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  1. Newest version fixed my gripes
    Beau Breedlove
    I always loved the app because of how many people it had but there were lots of bugs. The latest version has fixed most if them and I can tell you're on the right track. there are still some bugs in the chess opening explorer. The move number is wrong and sometimes it shows moves that are invalid.
  2. Jeffrey Michael
    Pathetic App. I have a very good connection but I get disconnected 20 times in a 10 min. What's the point in having a good User interface if I can't play a game properly?
  3. Perfect
    Pavle Ilic
    Fixed bugs in v2.1.10, now everything I need is perfect
  4. frustrating
    Irina S Dimitrov
    First of all neither my husband nor I can connect to each other. We've sent several requests and one of us always shows "on vacation" even when we're both logged in. Secondly, the app on my husband's windows phone is an actual app. But on my android it connects to the website for everything except when i play live. Why? Then there's the matter of emailing the creators a while back and never getting a response. Both my husband and I are tired of trying to use this to play chess together.
  5. Fix timer issues
    Santosh Y
    It is a great app. But it was annoying when opponent's time kept increasing and mine was decreasing -- even when it wasn't my turn! I also observed 10-20 second jumps!
  6. Great app
    Nathan Womack
    Other app is perfect, but due to low memory i use this version, works perfect very streamlined!
  7. Major bug preventing analysis
    Christopher Thayer
    After a game, the app goes into "analysis mode" to review the game, which would be extremely helpful if it worked. The back and forward arrows that are supposed to step thru the game don't do anything. They work in the tactics trainer, but not after a game.
  8. Simpiwe Booi
    Opponents just get extra time out of nowhere. Really messes up the momentum of the game. Flip
  9. Very poor
    cliff marcil
    Takes 30 sec off the clock for each second played. ....impossible to play a game and not lose on time
  10. Erratic time
    eman fatih
    Don't play live on a mobile device. Unstable and some time seconds are stolen from you & added to your opponent mysteriouly. Game may end sooner. A real mess even with good connection.
  11. Players cheat time in speed chess
    David Henson
    Game play ruined by players cheating time and adding to their clocks.
  12. Complicated sign in.
    Andrew McLain
    Lame. Said email was already taken, so figured I had already made an account...but can't figure out how retrieve password or if that's even an option. I'm not going use face book to log in. I'd use Twitter tho but it's not an option.
  13. You can't disable chat
    Cappistrano Bellephante
    You can't permanently disable chat or even temporarily. I'm tired of reading rude comments.
  14. Need to block filthy mouthed players
    Thiru Gundala
    When I play on phone I am unable to disable chat
  15. Nice app
    divyanshu bhandari
    I would give it 5 star but it hangs out network and our time wasted by this fault plz fux this for 5 stars
  16. User id cannot be created
    Kshitij Jha
    Today i downloaded and tried to create a new user id but was never ever allowed to create new account.each time message comes user id is invalid ...i m totally pissed off. I tried all sorts of user id but failed to create a new one.
  17. Tactics suck
    Tony R
    I have so many problems with the tactics training. Number one is that it's possible to solve a tactic but LOSE POINTS if you take too long; you should never lose points for the correct answer. Number two is that if you make a mistake, it shouts "Wrong!" at you - totally obnoxious. I don't like the timer and I think it should encourage correct answers, not fast answers.
  18. [email protected] it's best (for Android)
    Owen Gail
    Actually like this one better than the new one" chess-play and learn ". Lower amount of space taken on Android, of course. & the functionality is smoother. Love it! :-)
  19. Tournament cannot play
    babasaheb poul
    Pls advise how to join tornament there is no option to play tournament only in pc browser can play pls upgrade with tournament option
  20. Bad update
    Immanuel Luther
    I used to use this app for CC but after the latest update I quit using it. I like the few things that were added but what about those that were taken away. It takes a longer time to load your CC games. and when you click on submit you're not sure if your move was submitted or not, because there is no "submitting" signal


What`s new

- fix live chess issues
- update compatibility
- fixed create daily open challenge
- improve daily games loading
- fix Tactics show answer bug
- bug fixes
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