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Boram Yang | Game Client Developer

대한민국 서울 강남구 |

Reviews 11,015

  1. Love it!
    Jenni Myers
    It's alot of fun and very exciting.
  2. Love!!!
    Mary Beth Posey
    Different from other match 3 games. Love also how you put a twist on the Snow White and Seven Dwarves story
    I REALLY LOVED this game until 10 mins. ago when I did an update. The graphics are terrible now! And a few other minor issues. Wish I NEVER did this update!
  4. What's with the new art??
    Shelby Gilbert
    Love this game but this new art is detering me away from playing. It looks ridiculous now as opposed to before this "art update"
  5. Carolyn Williams
    its ok not too challenging but it's a pretty good game to pass the time
  6. What next???
    Sid Sherpa
    Completed level 170. When do we get to play more levels??? How long will it take?? Or this it??
  7. No rubies
    Frankie Anton
    Need little more time & don't give points correct or the rubies. ....????. Will play long to get where can't pass a stage after 3rd attempt, will uninstall game. Kinda boring after a while.
  8. Wicked snow white
    Sondra Muntaqeem
    Like the game it is very addicting.
  9. What an amazing find....
    Tanaya Wright
    My oh my what an amazing find. I love this game, I haven't been able to put it down yet ☺
  10. Latest update art upgrade is a downgrade
    Danielle S
    Love this game, but the latest update with the new art is harder to see and understand visually.
  11. Cherrlyn Nelson
    It did not give me my coins after I played the bonus round,plus you have to use your coins to unlock the next level,it doesn't give you enough boasters only one at a time.It sucks
  12. Brian Whittles
    Excellent game way better than candy crush in my opinion
  13. Misspellings
    Allyson Love
    I've had lives disappear. I've had bombs change colors. I've had the number of remaining moves go as high as -478. Not 478, MINUS 478. And now, one of tunnels won't stop spinning the objects through it. Even now as I type, it's still spinning. Which means to get it to stop, I lose a life I bought. Do you not have any QA? . . . . . . . . . . The "coming soon" notice is misspelled. I love the game. I do. It's just distracting with the GUI defects that come off as lazy.
  14. WHAT DID YOU DO!!!!!!!
    Carol Davis
    It was bad enough playing it all slow and dragging. Now I updated it thinking you might have fixed it. Instead it's 10 times worse!!! It has big black bitmapped boxes all over it. Fix it PLEASE!!!!!! IT WAS A GOOD GAME but slow.
  15. Love it
    sav kay
    Just one question why does it all of a sudden say I have -44 lives??? I played out my last of lives. Excited the game as usual. Then when I came back to play it said I have negative 44 lives and I forget exactly how many minutes it was a lot though. Reaponding to your 7/02/15 no I have not traveled recently at all and as far as I know my clock was not messed with.
  16. The update
    Judy Castro
    Just recently updated and now it won't play at all!
  17. We know what's going to happen, don't we?
    Tim Williams
    Hardened players - by which I mean anyone who's played one of these games for more than 10 minutes - cynically know the score. You play the first few levels and think it's so easy. Then you get to level 59 and it gets real hard. But take heart, my friends. It is doable without paying. But I have to admit defeat at level 109 and I'm not paying to continue. It's testimony to how engaging this is that you persevere. Almost as good as Best Fiends in the same category.
  18. Great game!
    Leigh Randleas
    However there are only 135 levels. How long until there are more?
  19. Wicked snow white
    Ruth Wininger
    Fun. Just haven't figured out exactly how to use all the little jars to the best advantage.
  20. Love this Game lots of fun!
    marlene stancil
    Awesome so much fun!! Different game love it im having fun n its free great game..Give it a try. ☺


What`s new

[New Update]
- Added new stage (1,061 ~ 1,080)
- Minor bug fix

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