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  1. Its pretty fun!!
    Shannon Wright
    The first game I played that didn't say " unfortunately (add game title here) has stopped" . And also it's not to complex to comprehend
  2. Leslie Sanchez
    this games has the potential to be a really really amazing fun game but its too hard to make money and I wish you can decorate the shop more! its too hard so I give you a 2 stars :/ the 5 star reviews were misleading tbh
  3. Great!
    Mysa Thi Nguyen
    Very addicting. The girls are adorable! And gameplay is balenced with actually paying your workers, paying food supplies, upgrading foods on menu, and comes up customer service sistuations as well as chart details to know your incomes and revenues, and get rated by critics each year, almost like owning a real cafe business!
  4. It's too cute
    Sara Sanib
    The chibi character is the best. I laughed when i saw Levi coming in
  5. I love
    Gbs Android
    Moe moe kyun! Cute, love it although there is some grammatical errors every now and then, I started playing today.
  6. A little difficult at first
    Tyler Cooped
    Needs a bit more in depth tutorial and a bit more explaining how it works other than that good game
  7. Izayah Emerald
    Omgggg I love this. Not only are they all so freaking adorable, but you can combine them and stuff! >w< It's amazing c:
  8. MAJOR glitch
    Lidia Monsivais
    This is a really cute game and I made a whole bunch of progress until all of a sudden, when I log in, my restaurant is 2 times smaller, all my money is gone, my staff is gone, and the furniture is fused into the walls, and it says in red letters,"master someone is stuck, please help them!" Is there some way I can fix this?
  9. Cute game but
    Cynthia Sanchez
    Very fun, challenging, and addictive game... But I'm having trouble logging back on, my username and password are correct, it just loads then nothing! I have the latest update so I'm confused, I really don't wanna start all over.
  10. Amazing game but
    Natsu Dragnell
    To make it even better is by making it 3D this is what I mean by 3D you can see who you are and you can move about and you can add your own voice to your character and add a little romance like one if the maid falling in love with you that how you can make the game better
  11. Addicting, cute, online problem.
    Bent Hartz
    The register option didn't work for me. It only show 'loading' and then just dissapear like nothing happen. But the fact that it had local game feature and I could still having fun even without the social interaction with other player make this game the most awesome cafe management with all those cute character ^-^
  12. Sudania Kent
    I love this game, it's awesome, although things are very expensive here besides that its great :)
  13. I like it!
    To be honest i didn't expect much from this game but the managing the cafe and the characters make this game worth it.
  14. DEPSO
    Umbra Silverfyre
    Use my invite code DEPSO to get free credits to start off with high level characters. This is SO addicting. It takes all the great aspects of diner dash and trashes the redundant tasks. The game has non stop cuteness and creates an interact yet also autonomous cafe. You can create new recipes, improve on old ones, train the girls, give them each different positions, and decorate the cafe. The more popular you get, the more characters you get
  15. Fun game but
    Kathryn Kaw
    After playing non-stop then stopping for a month, my local game disappeared. I don't feel like starting over - uninstalling.
  16. Pretty fun!
    Gianna Guerrero
    Good game, cute characters, good concept, and it's going great so far. The only issue is that you can't see what items look like in the shop before you buy them. It just says buy, you can't see what it looks like for the cafe first. Pretty annoying..five stars if that can be fixed!
  17. Wonderful! please Add
    Francisco gonzalez
    Its Really a great game to kill Time, really fun playing it, Can you add Akame, Yamai twins, Shiro from NGNL or a new character?
  18. Very good, though there are things that could be better
    Michael Lew
    This game is very fun watching my girls serve people, seeing money come in and seeing some other characters from other animes come to eat in my cafe. However though u do earn money while offline it is much less than if u stand there watching. I would like for the offline earnings to be a bit more so I dont wanna leave it on. Also the food runs out pretty quickly when the cafe grows so its hard to get more money. Lastly I wish the tutorial stuff didnt spend credits. Use my inv code EYVZ5 for 60 free credits!
  19. Cute and enjoyable but I have a few problems with it
    Jerrold Ong
    The game reminds me a lot of an old game I used to play a lot: Playfish's Restaurant City, except that this one has much cuter avatars. Despite its cute style the game is quite challenging. My issue though is that I feel the game teaches you to swim by throwing you into the water. Sure there are tutorials, but other information like what influences success for developing food and max stats of a staff aren't there. Customizing your place is hard as you can only get 2 decorations at random every 4 months O.O
  20. Good but not great
    Rachel Wall
    This game is pretty fun and very easy to follow. The only few things that I've noticed. It overheats my phone. I don't play it often because of this which is horrible because the game is fun. Also there's not much to decorate with. I'm hoping to hang things on the wall or even a window or two. You can't change the employee's outfit without using either too many coins or some form of a dollar amount. I do like the game and it's pretty good to pass the time but it just needs a few things added.