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  1. Cat physics
    Heather Lynne
    Lots of fun: the ball has to be passed from one cute cat to the other cute cat. Lots of physics based puzzling that allows an easy reset to let the player keep trying to move the ball into the right position. Very good free game.
  2. Jim Wilhelm
    Had this app on my ipod, and always enjoyed it. Of course, I am a cat fan too! Only issue is it needs a way to move objects more precisely. I might consider the payed version in the future.
  3. I keep comin' back
    Tatiana Lagrave
    Ya know, there are a lot of physics games out. More than once, I've uninstalled this game, to make space for other games, but here I am I installing it again. Look: the graphics are groovy, the music is too, the puzzles are challenging, really.... I'm keeping it on my phone this time. I love this game!
  4. Soni Vimal
    The best game. .but I cannot play new 60 levels..
  5. 4MUL8er
    Waldo May
    Great game, they make 2-3 versions of all their other games, why not this one? The update 60 levels is cool , but need #2 & #3 made
  6. Fun game
    david hall
    Not too much thinking involved... Nice time waster
  7. Entertaining game
    Peter Hansen
    Very fun game for kids and adults alike. Game is a good challenging game that has you use your mind(keeps kids thinking). Everyone should at least try this game out(I think you will find it very good entertainment). Everyone enjoy!!! :)
  8. Great boards, love this game.
    Lorien Flinn
    The game is not exactly new, but love the interface. Works smoothly. Definitely worth the 2 bucks to go ad free for me. Careful, it's addictive.
  9. Cat Physics
    Ant B
    This is definitely the coolest game around, It makes you think and provides hours of wonderful fun. It is extremely inexpensive to remove the ads which in doing so enables you to have more fun with the game. I have completed all 100 levels 35 times, and now with the new 60 levels, it is more awesomer than before!
  10. Mark O'Leary
    Crash crash crash. Not sure if it is latest Samsung update or what, but app crashes regularly and/or restarts my phone. Adds are expertly placed so that you cannot grab arrows on a few levels. Full paid app on my old iPhone was awesome and addicting, not so much now. Oh, and where the heck is the leader board?
  11. Very fun puzzler
    Wayne Davison
    Loving it now that the crashing is fixed.
  12. Great game - fix the controls
    Jim Benes
    Loved the game on iOS, impossible to figure out where to tap to release the ball. The arrows keep grabbing focus. Please fix.
  13. miti shah
    **** keep tapping to release the ball...
  14. Videocon A51
    mridul sharma
    Excellent would be an understatement. It's the whole package. Angry Birds+Unroll Me+The best in game soundtrack. Celestially recommended.
  15. Good job, nice
    Marius Rotundu
    Super nice game, i love physics games, this one is well done, nice graphics and is running good on my htc m8
  16. Super fun and easy, though ads are annoying.
    Elaine Taylor
    I found this game on the iPhone and adored it. It didn't exist on Android for a while, so I'm happy I found it here finally. I have a problem with the ads, but if I pay to get rid of them there'll be no problem. I love the varying challenge.
  17. Cat has a luck
    Maulana Rizqi
    I ever played this game on ipod and its quite sometime to able complete all the mission its not just the arrow position but also a luck,now its time to finish on android
  18. To addictive
    Sarah Ellenger
    Love this game simple but hard to master ,perfect for a quick play
  19. Great game
    Linna Cooley
    Fun. I like how each level is a legitimate new challenge, not just a repeat of previous levels. Ads are annoying, and can interfere with gameplay though.
  20. Awesome
    Beenie Bomb
    This game is really fun. From the asthetic to the physics to the puzzle design to the feeling of progression and winning all the way to how smoothly the cats grab the ball, this game is a really great physics based puzzler!


What`s new

- New binaries for 64-bit processors
- As a big Thank You to everyone who've bought the Ad Removal Upgrade, you can now enjoy 50 MORE LEVELS in this update. Your support is the reason we can keep releasing these updates!

Thanks to all "Catters" out there for your continued support, comments and ratings. We hope you enjoy these new levels!


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