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Reviews 71,692

  1. Convenient faucet
    Doran Oon
    This faucet gives 600 satoshi per half hour. There's no captchas to fill, so that's a plus for lazy people like myself. And it displays a notification every 30 mins, so you don't have to constantly remind yourself to check it. I think this deserves a higher rating.
  2. James Berry
    yes this does pay, took a while but does pay
  3. Legit
    Steven Frye
    I have received half a dozen payouts now. Submit by Friday night and it shows up by Saturday morning. 4 stars because this is super easy to use, the ads are ok (I even appreciate that they are useful sometimes), and they payout just went up. Not 5 stars because I think that the payout is still a bit low by the time you covert it to real money, max payout around the clock is 201600 satoshi which is about US$0.58 per week for 336 cycles. Realistically most would only use it for about half of that max.
  4. Thank you!
    Jonathan Reque
    Thanks for the new update. Now its every 30 minutes.
  5. Good one
    Princ Charming
    Some time it took long time to load and some time crash app
  6. Review update.
    Ghart Gutierrez
    Updated my review ASAP since the reply was fast. Also i followed the instructions as indicated. Will update my review once more if my problem will get resolved.
  7. Yeah IT GOT BETTER! !!!
    John Gaither
    Wow 30 minutes 600 satoshi... Told you all it would go up... KUDOS WEBMASTER...
  8. Changing my rating
    Felicia Bouchard
    Give it 4 stars because it's a tricky app.... It has a withdraw button, but doesn't pay out until Friday night..... Otherwise really easy-to-use.... Leave my phone on at work and close out ads every 5 minutes...... How awesome is that!! Sorry I ever doubted this app to begin with.....
  9. No satoshi received
    John Antolik II
    Achieved first 5500 satoshi in first day. Deposits are every Friday. Its free bitcoins not worth setting on my phone all day monitoring NY phone got lil warm from it running. More bitcoins and little less time would be better. Maybe random amounts like faucets. I get more from faucets online.
  10. Might be just what I need!
    Aisha Gulston
    I admit that checking it every 5 minutes seem a little ridiculous, but this app is indeed true to its worth. It's a keep, so you earn 4 stars.
  11. Domenick Newman
    Great customer service, helped me get my issue sorted out, only downfall to the app is the small amount satoshi being earned
  12. Headache/Network issues
    Jared Cain
    After installing and uninstalling the app multiple times I finally got the app to connect to the network. After retrieving 500 satoshi, the app displayed "network not connected" starting yesterday. I stopped/started the app multiple times, restarted my phone, reinstalled the app, and even sent a ticket to customer support. Now customer support DID respond to me promptly. However, their response was "Sorry, our server is getting high volume of usage." Edit: updated rating due to response and effort
  13. New to bit mining
    Alex Copsey
    Since I'm always bored on my phone I thought I try bit mining, I don't see why people complaining about the ads but it would be cool to have a update which auto clicks for you,(Makes use for my old tablet then) other then that nice app 5 stars for me being a noob
  14. I love but plz do this your app will click all over a
    ram raju
    Hey guys nice trick yar .....1000000 sathosj is equal to a bitcoin people giving low sathoshi like 65 and giving adda for every5mins you are earning high from adds if I am not wrong don't cheat plz provide more sathoshi but it is mu requesg increase sathisoshi.,but I like the app and plz keep refferal program it will be useful
  15. It makes so little
    Stuart Lasher
    Adding an auto clicker or more shatori per add would be great otherwise you make a cent in 3 days. You could expand the time it takes to pay out for a greater pay out like an hour and a half for like 1,500-1800 shatori. I also like the idea of making it random so like you have a small chance to get alot more than normal.
  16. Please fix
    Kai Edison
    The app works, but please extend the 5 minute claim to like an hour or half and hour. When fixed I will rate 5 stars. Thnx for responding!
  17. Easy Free Satoshi
    yudishtira wiramuda
    Even small amount, but it works. Thanks for notification to remind me each 5 minutes. This is real apps not browser-apps, like other PlayStore faucets...
  18. Props
    Nick Allen Taylor
    Exactly as advertised. Every 5 minutes when I check my phone for messages, I get another 65 satoshi. After a week, I've made about 3 cents, but with almost no effort. Plus, customer service is great. Props.
  19. Information
    mahesh babu
    Thank u for your reply. I need some more information one 5500 satoshi is equal to how much of bit coin and where to sell bit coin can't we convert that bit coin into cash directly into bank account
  20. Error: Network not connected (fixed)
    Edgar De Abreu
    All if fine now, thsnks for the fast response


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