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Salvador López | CTO at Codigames

Valencia y alrededores, España |

Francisco Jose Martinez Gomez | CEO Codigames

Valencia Area, Spain |

Zacarías Gómez Ayala | Co-Founder, Art Design en Codigames

Valencia y alrededores, España |

Francisco José Martínez Gómez | CEO at Codigames

Valencia y alrededores, España |

Reviews 23,746

  1. Updates
    Jaron B
    Just updated the game. Thought something new and exciting might have been adding sense the game got boring and I stopped playing. Nothing seemed to change and worst of all lost all my game progress and had to start over
  2. Great game - yet gets boring quickly
    Levi Ustinov
    Needs more variety of discoveries. Maybe more op upgrades (shields law for longer, weapons?, automatic shield trigger - I always trigger the shield when the ship already is exploding). Otherwise great idea, graphics and controls!
  3. Fun but...
    Jim Gregory
    It looses it's initial shine quite fast. For me it got too hard once your mission is to visit Neptune, it only took about 15 min's to reach this point. I found no bug's and seems well made, thumb's up to dev's.
  4. Cool
    Dev Singh
    Fun game like the part when he kick the rocket and he turn black
  5. Pretty good for a simple title.
    Trock Axenbone
    Pretty good for a simple title. It can lose its flair after a little while which is why I only gave it 4 stars. Still, it is amusing and is a good way to kill a few minutes.
  6. Awesome
    Kuba Rodak
    Awesome, but too many asteroids and fireballs in space. And I think it would be great to be able to land on planets. And a little more ships could make it even better. And here's an idea for a ship: a starwars X wing fighter. And please add a cannon item for destroying those asteroids and fireballs please :-))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Difficulty rating
    Phillipus Andre
    Fix the game playability, it is almost impossible to see neptune.
  8. Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    bob cummings
    Works great! I just wanna play again and again and again. .....
  9. Really fun but
    dylan cady
    I love this game but I cant get to Saturn theres to many asteroids so can u mak it alittle bit easier plz then ill giv u 5 stars
  10. Fun but...
    Simon Garrad
    I'm slowly giving up on ever seeing Neptune.
  11. Adverts
    Paul Davies
    Too many dammned adverts, an ad between every death! Not worth downloading AVOID THIS GAME!
  12. No music
    Jorge Vera
    I love the game but could y'all add the music because I really like it when it had music
  13. Good but why?
    dipper pines
    Its good but I can't buy anything I spent 7 dollars for money in game but I didn't get it you either give me the in game money or give me a refund
  14. Robert Caballero
    Too many astroids and fire balls, too unrealistic, the space between astroids are huge, black holes should be more rare too
  15. Glenroy Bartley
    I've played this game lots of times:)
  16. Lovin it'
    Karl Wagner
    Ba dab bup ba da baa I'm lovin it.. lol good game download this beast love the space dude kickin the rocket
  17. Not bad
    Patrick van der Velden
    Nice harrowing gameplay, unfortunately it is impossible to move up or down for any distance without dying. Because you only have half as much screen to work with fireballs basically spawn on top of you and there is no way to react.
  18. Cool but need optimizing
    hamad WhyShoulditellu
    Frist thing is the fireballs they are crazy they need to fix them
  19. Great game!
    Jaron Swab
    Has few permissions and runs very well. I'd you like space exploration you have to try this game. Would still like to pay for an add free version.
  20. Great
    Ryland Cagle
    I really like this app it's simple and easy! 1 problem though, you guys went a little crazy with fireballs


What`s new

New in this release:
- Get Items playing
- New planets to discover.
- More missions.
- A new spacecraft available.
- Improved difficulty system.



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