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Robert Szeleney | Founder/CEO at Djinnworks GmbH

Österreich |

Reviews 52,427

  1. I love this
    James Adams
    Its cool because you have longer jumps and when you jump high and when you hit the ground you do action roll,and all of those other stickman games I thought you made are cool too and I'm downloading it right now and when I play it a couple of times I'm going to rate it too
  2. Don't really know yet
    Lord Kickn
    Only played twice when y'all want me to rate the game. Now it's not only this game, but all the games I have do this. Quite annoying really, but no worries I have left reviews like this on all of them. :) will change once I am able to evaluate the game.
  3. Meh
    It's a fun and semi-addictive game, but it gets a little repetitive after setting a high score that's hard to beat. Also I feel the game should be harder than it is.
  4. Fun game
    Erik Viljamaa
    It is a great and fun game but when i watch 3 videos to remove ads for 2 hours i get a glitch which makes invisible walls and buildings all over the place. Pls fix and i will rate 5
  5. I give 5 stars if...
    Raja Gopal
    Yo man the game looks preety good..but there is tooo much of ads pls fix this its just irritate...
  6. Its fun but frustrating
    Awad Ballaith
    Was this game designed with high end phones in mind? I read all these comments about lag issues but in my case i can say the game is a little too fast.(HTCone m8) The screen goes way too blurry at a point and after the 700 mark there is barely any response time and impossible to judge the jumps even with a flawless play. And by the time i see that stupid drill thingy, i would have already crashed into it -.-
  7. Game is good but advertisements are really annoying.
    Vignesh G
    The game is awesome and good to kill my stress. But the advertisements are really annoying and interrupts while playing the game. If not I would have rated you with 5 stars.
  8. Good runner
    Jack Lowe
    Good, I've played better. Fast and entertaining, ads aren't annoying and not too complicated. That being said, I wish the setting was a bit more interesting.
  9. Fun gameplay but way so sluggish???
    GaggillTRON Vorgog
    It's one of the most catchy replay value games. Just the repetitive level design graphics with the only true - of the game is the game play. When you run and jump and it feels like rocks are tied to the stick man's legs. Just think the controls should be more responsive. All in all its a fun game and lots of replay. Just wish there was a option for rocks tied to legs mode and little wings on shoes mode. Thanks for the fun time though and good job, just put the rocks back in the creek.
  10. Lovely
    Love to play .. Semi addictive but cool
  11. Its ok
    Primitivo Vasquez
    Cool but can u add at least costume or upgrade to make it more exiting.....still cool though
  12. Love it so much fun
    Natasha Lee-Maxwell
    You can jump so good I beet it so many times it is so much get it rate it pleas
  13. Perfect game
    Ivan Capablanca
    Hard but great game love but sometimes have lag but you be a hard gamer
  14. Awesome game
    Carlos Jesus
    Love it but it goes slow and exit it me out but still a great game and please rate it because I know this guy and he is pretty cool do please rate it
  15. Addictive
    Kshitij Chaudhary
    Whenever I need to pass some time with an easy game, I play this. Its really fun, and simple! Great for the American Population!
  16. GG
    Bill Rogers
    Good game but you should make some kinda mini clip before you begin ,like maby he's running away from something ,or maby he's got to stop some super villain?
  17. Nice game!
    Roger S
    Perfect for quick session of gaming, thanks djinworks though you could do something about random video ads,that would improve user experience
  18. Its fun
    AvaRae Summers
    change the senery more , and put more obstacles, cus it gets a little boring after a while but it's really fun
  19. Spider man
    Hubert Sawicki
    I LOVE this game cuz at the start of when he runs if you don't do anything he walks in the air. LOL.
  20. NakedJake23
    Captain Obvious
    Game is awesome. Send me some high scores I want to see how far everyone has been


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