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маленький командир


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  1. Erased progress
    Dan W
    I really liked the game but after unlocking all of the turrets and purchasing tons of upgrades it seems that as of today I have lost all of my progress in the game. I probably had about a dozen hours put into it, likely more :(
  2. Great time killer
    Jay Modrzecki
    Really cool TD game, one of the better ones I've come across over the passed couple years. My only critique would be how certain turrets upgrades have minimal impact via cost. Would also like to see more bonuses for things like number of turret used to clear a level or for using specific turrets to clear a level. Other than that...great game.
  3. Awesome
    River Garner
    I really enjoy this game, it is a unique and fun tower defense game. I looked for other games that i might like, but they do not live up to the standards of this td game. My only suggestion is please give us more upgrade points per mission, on both normal and endless mode. It is tiresome to keep playing to level everything up. I dont have one tower upgraded all the way yet.
  4. Fun game, good graphics
    Curt Sutton
    Really enjoy the game. My only complaint is that effective upgrades come at a crawl. I play for hours, save several thousand then buy an upgrade that has negligible impact. Of course the plan is for me to BUY upgrades ...
  5. Laggy
    Dan Evans
    Game gets laggy after awhile. Still fun tho, If you like TD games
  6. One of the best out there!!!
    Esjd Susandang
    Game is challenging but you can get very far with grinding. Great and enjoy, so reward the developer with a litte purchase. But the developer can also reward the player with daily coins for playing. The upgrades cost a lot once u reach the high level so reward players with some coins forplaying!
  7. It's okay
    Tonya Ellis
    It's just okay because you don't get enough points at the end of a run to re-up on your ammo. I would give it more stars but this is very important part of the game.
  8. Awesome,and a must have....but
    mahli Ahmat
    This game is quite enjoyable aswell as being fun and in my own opinion not to repetitive. The graphics are good considering how new the game is and I have yet to encounter a glitch. The only reason I haven't rated this 5 stars is due to 2 purchases I made that worked but left me without the upgrade points I was supposed to recieve. That aside great work guys in making a great game :)
  9. Pierre Maritz
    Good and chalenging. Would like a description of the turret abilities, still not sure what the radar does.
  10. Robert Redd
    The grind sucks takes to long to get going but after you get going it's awesome
  11. Good game
    Dominic Pinwell
    It's good but takes ages to get upgrades. Also maybe Include a tower that does percentage damage
  12. Great game
    Devin Truax
    Only issue is the low amount of upgrade points people give up on the game after a certain point
  13. Sucks
    cameron butcher
    Every time I try to connect thru facebook it shuts off....dont even waste your time.
  14. Lance
    No one going to talk about the left 4 dead animations? Boomer and tank. But cool cool.
  15. Wow
    Joshua Villio
    I would of liked it but it copied left Bor dead to
  16. Zombie War
    Michael Dotson
    A good game but lost progress when I got 100 stars and problems purchasing the same coin packages.
  17. Shayla Nolet
    I love this game its addicting. I'm the type of person who hates video games. I decided to try this because I love zombie movies ,and I fell in love with this.
  18. Fixed
    Christopher Smith
    Good game ads are minimal and you can play without requiring internet connection
  19. James Voord
    Nice game good layout and can be very fun in the endless game modes
  20. Fun and addicting
    Michael Gardner
    Great way to kill time lots of fun