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    michael pettina
    Great graphics but the controls really let it down. Played it for less than 2mins. UNINSTALLED
  2. Controls........
    Alex Wileman
    Possibly the worst controls I've ever come across. The concept of steering individual wheels is good but there must have been a better solution? Buttons maybe?
  3. Good/not
    Kianaleigh Bailey
    This is a lovely game but they cheat they neeeeeeeeeeed to really sourt out their controls
  4. Don't understand the bad reviews
    Thomas M
    This is a great concept for a game. Yes, the controls are a B***H! But this is the first time a developer has tried this and they've done an excellent job! I'm certain that the controls will be tweaked in time and more levels will be added. When that happens, I will buy the paid for version.
  5. The worst
    Stephanie Miller
    The worst game ever so hard to control FIX IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Restart issue
    Shane Pratt
    The controls are a bit tricky, but once you get the hang of it they're tolerable. I do have an issue with the app restarting 4 out of 5 times I try to select a level or hit next. 5 star game excluding this issue.
  7. Extreme Wheelchair
    steve camacho
    Going through a variety of obstacle courses in a wheelchair.
  8. Great concept, but controls need work
    Ben Forster
    Love the idea, but the controls are terrible, as you can push both push rims equally and you go left at 90° or when you do eventually go straight and need to turn slightly you push on one side, but you continue straight ahead or spins you 180°. It's so close to being 5 stars, but it needs the touch sensitivity adjusting or give an option for players to choose their preferred sensitivity.
  9. Worth A Download
    Kim Manrique
    Not half bad once you get a feel for how to control movement. Love the obstacle courses.
  10. Extream wheelchairing
    Its ok need to be more control from the wheels rather than using wheels to turn and sep motion to go farward im in wheelchair so make it use only wheels to go forward left right and so on be more real
  11. Too Touchy
    Mary MaryMary
    I spent most of my time going in circles because the setting is far too touchy. Fix that and I might give it higher stars.
  12. I like it
    nathan sanders
    I like this game. Im an amputee getting into extreme sports and while this game isn't as true to touch as real life its a cool concept. Thanks for making us feel included too! Will there be more characters?
  13. Pure Awesome!
    Andreas Bernhardsson
    This game makes me wish I was a paraplegic.
  14. Needs a free time
    Andrew Musick
    Free time at a skateboard park or shopping mall would be awesome. A way to adjust steering or calibration would help. The ability to do tricks could make this game better. Still the best one out there.
  15. Thanks
    isa chapron
    I appreciate this game for its level of compassion .and its a pretty cool game.
  16. Good game, great graphics, great physics...
    Emmanuel Okeke
    The game gives some laughs, and it is fun to play. The physics in the game is really good and I love how challenging some of the courses are; that adds to the fun. I'm only giving 4 stars because of a missed opportunity by the dev; that is, failing to integrate with Google Play Games. It would be nice to integrate it so by unlocking achievements, the player actually gains points. :) Overall, it's a cool and fun casual game. Great job devs!
  17. Eric Schumacher
    Its OK but not quite how a chair works I'm a paraplegic and I go out a lot and my chair even down steep hills is not this touchy cool little game tho
  18. Great
    Shady Oweda
    Game is awesome but add more levels please ... No bugs or glitches ... Jusr perfect physics game
  19. Needs some work
    Craig Burton
    Controls are bad but graphics are good. Game modes are kinda boring too.
  20. Ok
    Amber Norris
    Its OK the controls are a bit ..... Well dogdy


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