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Robert Szeleney | Founder/CEO at Djinnworks GmbH

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  1. ok
    Mia harris
    It's OK, but it goes to fast paced. I can't get more then 500! Sorry, but it glitches, so I'm going to have to uninstall. Is a shame. I'll install when fixed
  2. Good
    LoveMeLovely Cx
    It's overall a really good game just idk if it my phone but it glitches while I'm playing and so I'll play one round its glitching I die then an add. After that I try again note glitching then the screen goes black and after it says Line Runner is not responding or something idk what this is but I would like if you could fix it cause its a really fun game! ^^ [email protected]
  3. Glitches and more
    Lps dubstep girl
    It glitches way to much and I can't do much and the blocks r way to close for that fast of a pace... And I went to options and turned the grave off but the grave still comes... I'm sorry but I an gonna have to uninstall the game.. There's was to much difficulties
  4. Glitching
    Aurora Pricer
    It now won't even do a full game since the update. It glitches and keeps pausing until it stops totally and has to be forced to stop its so bad. Black lines keep flashing g on the screen as well, and its the only game it happens on, the rest work fine.
  5. YASSSSSS!!!!!!!!
    Heaven Gonzales
    Like OMG your devices are stupid because mine works perfectly fine so they're for I lllooovvveee it sooooo much JK
  6. Gltich
    Sean Ulrich
    Glitches before I even get to start the game
  7. Sick of it
    Erica Nichole
    It used to be my favorite game but now it randomly paused and completely freezes right in the middle of the course. It sucks that I have to uninstall.
  8. Sairam v v n
    Hate the adds.... Effing adds really disturbing the play..... The game is becoming effing slow while playing
  9. Way too laggy
    Lewis Ashby
    The game always crashes and lags not even halfway through it don't waste your time
  10. Weird lines
    Xavier Jones
    There are Libes all over the place it is reeeaaaalllly bad
  11. Ads and more ads
    Hemo Goblin
    Non intrusive ads are fine, but this is too much, almost after every death you get and ad across the entire screen. It ruins what is underneath a really good game.
  12. It could be better.....
    Mary Feliz
    It is a really fun game but, too many adds. Every time I die, an add pops up and I'm thinking "I want to get back to the game and go again, not install a new game" please reduce adds and I will rate ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  13. :3
    Auburn Serrano
    Well i loved the game just like the rating were saying, the ad's seriously killed the awesomeness of the game. I know your trying to make money and all but dude seriously?
  14. Terrible ads
    Eric Johnson
    Game is alright, but there are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy too many ads. I get it, the game is free and everybody has to make money, but this is ridiculous. You get to play maybe 3 times before you are forced to watch an ad. Terrible. Don't bother downloading. Unless you like watching commercials.
    Mikah Ribble
    awesome! all of you who say this game is a HATE IT then its you opinion. amazing. love it! Change your minds if you said its horrible and you hate it. If you dont I hate you
  16. Ugh
    Emily Burchett
    The pace is to fast and just over all the frame rate is like 20 so yea 2 stars is all ur gunna get don't download u will regret
  17. Ok game but disruptive ads
    Justin Hartman
    The game is pretty fun but the ads are a little ridiculous. I understand that it's a free game but the ads are pretty intrusive and actually ruined the game for me.
  18. PRETTY GOOD!!!
    Charlie Schurk
    I really like this game. But can you please get rid of all the horrible pop up ads and videos?!?!? I mean its really addicting and everything but the adds are horrible!! Please fix it. Then I'll rate five. Thanks
  19. Dumbass game
    Blu Anderson
    I hate this stupid impossible game it runs to fast and its stupid
  20. ?¿?
    Jrod T
    It goes to fast my eyes hurt after a couple of min of playing but still a cool game