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  1. Very addictive
    Joe Farrand
    If I can't do a level. Put it down and do later haha. Awesome addictive game.
  2. What now?
    Ricky Wastagh
    What do I do to make it start without 'forced stopping'. Same issue with feed me oil 1 when I try to purchase full game. I installed the latest versions and still not working
  3. Thank you for fixing it
    gordon taylor
    After the update it was crashing on startup but you released an update quickly after to fix the problem thank you very much I appreciate it because the game is addictive :)
  4. Quick fix and lovin it. :)EDIT after all stars
    Update broke the game, but dev team quickly made a fix and updated the game. Great time waster and has hours of entertainment. :) EDIT Completed the game and collected all stars and eggs, BUT idk why im missing achievements for like Complete chapter 5. Have all stars so should have em. :) Still 5 star rating, but something i noticed.
  5. 〰〰〰A MATAEUS REVIEW 〰〰〰
    Mat Cooper
    Cross Where's my Water with Crazy Machines, and you get Feed me Oil. Smooth physics, great animation and a challenging level set combined with Google Play Achievements give puzzlers a good game, even if the tool set is quite limited, as are the single screen puzzles. Still, it's solid and fun, even if not as addictive as the two aforementioned titles.
  6. Rafael Melendez
    Can't download, I get an error, and I can't get my refund. 3 starts for now, because is probably google problem
  7. Great game
    Ben Tover
    1 star for bugging me to rate a otherwise really good game.
  8. Jack Devlin
    Was a great play. I really enjoy the music and art :)
  9. Great game
    Russell Wall
    Latest update fixes the force close problem. Great game!
  10. Alexandra Warren
    You get to a point where it just becomes boring
  11. Bryon Rachu
    I liked the original and this one is just as good. There are a surprising amount of levels for only $1. The in app purchases are unobtrusive and not required to play the game. The app loses a star because it is keeping my phone awake and killing my battery. Developer's response was to hit the back button until the exit confirmation dialog appeared. This sometimes takes 6-7 button presses since there is no shortcut to get back to the main screen if you're looking at the levels. It is still not ideal.
  12. Back in the game! Can't recommend it enough
    Stuart Axcell
    Crashing issue fixed after 2 days of an errant update. Brilliant puzzle game, highly recommended
  13. Brandon Knickerbocker
    Really like the game but since the update on my HTC m8 it crashes when I click on a part
  14. One of the best games I played this year.
    Bartek Soltys
    Fun, unique and great art style is what this game is about. I absolutely loved the first game in the franchise and the sequel is just as awesome if not even better. Well worth the surprisingly low cost.
  15. 5 star game
    Benjamin Roberts
    Simple yet challenging game, levels are beautiful. Gameplay smooth. No money grabbing.
  16. Brilliant game
    Peter Patina
    I don't often like mobile games but this one is spot on.
  17. Why only 500 downloads?
    Eric Mannke
    Is gr8 m8 I r8 8 out of 8.
  18. Good puzzler
    Savvas Arapoglou
    Fun time waster with good graphics and solid gameplay.
  19. Baba Ganooj
    No Google cloud save? Sorry but it's one star until you learn to value your customers time and multi device setups. Tired of lazy developers.
  20. Great fun
    Andrew Troncoso
    Quick on the go. Kills time :)


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