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шахматы обучение



IMDavid Pruess | Advisor and Caster

FMMike Klein | Director of Content

NMSam Copeland | Director of Social Media and International Content

IMGreg Shahade | Commissioner

Reviews 3,955

  1. Can't get past the sign-up!
    Sandra Conley
    Would be real helpful if it checked for username availability when you choose one, instead of waiting until the end. Also, having a search box with keywords for the avatars would be helpful because when you have to go back and select another username, it's difficult to find the same avatar again. As a parent, I've already wasted 20 mins trying to help my child sign-up and we still don't have an available username. Too much time wasted, so I'm done.
  2. Puzzles fun but frustrating
    Charles David Young
    Many times there are more than one solutions but only one is counted as correct. There have been cases as well where the "correct" solution was clearly worse than our solution and yet it was counted as wrong. The puzzles have no id so I can't easily report the problem to the author.
  3. Chess kids .com
    Ethiopiaset Garvey
    Awesome brain work out,now I'm ready for my tournament next Saturday!:-)
  4. Need to contact tech support
    Scott Estabrook
    I have a gold subscription to chesskids website for myself and my son. The website is great. And the ap would be great if it would recognize that I have a subscription, but after logging in we still only have access to the basic membership areas. I've tried for a couple of days without success to reach any support from the website to solve this problem with no success. Just posting here to try to reach them. After that issue is resolved I'm sure I will rate it a 5.
  5. It's good and all..
    Aanya Singh
    Sometimes it's so frustrating when you can't get past the puzzles! Like I was confused when it wanted you to take the rook instead of doing a check mate!!
  6. Grady Pruitt
    Overall, I like this app. My kids like the videos (or what we've seen without having the gold membership) and playing the various "characters". One thing I wish this app would let you do is have a way to let two "humans" play on the same device for those times when you might not be near an internet connection. Also, one thing I find odd is the disparity between the "computer" opponents with a rating over 1000 and those under. I've played several characters on an old Chessmaster game with similar ratings, and I've lost some and won some. But on this app, I've played many games against characters rated under 1000 and won almost every time. (The times I didn't win it was because I made a stupid move and drew the game.) I mean, not even close. Yet out of the handful of games I've played with 1000 or over, I haven't even come close once. I know I'm still learning the game and all, but I wouldn't have expected such a sudden difference in play. It's that disparity that keeps me from giving it a full rating. Other than that, though, I love this app.
  7. Best
    Ethan Roski
    Your looking for a good chess app to practice your skills. You just found yourself one. Personally my favorite app and very simple to use.
  8. Good but....
    Jack Mandora
    Could you please add options to view messages and friends
  9. Ok
    Misael Garay
    I would give it five stars if it let me change my picture
  10. Good app
    Rahul Sharma
    Lots and lots of ideas for kids through puzzles and videos.
  11. Time
    Gaming Destroyer
    I was playing fast chess and i was winning. Then, it suddenly said i resigned and i ran out of time when it wasnt my turn. Please fix
  12. Brilliant
    James Varughese
    So Good. My son's rating is 1288 and he is only 9!!!!
  13. Glitches make it frustratingly unreliable
    Louis Reed
    Lacks notifications to let you know when it is your turn to play in slow chess (wasn't fixed in v.2.0.20), opponent's clock continues to run when it's really your turn in fast chess, many puzzles have more than one solution, and games are recorded as a loss that never even appeared in the app!
  14. Arun Polekar
    My 5 year old son love this app....
  15. tayelor boswell
    I got my chess rating up yippe
  16. Dayla Daylili
    I always lose! Then I'll never play this game.
  17. Ok try
    Donna Leizl Chmiel
    I will try this its downloading . it's done 1st press sigh up 2nd choose a name 3rd pic an avatar 4th put youe pass word and username 5th play see easy to use and prepare only 5 easy things have fun you will
  18. CarnoFred
    I like it. But, I NEVER get someone to play with on fast. I live in South Africa, can this be the problem?
  19. I play chess
    Nadia K.
    I play chess with my dad and that's why I download
  20. A good game for good.
    Lizbeth Bueno
    The kids learn by the games they play... I am glad I got this app mi kids are even playing on real chess board.