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  1. Dope
    Trevor Shoell
    Could use more achievements, better touch recognition and would be cool if all the armor and weapons would change once buying them. Maybe add a way to have two characters save games so you can do both heroes
  2. This game could be used some game pad from Bluetooth or OTG cable. Otherwise, It's 4 stars!
    Martell Nelson
    Since this app is now working: the game is alright and could be more focused on storyline and add in game pad support in the next update ASAP please and thanks alot. Plus no IAP/microtransactions B.s. in the full version right here is worth 4 stars! (4 stars)
  3. One of the best games available on Android.
    David Viau
    I love this game, it is the perfect time killer, good pick up and play type of game, has a nice feel to it. I have one suggestion: developer should move the new game button somewhere else as it happened to me that I deleted my game by error. :( if the dev fixed this, it would be a 5 stars game.
  4. Dumb shallow and fun.
    Mark Wall
    It is like flappy birds but you power through stuff and keep your upgrades.
  5. **READ**
    Leigh Dappa
    Like "Punch Quest" but the Player doesn't do the punching, just the Lightning Bolts and Healing. EASY to get in-Game Money and the Upgrade Items aren't too expensive so it doesn't feel like a grind. PUT THIS ON YOUR TABLET NOW!!! ABSOLUTELY deserves the full 5*s so I bought the Paid Version. Addictive. :-D
  6. Fun!
    Colin Beatty
    Really fun, basic game... It feels rewarding to play. And is good for quick time kill
  7. Simple Fun
    Jeremiah Vignali
    I didn't expect to be hooked, it seemed too simple....I was wrong. Once you start upgrading your hero the game is great. Only played for 2 days so far, will update this post when further along.
  8. Opted for paid version
    Jacob Carson
    Developers should get some kick backs for their work, and with this one having an identical free version.. Just seemed the thing to do
  9. Fantastic
    Chris Rutledge
    This is easily the most fun I've had playing an endless runner. It is incredibly fun. While it lacks some depth in the traditional sense, you always feel like you're making progress. You can't beat this game for a relaxed, light RPG experience.
  10. Awesome game!
    Gerard Orig
    One thing I'd recommend is adding immersive mode
  11. I like it
    Min That Khaing
    First timeI don't known how to play and earn gold and dimond ,Now I got it already that's why I bought it
  12. Exactly what it should be for the price
    Jesse Barcus
    Small price, fun content, and exactly what a 99cent game should be.
  13. Very fun a bit different too
    Dan Hartshorn
    The runner format for an RPG is unique. I like seeing games that break the regular formula.
  14. Great Game!
    Chuck Shepherd
    Well worth the nominal price for a great incremental game with balanced progression. Lots of fun!
  15. Good fun
    Daniel Parr
    Love the way the shop and gear buffs has been implemented so you get further each time.. Like a stripped down metroidvania :-)
  16. Supercalafragalisticexpialadoucous!
    Ballean Islerim
    It's what I put up there |
  17. Great Upgrades of Adventure
    F. Amily Bradford
    Not a complex game but keeps you on your toes and is overall rather fun to play.
  18. Hella fun
    Anthony Amedin
    One of my favorites highly addictive as well
  19. Great Game
    Jeff T
    Awesome game, there's a lot of replay ability
  20. Endless time waster!
    Justin Pope
    Fun to click. I like that there is also a FULL VERSION that has no in-app purchases. GOOD job.