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Reviews 64,932

  1. I want my money refunded asap
    Will Garcia
    I just payed the $4.99(got confirmation notification that money was taken from my card) for the 18000s points and I didn't receive my points. I do not like this at all. I love the game but I will not play it if this happens. Please refund my money or my points.
  2. Oleg Zhuravel
    Impossible it's not playable the easiest opponents just destroy you no matter how much you have upgraded horrible game!!!
  3. Gooddd game
    Sameel Hayas
    I love this it is very different
  4. Ads right in the top middle of the screen.
    Charles Shepherd
    Absolutely hated it. To many ads. Uninstalled it.
  5. Stephen Rogers
    I rate this game 0. I like this game but I lost all my upgrades equal to thousands of points. I would like to get all my upgrade points back.
  6. Not bad
    Miloš Milojević
    Don't like the idea of enemies coming out of every direction. Deinstaling it.
  7. Cheap tricks
    martin shirley
    And I think you made it that way for people to buy to pass......this game SUCKS
  8. Ads
    Alex Barth
    Too many ads! Can't do anything without an ad popping up.
  9. a thief.... see u in court....
    abiey saifullah
    i already purchased the point with 11.09 myr but i didnt get the point...give back my money....or else i take law action....
  10. Difficult
    Ahmad Bilal Ilyas
    This is a good game but as u move on it turns so difficult ...even for a player like me
  11. Decent
    Morgan Yarbrough
    Crashes when trying to share to Facebook. Emp tower says it hits air but it doesn't. Tower stats and descriptions are inadequate: Cannon tower stack says "increase combat radius" which is wrong, and it's description says "always solves the problem with one shot", which is certainly not true
  12. AD covered the playing area! Morons!
    Anonymous Baros
    I can't even see to play, waste!
  13. Love it best game evar
    Scott Lewis
    It's the best game because this is the stuff I like and(my opinion) its really really really fun:)
  14. Terrible Ads
    Lonestar McSolo
    Didn't even barely play this game. Giant banner ad across top of screen interferes with view and you cannot get rid of it. I don't have time for that crap.
  15. One of the worst TD games I've played
    Charles Masters
    Bad graphics, intrusive ads, no strategy. Just place your towers and hope they destroy the generic enemy. This game is a blatant ripoff of Robo Defense, a classic TD game. Radiant Defense is my top TD game.
  16. This game is just like.....
    Ray Lewis
    This game is just like Bloons TD and I love those games and also like fieldrunners but its free
  17. Mkm
    Mohan MK
    After playing for a month, upgrading all almost to 50 %, saw that all upgrades are gone was 0. :( very bad.. installed again and found a bug. Actually while playing if your phone restarts. All upgardes are gone.. :( your rank, medals and win are retained. Please fix this bug... Will rate it 5 :)
  18. All upgrades gone, massive waste of time
    Daniel Binder
    Multiple issues with this game, firstly after upgrading about half of all towers and abilities which took many hours of grinding my battery died and i returned to find all upgrades had been lost. Secondly stage rewards are too inconsistant. Level 3 offers more upgrade points than most levels in the game and does so in just 20 waves, as oppose to 70 for other stages which bring in maybe 20% more points but take 30 mins instead of 90 seconds to complete. Game lag is also a big issue for those long stages.
  19. jeevesh wadhwani
    i like tower defense games and as per my view.....its really good
  20. Dont download
    Mayuran pillay
    Terrible graphics, and its just not fun.I played it for five minutes then got bored