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Reviews 52,169

  1. Christina Jefferies
    I enjoy playing this on FB, but my attempts to have it on my phone at the same level have failed. It won't let me log in to my FB account, and I would have to start from Level One again. If anyone has any tips, I would be glad to have an answer to this!
  2. Pengle
    Claire Knights
    got to level 640 I think. have completed this level several times but won't allow me to progress. says I have run out of moves when i have 20 or more left and then says I didn't have enough points when i reached 1 star. .. please release an update or something so you can refresh it (without losing everything)
  3. Freezing
    Ruth Herchenhanh
    I got to level 30. It froze and shut my phone off. Reloaded it and it did the same thing again. So I can't play it.what I did get to play I was enjoying. Too I just read the reviews. Seems like this game is famous for freezing. This company doesn't give a crap or they would fix it.I deleted it. Fix it .
  4. Level 474
    Mailee Kirkbride
    I have enjoyed pengle for several years now. However, I've now been stuck on level 474 so long I've lost track of how long. You obviously know what the issues are as many people have complained. It may be time for me to find something else to play. :(
  5. Racheal Hall
    Currently having trouble syncing to my fb account, Im on level 782, but now when I play on my android, I can only play as a guest :( If I try to access via fb, I just get a blank fb page and nothing happens. Ready to delete. I used to use it all the time, but who wants to play as a guest and have to redo all the levels ??? Booooooo
  6. Great game no tech support available
    Sue Coleman
    I have played this game for a very long time. I love playing and in fact I am on level 748. I have recently ran into an issue that has just about put my pengle playing a thing of the past. The level loads fine and begins playing but when I get to a point where the blocks shuffle the game totally freezes. The problem occurs when playing from my phone and desk top. I have the correct version installed and have even uninstalled and reinstalled the game trying to fix myself. It's very frustrating.
  7. FIX IT PLS!!! I use 2 love it
    Danielle Petty-Baker
    I hv been playing this game for a long while & since it's expansion to play on both pc & ph's my app has been going hay wire. My game keep freezing, taking my lives & nt adding my stars nor coins. This really sucks. I hv taking pictures of these issues on several occasions & would like 2 know where I can send them 2 via email 2 get a resolution so that I can properly rate the rate. Awaiting your response/reply!!!
  8. Evelyn Seabourne
    Used to love it but it's is stuck on 473..I've beaten the level several times but it say low score...I have emailed and complained but to no avail...also when requesting keys or friends help, they give you EVERYONE on your FB list. These people DO NOT want to be bothered with game requests.
  9. Ridiculous
    Lu Hunt
    Keeps crashing when I'm about to win! Just so it can steal lives!! Very annoying. Plus it's slow and constantly demanding to post on Facebook! How are you not getting this? NO! I will not give any Facebook app or any phone app permissiont to post to my wall! Never! This app is so bad. You can't do ANYTHING without it constantly nagging to post on your wall. It is incessant. Fix it! Absolutely pathetic & this is the 4th chance I've given you... Over a year! Fix it or I uninstall!
  10. Andrea G
    I hate that you can not move forward without emailing every person on your friend's list for astupid key and free keys are no longer available.
  11. Pengle is fun game BUT LOCKS UP
    Paul Lockman
    Never fails when i have good score. The screen freezes up & i have to retard game. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM.
  12. Level 665
    Jay Willet-Cruz
    I love playing this game, but once you clear all 10 oil slicks. It either tells you, you ran out of moves still having plenty of moves left or you can't score enough no matter what you do. Help
  13. Level 846
    Catalin Iliescu
    Got stuck here, after managing to pass other glitched levels. On this one randomly the game freezes. The FB version is so glitched that I wouldn't know what to begin to complain about first.
  14. I used to love it
    April Davie
    Now I can't even synch it with my FB account. I've uninstall, deleted cache and data and still nothing. Hope they fix it soon
  15. Thanks
    Deb Royal
    I'm happy to now give 5 stars. The problem I was having of not being able to connect with facebook from my phone has now been resolved. Thank you. I really do like playing this game.
  16. Pengle
    Ruth Wilkinson
    A match 3 game with a little variation. I enjoy the challenge of trying to clean the blocks by matching them to clear out a whole line
  17. Level 474
    Charmaine Pettigrove
    Stuck on level 474. Same as a lot of others. I've finished it several times but it keeps saying I've lost and need to retry. Fix it.
  18. Barbara Coverstone
    I like the game but I am constantly having problems with it! I agree with the other reviews, it always freezwes up, doesn't credit me for some moves and I have completed level 474 many times and it says my score is too low Although there is no Score value! I am very frustrated!!
  19. Like the game but...
    Margaret L
    More friends are needed. I wish I could select who I want to invite rather than everyone on my friends list being automatically selected which means no one asked for help or invited to play. I may have to stop playing because of this.
  20. Ranette Lauinger
    It constantly freezes up. It won't let you choose who you send requests too. It wants to send it to everyone on fb list. I never receive others requests. Fix it or I'm deleting game.


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