorities which games are easy and the least you should do while the hard ones are the one you need to focus more. Great job. looking forward for more mini games. Achievements and Stats such as most failed game, most solved game in 1 playthrough, etc is a nice addition. I got 8 mins 2 secs
  10. Cristian Millan
    Not just a fun and addictive game, but also it helps you to train your divided attention skill, fundamental cognitive skill to learn.
  11. That's one of the best 'casual' games around
    Andi Schmidt
    it really takes the concept of casual games to the edge - play one or two is simple and easy, but play 3 or 4 games at the same time and you end up with your fingers twisted. Simple yet addictive, perfect to kill a couple of minutes or even an hour of your time. Great.
    Tanzal Jawz
    Best app kills boredom. When I am really bored I just watch youtube videos but now with this game Its really hard to get bored! There is only one problem when I play 2 player the scores are on oppisite sides. I hope you fix this. Is this a problem with my tab? Samsung Galaxy tab 3? But best app to kill boredom thanks for creating app
  13. Ingeniously fantastic!
    Fernando Palhares
    Single player or multi-player, it doesn't matter! This game is as fun as it gets! Absolutely addictive! It's wonderful that I could find a game which my cousin liked despite of good graphics (and that's saying something)!
  14. What a challenge
    gene real
    When I play it I am so tired.but this was fun cause it kept on making me sweaty but my hands already type so fast and this is awesome
  15. Very addicting!
    Ihsan Lumsden
    I can't stop playing it! Thank you for this wonderful game! Though there seems to be a problem with 2 player where one person gets the others results
  16. Fun but buggy
    Stefan Lewis
    Great fun, but after a few minutes half the games don't display. Just a black screen with a countdown then fail!
  17. Brilliant!
    Qyon Griffith
    Simple mini games but played simultaneously. Simple yet difficult. Great game to help focus on quick multitasking and time management. I really enjoy this game, lots of fun!
  18. Fun!
    Hash Sid
    And its free with no special permissions! The creators have really gotten they're name known by me!
  19. Great but needs improvements
    Saras Zi
    The game is great itself, retro style really looks good but the actual gameplay... It needs some if lines in the code because many devices supports multitouch only up to 2 fingers and sometimes 3 or 4 minigames pop up which needs to let's say hold or constantly swipe your finger and your device doesn't support more than 2 fingers and you lose because of that. This needs to be fixed.
  20. Unique!
    alex lumagbas
    I have had a lot of fun playing this game. It is unique and innovative, and great to play against fellow friends as as well! Loved it. <3


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