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Monthly active users estimation: 1,500,000

Reviews 146,303

  1. Amazing
    JDA gaming
    Greatest td game on the market, creators you should make a website for it on pc because my tab lags like crazy at high rounds. Also add more turrets to the game that would be awesome
  2. Unauthorized push notifications
    Argyris Argyrou
    Any game that sends unauthorized push notifications without me easily figuring out how to stop them gets automatically uninstalled
  3. Last Problem
    Jake Gayaman
    Great game, I already finished all stages but can't achieve the defense 600 waves. I finished all stages with 3stars hell mode except the last 3 stages, pearl harbor, shanghai and xuzhou with just 2stars normal mode because it's so hard when it's hell mode, so I just got the silver medal of all finished stages instead of gold medal just because of the 2 stars on the last 3 stages.. I also cannot finish the 600 waves defense in normal mode so just silver.. please help me. thank you. one of the greatest games
  4. Good game...but...
    Gian Shi17
    Pls. Upgrade and make the graphics more better. Add also more defenses and levels. Pls make the game faster because sometimes it lags.
  5. Amazing
    C T
    Amazing game realy good but one problem when i go on i keep getting millions of adverts so dont put so many and them 5 stars all the way
  6. Fun game
    Tom Ellington
    Game is fun to play. It definitely is my goto game for time killing and just entertainment. Thanks for the game.
  7. Amazing
    Waam Powna
    This game is amazing, it beats LC2. The difference between this game and LC2 is that this game provides an easier way to be better at the game. LC2 however just needs you to drop cash and you'll be good at it but i digress.
  8. Really liked it at first
    Steve Russell
    Nice looking. Nice gameplay. But impossible to play with only one life in normal or hard difficulty!!! Make it possible to earn 3 stars for a level without causing the urge to throw my phone against the wall and I'll rate five stars.
  9. One Of The Best
    Joseph Cox
    Do not let the name fool you. Do not let the size of the players fool you. Do not let the size of the weapons fool you. BUT, if you want a game that is one of the best strategy games I have seen and played, waste no more time looking!!! DOWNLOAD THIS GAME NOW!!!!! But beware... Time will run away from you when you get started. I thought I had been playing just a bit and happened to look at the clock, it had been 4 HOURS!!! I believe you will enjoy this game. Download it, you will be glad you did.........Joe PS. The only thing I would like to see is a way for your reward points to add up more quickly. Otherwise yall have done one hell of a job !!!!!
  10. David Braun-Harrison
    Where did all my progress go. I had everything upgraded stepped away for a few days come back and now i have to start all over what the hell?
  11. Fun, fast, and simple
    Stephen Finerty
    Solid TD that has not yet required financial investment to enjoy. I hear the higher levels may take some money to burn through, but proper pacing allows for grinding as well. I wish there was a small unit info window, but so far, so good. Solid app. A good amount of content and gameplay as well.
  12. Ok game unless problem fix
    brian ramlochansingh
    After completing a level and coming back later to play the whole game started over from the start fix please then i willmrate five stars
  13. Little generals
    alphonso wallace
    I can' t stop playing it. It's great
  14. Overall Good Gameplay, problem is, the ad right in the middle of the upper screen, maybe make the ad a little smaller
    Lee Young
    Make the ad smaller or remove it once the level starts
  15. Fun
    Frank Ward
    Flawless. Nice graphics. Fun little td game that is fun to play. This is how the big name designers need to look at leveling, modes, upgrades....etc. Excellent job. Smooth and offline too! (Haven't had any saving issues)
  16. Deedo Jacobs
    I'm with David I had a good portion of my equipment upgraded and now it's all level one I'll rerate once it gets fixed
  17. Wow its so addictive game good job intel software programmers
    Rick Ghosh
    Very nice little game just should have less number of waves and more wepons
  18. Little commander
    Jay B
    Absolutely love this game it is so addictive. They just need to work out the saving issues. But still a wonderful game and I play it all the time. Love this game
  19. Cant get enough
    Jon-Paul Litterer
    This game is so fun to watch and play, its like a drug for your mind. Thanks guys...
  20. Love it!
    Renaye Barnett
    Only one problem...I spent $15 at least and never got my coins!! I sent two emails with the order number and never got a reply! I'd really like my purchases re-instated please. Also new guns would be awesome!


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