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  1. Glitches!
    Kim M
    Enjoy the game but find it incredibly frustrating when you spend ages re-doing levels to earn stars, then next time you open the game the stars are gone. Or…leave the game for hours, expecting full lives when next opened, but there's only one life regenerated after 8 hrs! Seriously, iron out the bugs!
  2. penny w.
    Love the game but need info about how to win the diamonds???
  3. This game is still a pain in the neck but I'm working on it
    Beverly Brickey
    It's still a pain because I can't Ashford the extras too me thru the hard ones. Other wise I keep trying.
    Nice way to unwind from a stressful day
  5. Closes a lot like when can play but...
    Ashley H
    When try to play closes a lot every time, higher stars if fix
  6. Have to reinstall too often
    Donna Worrell
    The timer for extra lives say how many minutes til next life I can leave it for 3 hours and only get one but it i un install I get full lives I take it there's a glitch as the timer just sits on around 18 mins until I un install
  7. Heather Martin
    I have gotten used to having to constantly restart this app, but now I have gotten 23 stars in the 560s more than 10 times. I got to 23 and it doesn't register. I restart and the chest is gone but no key. I go lose a star and it registers. I play back to 23 and the same thing happens. I don't want to buy gems to try and get the gate open because I am afraid due to connection issues. I am on the verge of deleting the app even though I have enjoyed it.
  8. Will not load
    Stephanie Jameson
    I think this game looks like it would be very fun, but it will not load when I try to open it after I have installed it. I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it and that has had no affect. Would love to play the game, but can't...
  9. Renee Napieralski
    Getting so mad at this game! I can go through the whole card deck without getting anything I need. It is rediculous, I have never been so frustrated with a game before! It's fun don't get me wrong, but it is seriously about to get uninstalled!!
  10. Like the game but problems
    Jen Spencer
    Every time I get to a gate I cannot get through. Outside of paying to get through I usually earn one key and I have only one friend that plays he has sent keys multiple times for each gate but I only ever get one no matter how many I accept and then it's pay to pass only. There. Needs to be a way that you can get through free even if the same friend sends you all 3 of your keys. Some of us can't afford to buy items and don't have enough friends willing to play! Please fix thanks
  11. Kathy Vazquez
    Fun game never know what's going to happen in the end !!
  12. Awesome game
    Nikki Coleman
    This is a fun game I love it!!
  13. Cora Valentine
    Haven't played yet game won't open not good so far.uninstalled as the games is stuck and had to actually turn my phone off to get out of the game. Worst experience ever with a mibile game
  14. Sara Dukes
    Keeps going round and round,unable to start game
  15. sue spencer
    Would be a good game but i have to keep turning phone off . To carry on playing game if you have a few cards left it freezes. Please fix
  16. Solitaire wonderland
    Lynn Weedall
    For the last two levels each games I have won the coins have not been added to my total
  17. Lori Jones
    Wish it was easier to get lives
  18. cassandra brenner
    Great game to play to pass the time
  19. Not happy
    Vicki Wilkinson
    Purchased jewels for the keys needed...... updated the it keeps going back to the start & resets the whole game grrrrrrrrr
  20. Bummed out with upgrade 1.5.3
    Linda Trevino
    Bummed out with upgrade 1.5.3, cuz it starts me over at the beginning every time I open this game. I was LVL 85. This stinks!!!


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