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لغز الماضي


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  1. Computer b 2 hrd
    Wyatt Hays
    I only wanted the fun of playing and not to purely improve my skill, if the lowest difficulty still requires critical thinking to beat and can counter any move than screw that I'll just play dark souls or something worth a challenge
  2. Favorite game of all time!!!
    Aneek Sanyal
    One of the most challenging game and always will board game ever.....chess is just an addiction to me....loved it...!!!
  3. Excellent !
    Dr-Suraj Sudhakarrao Bodkhe
    This is the most useful application it gives you all you wanted, at one stop ! From begginer to masters everyone can enjoy it ! Gives you online and offline gaming platform, best one !!!
  4. Chess36
    salahudheen kp
    I am using various chess applications.but this is best of all..can view matches of former world champions..analyse and thus improve ur play... (really) .hoping that future versions will include online play and puzzles from real games..after studying openings, endgames and basic checkmate patterns,if u use this application regularly for viewing and analysing ,ur rating will improve very much in a shortperiod..loves it
  5. Davy Thomas
    Wow like, just let me get a hold of myself here OK. It hurts me man, not giving this king of the coolest chess apps the 5 stars I would like to eh. And deeply too! I've used it more times than I could count, well, I guess with the auto save feature that rocks, but only when you set it to on see, I guess I could count them easy as microwavable pie. This wonderful feature allows me to show my games off to my friends! I hope the "sometimes it won't let you castle kingside" pet peeve of the day when it happens to me is all fixed up. Like it hasn't happened for some time eh, knock on the wooden chess board. It needs more bells and whistles. You most often can't even say "good game eh" to your opponent = the chat system stinks. No chatting between play, and its not the easiest app for finding the skill level opponent you want to play. A freaky frustration too, considering all the right option controls are there to set up the player rating you want to play against. Scary eh! Nuts - I didn't get a chance to share the good, like the graphics that will make your jaw drop all the way to your feet while in awe! Sort of like being in the presence of her majesty, God save the Queen!!
  6. Pretty Good
    John Smith
    I think there is a castling bug, maybe I was trying to castle myself into check. I thought this app was ad free which is the best part of course but one seems to be there now I'm hoping my phone is just infected with malware because ads would just ruin this app for me. The Bluetooth thing doesn't work between iPhones and Androids.
  7. Friend list
    José Menéndez
    Add The ability to chat on the games you watch and to add friends with a friend list and be able to challenge them.
  8. Super chess ever seen in google play stor
    Shaik Anwar
    Please fix bug for facebook friends invitation we cant play our friends its just randomly opponents its boring please add friends invitation like facebook and whats app that's enough please
  9. Jayden Robbins
    I give it a 3 star because it keeps saying king is in chek and I cant do anything
  10. Excllent
    prince sherif
    Really it's the best chess game on android market I downloaded many until I found it thanxxxxxxxx please fix the bug about castle during on line playing speasialy on the king side
  11. Online pool?
    Tibi Mose
    Love the app, but can you make an online random pool where you pair players directly... without needing to click ready. You can add it to the current 10 and 15 mins options. Cause right now I can't get any games because apparently I'm too good and scary
  12. Almost excellent
    johnel virtudes
    Plss.. Can u add feature just as can invite a player into game from player list that is in online.. Plss. I want to play specific friend in another country.
  13. Humza Kashif
    It could be much better if there can be chatting with Bluetooth connection because I play this game in Add-maths class.
  14. Jess
    jess javier
    it is a great chess game ever.. more puzzles, themes and multiple player world wide if you are chess player choose it apps:)
  15. PERFECT!
    Mellat Zaxoy
    ( 100 times better than paid chess apps )Best CHESS app found on play store! Thank you so much for this AMAZING chess app!
  16. Superb Game
    Ravi Kiran
    Awesome experience... Multiple puzzles, very exciting, no errors ever. Best single player as well as double player online add well as on bluetooth and lan. Looking forward for more updates. Thank you.
  17. All the features
    Scot Sloan
    Everything without the annoying popups you get from other apps .
  18. Problem in online game
    Shuvayu Sen
    After playing 3 to 4 games in online mode, the castling does not working with right side Rook.
  19. The game is awesome but
    Mahesh Krishna
    The game is awesome but some users are commenting bad words like motherfucker I'm asking the developer to remove comment option or take serious action on such users
  20. Beyond best for chess mastry
    moses khaemba
    Best for mastery. Try and the board pieces like those of "Chess Live" app.Most important link your online players with those of chess live


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