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Mikael Brodén | CEO at Nordic Games Group AB

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  1. Black screen
    Muhammed Bin Nafaa
    No matter how many times I install the game I can't seem to get pass the black screen with the music running in the background, and tried sending an email to the developer but no answer or even a conformation email, looks like they only care about the money not the customer,,, what a waste
  2. Sine mora
    Ben brockman
    You can really see the love that went into making this one. Work of art, joy to play!
  3. Nice Game
    Scotty Kav
    Great game and nice controls.Only one Disappointment No Full Screen.Please make Full Screen with next update.
  4. Really Fun Shooter With Moga Pro (A) Mode Support
    Mark Jordan
    Played on a Galaxy Note 4 running 5.0.1, using a Moga Pro in (A) mode with Moga Pivot app. Good graphics, soundtrack and FX. On my setup I didn't experience any sluggish controls or game play others are complaining about. It's a little pricey, but I'm glad I bought it
  5. Black screen...
    Hector L Hernandez Jr
    Black screen on Galaxy Tab S. Please fix, this game is worth 5 stars.
  6. This is the best shooter on mobile!!!
    Sbr Realest
    Love the gameplay style and the whole set up, graphics are great and the story is on the up and up:)...instead of life, only time is your health in this one. challenges are need to be mastered and depends on time, wonderful 5 stars are given....Samsung galaxy light
  7. Superlative Graphics *and* Controller Support
    Jared Morgan
    Thank you Digital Reality for the hardware controller support. Hopefully other bullet hell shooters take your lead! I decided to give the game a go again after losing interest with the horrid touchscreen controls. Using SixAxis in Native Controller mode lets you use the L1 and R1 buttons as Timeshift and Special Weapon, and Square as fire. You now have precise control over the various aircraft. I was able to move through the Trash Compactor stage that was causing me no end of trouble.
  8. What a game
    Nick Baldeagle
    Now this is more like it. Stunning visuals, superb gameplay and unapologetically arcade style difficulty. A true arcade shooter for die hard fans. Very slick. I should stress that I am playing this on a rooted Galaxy S5 using a Sixaxis controller. I imagine using on screen controls would be nigh on impossible. This is a game that must be played using an external controller. I also own the Nvidia Shield portable and holy moly is it good to play on that. Even better you can plug a wired XBox 360 controller in
  9. Fixed the crash works well now.
    Would give 5 stars if it used Google login instead of stupid Facebook.
  10. barış derebaşı
    İ have a android tablet that powered by intel z2520 cpu and powervr gpu and the game hangs on opening.please fix this issue...
  11. Wow one he'll of a shooter, AKA shooters dream game with a sluggish analogue stick and very small and spaced funny buttons.
    GaggillTRON Vorgog
    Graphics, story, characters, sound, music and level design is top notch on this action shooter. Notice I left out the controls. It is a bit sluggish, and just not were the rest of the game is. But if you can live with it as I have your going to say, Dam this is a pretty badass game. Great development, just them controls. And it may be hard but if your a fan of shooters, it comes with the turf. On sale for $2.99 I'm glad I scored this one. Just work on the controls and this would be the best of the best, # 1
  12. The way ports should be done
    Jose Maria Lopez Casas
    I also I own the game on PC and I have to say the Android port is flawless. It is a real joy to be played with a JXD S7800B or a GPD G5A. A game like this needs a physical controller and that should always come right out of the box as it is the case here. This is a very minor game compared to Ikaruga, Blazing Star or other shootemups on the Play Store, but the fact that is joystick-friendly makes it the only worth purchasing. The only downside would be that physical controller cannot be customized.
  13. It's a good game unbalanced I'd say
    Ihosvany Rodriguez
    First off hats down for beautiful he graphics, great story, but it's hard very hard game , the fact u lose upgrades so easy when it's hard to achieve any upgrades since levels are so short before the boss, u sometime go through a whole level without one upgrade, so the next boss will be even harder since u are not weak, if upgrades didn't fly off the screen after being hit there would be a chance, second why are these levels barely a min long comon really if it was not so hard this game would be beat in 15m
  14. Insane!
    Rock Whittington
    This is one of the best games I have played on a phone, and by far the best shoot em up game I have ever played. Super difficult, which I like, but there should be a normal difficulty in arcade mode for some casual game play. Great work, but lighten it up a bit. It's too intense all the time. And what is that chronome screen? There is no explanation of what purpose it serves?
  15. You really need physical controls
    The Great Hadoken
    ...not touch controls for this. I can see why touch players complain of the difficulty, not sure why developers haven't figured out that touch modes need a touch game mode to go with those controls, at least until the player gets well grounded. Grounded: See what I did there? Cos its planes and...never mind. If you're using physical controls and its still too hard, I dunno what to tell ya. You'd have loved some of the arcade shooters in the 80's & 90's, then. This is a good, console grade shooter.
  16. WOW! Incredible game!!!
    One Carlos
    Though I was going to be disappointed, but to my surprise this is by far The BEST GAME I have ever bought. My god what a game. Worth every single penny. WOW... Thanks to the developers. What a great game.
  17. Excellent game
    Piotr Konieczny
    Very pretty action platformer. Not very resource intensive, which surprised me considering excellent graphics; one of the prettiest Android game I played. Story seems fun, difficulty about what it should be (well, maybe a tad too high, but I like my games easy). The only serious concern I have is with the controls, it does require you to move your fingers on the screen all the time. I got blisters on my finger at least twice from playing it for over an hour; this is a problem if you want a game to waste few hours - it will waste your finger first. If not for that, it would be a 5 star.
  18. Tunnel sequences are a nightmare
    Francois Roy
    Yes, graphics are good, it has external controller support, but why is this game so foggin hard? Even at the easiest difficulty settings, you get litteraly mowed. Who plays this at hard? Screen is constantly filled with bullets and the slightest hit makes you lose all upgrades and almost instantly kills you. This game beyond being AVGN-worthy.
  19. A must have for serious gamers
    Fredrik Åkerberg
    The game is great and the Android version is definitely not a let down, huge plus for native controller support. There are only two things I've found that would make it better, first of all, please implement proper full screen support for devices with on screen navigation buttons. Secondly, it would be great if you also implemented Google Play Games support with achievements and leaderboards, and possibly cloud saves as well, this would make it a five star game.
  20. Its has nice graphic but impossible to be played
    Maulana Sastradipradja
    I dont what the hell matter with your touchscreen controller, it is very difficult to make a good and simple touchscreen controller or relative touch control, that move where your finger point? Dunno because im just a buyer who want his game playable without buying any additional moga or controller. There's a lot free game that has better touchsreen controller than this..


What`s new

Memory optimizations

Crash bugfix (v1.30)

This version may crash on some devices.

- Availability for devices without touchscreen

- Support for Nexus 10 and newer Samsung tablets added

- Support for MOGA and other Android controllers added
- NVIDIA SHIELD support added
- Major performance increase
- "Invisible ships" glitch fixed

Relative Touch Control sensitivity adjustment

Initial release

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