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Noemie Dupuy | Founder & Co-CEO at Budge Studios

Montreal, Canada Area |

Shady Ahmad | Business Development Manager at Budge Studios

Montreal, Quebec, Canada |

Emmanuel Froissant | Graphic Designer at Budge Studios

Montreal, Quebec, Canada |

Sandra Bencheton, M.Sc. CHRP | Human Resources Manager at Budge Studios

Montreal, Canada Area |

Reviews 27,224

  1. Lovely Rosemon
    Jus did a test run & i love it but im goin to give it a try on my 3yr old son in the a.m b4 school ;)
  2. Rip off
    Erik Marcoux
    Paid for the full game, only worked for a day then all the extra stuff locked again
  3. Mad
    Olivia Vance
    Paid for the whole game to was taken out of my bank account but won't let my daughter play what I just paid for. Fix it.
  4. Its ok
    gina bailey
    My little girl loved the levels but then.. She threw a hour and twenty minute fit because i said im not buying a silly game i told her "would you rather eat or play?" and she said play but yea finally just took her to the 99 cent store and she bought a doll lol
  5. Kid loves this game
    Allie Renner
    I purchased the whole thing a while ago. it's now saying I need to buy it again. Please fix this, I'm not paying for something I already paid for.
  6. You have to buy the full version
    kid games
    Its OK but you have to buy the full version
  7. Belinda Krakana
    Says free but want money to play most of the levels
  8. Damia Donaldson
    But all the stuff need to be un lock
  9. Good
    Vicki Caunter
    Not enough levels my little girlgot board very quickly
  10. Nidha Nazrin
    Suuuper game so cute for young ones
  11. Well.....
    Melissa Higgins
    So I paid the $5 for the full version. In my opinion it definitely wasn't worth it. My son finished the whole thing in less than 5 minutes. Its a cute game but for $5 it should definitely last longer.
  12. Wtf
    Bekka Babcock
    Seems like a good game but when I go to unlock the full game, its all in Ukraine language, Ukraine area code that I can't change to USA and its some weird phone number thing to pay but I'm not comfortable using a payment option I've never seen and just want to make the purchase threw google play like every other app. This game now seems fishy to me
  13. RIPOFF
    Amy Carlson
    Complete ripoff for the price. Would not recommend paying anything for this game. Zero stars.
  14. Caillou Check-Up - Doctor.
    Linda Cusumano
    My grandson is 2 yrs. old and loves this app! He plays it every day. I had a problem with the purchase so emailed their support line. I rec'd a quick response and remedy which was a pleasant surprise!
  15. 5 bucks for total unlock is a ripoff.
    Busta Nuts
    This game is a 1.99 at best but considering what the graphics were just 10 years ago and the weakest games cost 5.99-10 this is worth my son's joy. So i don't mind helping them rip others off in other games. This doesn't feel like a total knockoff of the franchise neither. Seems well produced. Hope there are updates.
  16. Yes WTF is right!!
    Christina Cornetta
    My DAUGHTER wants her MONEY back.!!!!! 5.99$ is a total ripoff I have gotten more from a game that was 1.99$. I expected a whole lot more from this game.
  17. Isn't worth
    Filipe Morassi
    After paying $5,00 and my daughter has finished it in 2 minutes I had to update the software and surprise, everything that had been unlocked was missed and the software is requiring a new payment to get unlocked again. Are you serious?!?! Please answer.
  18. Not worth the money
    Juan Collazo
    This was a great idea, but after paying $5.00 for the full game I realized it just wasn't worh it. My daughter finished it in literally 3 minutes! It's too bad because the idea behind it is great, there just needs to be more game for your money. A few more levels would be great, or if you could have a different outcome each time which would make it fun for replay.
  19. Calliou had cancer
    Anna Dylan
    The show is about the adventures of a sick kid. He passed away and that's why the grandmother narrates the stories. This app is good but very sad
  20. Wish my child
    Chantel Roussin
    When my child plays she would like to have pain the option to advance without paying .


What`s new

Small bug fixes and minor improvements! Thanks for playing Caillou Check Up!

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