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  1. Bootiful
    Amaya Chaotic
    This is the best game evur! It has changed my life, and saved me from my depression. Sorry, I just choked on my spit. Day one of playing Microbattles: I have lost my house, my parents have abandoned me, and my boyfriend left me. Oh wait, I don't have a boyfriend..... Thanks again for curing my depression. :)
  2. Alexander McNamara
    The game is great but you shouldn't have to pay for a full version. Don't they know we can get another game by changing the day?
  3. Fun, but...why wait 24 hours?
    Reynold Lim
    The game is fun to play with friends but once you play you have to wait 24 hours to play another game or you can play the other games instantly by plz erase the waiting or paying.
    Majestic Marvin
    Hey guys are y'all mad that y'all have to pay 2 dollars to play WELL I FOUND OUT A SOLUTION just change your date on settings to a different date WELCOME
  5. Good But Annoying
    Joe Leicester
    Good, but you can only play one of the four games per day - If they change this, Five Stars
  6. Fun but terrible
    Griffin Turner
    The game is awesome but I hate it because you can only play once per day or you have to pay 2$ so stupid fix and it will be good
  7. I Love it... BUUUUUT...
    Adrian Francis
    IVE BEEN STUCK PLAYING THE SAME GAME ALL WEEK! DX... Plz guys, when it randomizes, at least make it so the chances of getting the one you played the day before are less likely to happen... Cause it isn't fair that I'm getting so unlucky and frankly Dizzy Soccer is getting boring fast :/
  8. It's Pretty Good
    Benjamin Bojanowski
    The game is great but the soccer stage sucks also I agree it's kinda stupid since you have to wait 24 hrs
    Lindsay Jones
    I play with my brother and my friends all the time! It is addictive but frustrating. The only thing you could add is if you have 2 tablets, you can connect and play on different tablets. Because one of my friends can't come over often so it would be good to add that! We talk on the phone and play minecraft a lot at the same time!
  10. Half good
    Mark W
    Would be better if let me play all games. Or at least let me choose one to play every day, she they shuffle it is terrible. If changed would rate it five stars and it would be the best game ever. PLEASE CHANGE!!!!!!!!!
  11. Hi
    Gavin Hicks
    You guys are wrong you can play.more than 1time you just have to plantation minigame
  12. Changed my life
    Ben Haward
    I was in a dark place not long ago, overwhelmed by the pressures of society and expectation. This game changed all that. I have been through so much, but the way those players move, that plane flies, those cowboys shoot, those vikings throw, it changed me. This game filled the void in my soul and I have to be thankful for that.
  13. Great idea but!
    Paul Mulvany
    Its like a 12 hour wait to play a different game ....u can uninstall and install again to bypass the wait or pay 2€ for premium version
  14. ...
    Tyrese Knox
    The game was fun, but it is so stupid how I have to pay just to be able to play more than once per day.
  15. Its OK
    Justin S
    Pretty fun except I only get to play the gun game. It selects the gun game "randomly" every single time without fail. Fix this please.
  16. Good but why
    tyler and braden
    Why do we have to pay 2 dollars to play something we could probably do on another game for FREE please make it free
  17. Red plane say wuwt
    Justin Merrills
    Uh OK perfect but on the plane battle the red is rigged coz when I'm blue against someone I always seem to die randomly
  18. Amazing
    Mauro Jr Alvizo
    Me and my friends play this all the time and even though you can just clear the app memory in your settings for another game, I still choose to buy it because of its simplicity and style. It's an amazing way to pass off time with your friends and have epic battles
  19. Goodish
    Rio Sterling
    The game was good but you shoudnt have to pay to get more than one game a day! Very dissopinted ! And there should be a co op mode
  20. Ok.
    Chee kok tong
    Even though the game is great, the only part I don't like is when the game keeps giving me the cowboy game. (not all the time)


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