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David Moore | Videogame Industry Veteran, Freelance Writer, Voice Actor

Burbank, California |

Michael Cerven | Senior Manager of Marketing & Communications at D3 Go!

Greater Los Angeles Area |

Arthur Kawamoto | Manager of Publishing at D3Publisher of America, Inc.

Greater Los Angeles Area |

Arthur Chen " | Community Manager at D3Publisher of America, Inc.

Los Angeles, California |

Reviews 117,640

  1. Great game but...
    corey wilson
    Love this game to death, but the most recent update bricked my game so after loading screen all I get is a black screen with a Gray rectangle in it. I can hear the menu music, but I can't do anything. Assistance to get this fixed would be greatly appreciated guys.
  2. Latest update screwed up game
    Josh Thompson
    Was a decent game but the latest update permanently locked my game. When it loads I can hear the game but just see a black and brown screen. Have reset phone and force stopped the app. Not sure if I will loose everything if I re download
  3. Great game, great series, but....
    Astro Globe
    Game is in desperate need of code optimization. Heavy battery drain and the game freezes and needs a force close sometimes, this update may fix it, but its doubtful
  4. Create item bug
    Emmanuel J. Gregory
    Every time I create item nothing happen.. Still it 0 (zero) although it consumes my currency. Please fix this..
  5. Fun game, but needs a lot of work
    Miranda Troccoli
    **Update 9/13/15: Last update fixed none of my issues with food, potions or trinkets ** Super glitchy. Unable to use potions, food or trinkets. Swapping isn't very smooth, often will not swap the correct tiles, ruining combos.
  6. A bug-filled mess
    Chrono Tata
    After updating, it took ages to load up the game. Had to force close and retry several times until it finally loaded. Now when I play a match, after clearing the enemies, I was sent to a lose screen instead. Retrying the match, the game just let me play on the board forever without either side making any attacks. The game wasn't great before, now the bugs just make it unplayable.
  7. Bessie Restua
    Hungs a lot ..can't even play long enough without either frezzes or stops..
  8. Bad update
    Rob Cortes
    Great game just getting into it and latest update has caused a conflict and now it's just a black screen.
  9. cool
    Kg E
    i really liked it but i can even download it but it is cool because it's graphics are really awesome can also craft things have awesome peeps COOL!!
  10. I can't even begin it
    Julia Kaffka
    It freezes at the loading page, always when it shows the line "watching the sunrise". I couldn't even see the look of the game.
  11. AyaKojima
    Ok its still broken I cant use any food or items this is getting annoying about to delete this game
  12. why cant you level up past 30!
    donald griffiths
    the games great untill you hit level 30! there should be a feature to transform bronze into silver! my choices now are to level up a completely new character or carry on at level 30 whilst my enemies gt syronger. so dumb! but still good game...
  13. Lauren Swalsky
    I love adventure time... So I play this game because of that, but there are so many bugs!! It's not that complicated of a game, so why does it constantly freeze and crash? This game could be so much better. Maybe it will be eventually... So I'll stick with it for a bit longer.
  14. Leveling up
    Scott Thivierge
    None of my characters will level up past 30. Why? And what do I have to do to get a bag a flower or goo. There are many items that are NEVER awarded. Also the latest update is pure junk. The game now freezes constantly. There are new bugs in "Quests" such as replaying a battle crashes the game. There are bugs in the "Tournament", for example after making a match my character stays still and nothing happens. The most resent update has created way too many problems, and none of what it added is anywhere to
  15. Glitchy
    Pat Carroll
    Still glitchy, freezes, do not get items you won in battle. Once you beat story mode not much to do.
  16. Charlie Phan
    Some things were cleaned up, which is nice, but I want the 15 Bronze character bundle to come back. Also, some damage is still incorrectly calculated.
  17. New update made it worse.
    Gabrielle Anderson
    I still can't see/use any items or potions. The new update only made the game slower and more glitchy than before. :(
  18. Jonathan Forsyth
    Having issues using items, I've got loads but now I can't use them, please help, since update, nothings changed!
  19. Douglas Leonard
    Just downloaded the game and it wont load up! Please fix this.
  20. Good update
    mico salita
    well there still some bugs but its good .... but pls could you make it easier to get hero coins cause i really needed it ... thx if you see this and do it.. :)


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