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  1. Bugs and ads
    Shawn King
    While in the menu...everytime someone taps an option there's an ad. Not receiving loot given...i got screenshots showing me getting Life and Death runes but not added to my regents. Fix the bug atleast and ill add 2 more stars.
  2. Good game but...
    Trey Baker
    I can't figure out how to use my keys. I made 2 but haven't found a use, any help?
  3. More modes and acts! :)
    Paolo Florence
    Only act 1 available? Hope there's more. As well as adventure maps.
  4. Come on
    Cant Believe
    Please man i am too lazy to kill a lot of bosses to get money, when are in app purshases coming, tell me like a date or something of when the update will come ( you will get money from in app purshases, just reminding)
  5. Icicndna
    Brian Fröde
    It was funny but I dont know its not so my kind of clicker game
  6. Gage Reed
    Bug report. The life and death item does not go into inventory when you look it.
  7. Great game
    Seth Stephens
    Had it for a long time and its still a addictive game I've had no problems so far which has made me happy
  8. Act 2&3?
    Steven Delano
    When are act 2 or 3? It acts like there are more acts, but there's just act 1 in standard and elite
  9. Cameron Brown
    The ads are still rigged to pop-up when you are clicking the screen but atleast its not in battle.
  10. Brilliant game
    Luke Hill
    I love this game it is really addictive and easy to understand and the developer responds quickly and efficiently
  11. Wtf
    Brendon Messler
    Ok every time I defeat a golem I have to exit and go back in WTF?
  12. Crash bug
    William Murphy
    The things that drop when fighting the guardian of life are sometimes hard to hit. Sometimes, it seems I tap on them multiple times, but they still hit the ground. Maybe a bigger hitbox? Crash after getting elite ballgur to about 1.5 million HP. Droid RAZR maxx
  13. Brandon Mcewan
    Lag it still lags when I kill boss it crashes I rate this game 1 star but if fix 5 stars
  14. Michael Morgan
    The game keeps on crashing because the seventh mercenary
  15. Loved it
    alice stiles
    Great game easy to understand. Thank you for the translation!
  16. Thx developer
    Erik Holmes
    I like the game but can you please make it to where your able to read what the goals and/or achievments say
  17. youdubedude
    A little more English would help need to know what achievements r and if they do anything
  18. Great, but...
    Matthew Nejfelt
    The game is great but I was a little sad when you figured out the glitch that allowed you to buy infinite amounts of angel mercs. Besides that this game is incredible!!!!! Well done.
  19. Error
    Grisha Zaripov
    Fatal Error1 of the step... How 2 fix it?
  20. Language
    Daniel Moga
    Some of the text is Russian and I cannot read it


What`s new

- New Events in the Arena!
- Recycling the balance in the Arena and items (boss balance, new prices for craft items and much more)
- Now Seasonal and Christmas Bosses have the text kill counts.
- Improved Arena Achievement reward balance
- Advertising Removed from the Game!
- The reward for the Arena Season is available.
- Bugs and critacal error fixed.
- Optimization of the game.