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  1. Stopped working for Lollipop
    Kashif H
    I recently upgraded my OnePlus One to Android Lollipop, and the app closes before reaching the main menu. Please fix, and add an option to resize the buttons.
  2. Love the game. Controls are terrible
    B Witty
    The buttons need to be scalable at the least since some are too big. The virtual joystick also needs to be fixed as sometimes hitting the B button will control the joystick instead of the button. Seems the joystick tolerance area is way too big. Still love the classic game but this could be a deal breaker for actually playing the game.
  3. As much as I would love to give the game 5 stars...
    Alexander Rosa
    I just can't right now. I am in love with the Metal Slug games. But I have a few gripes with this game. First and most important, I'm running this on a Nexus 4, and I feel there really shouldn't be any slowdown. Yeah the arcade games did have some slowdown, and I'm okay with that but this is not on the same level with some stutters on occasion too. Also, I know I'm playing on a touch screen so I can forgive the not so precise controls, but I'm really hoping an update to be able to use a controller to play.
  4. Amazing bargain!!
    Jackson Yuen
    Was gonna give it 1 star because the controls were messed up on my nexus 5, but I am giving it 5 stars instead of 1 because it works perfectly on my Asus memo pad which is 720p. Do not get if your device is 1080p. Seems to work on 720p devices only!!
  5. Great LEGAL way to play metal slug!
    Nicholas Richter
    You could get it for free on another emulator, but unless you have owned or do own the game, then that's illegal.(not to mention the that it would be more tedious than just downloading this!)
  6. What's wrong!?
    jose rodriguez
    All my metal slug games are having problems... The buttons scheme is almost as large as the screen... From 1 to X r all that whey... Hopefully snk fixes this soon... Until then 1 star Galaxy Note 3
  7. Does not work on note 4
    Aaron Calhoun
    Was able to get to initial boot up screens but can't get past title screen without getting popup or crashing
  8. Can't play on Note 4
    Omar M
    The virtual arcade buttons are way too BIG and makes the game unplayable. ...
  9. Great game, but some flaws
    Jeff St Clair
    I have been a fan of the series since the mid 90s. I own a NeoGeo and have Metal Slug 1, 2, X, 3, 4, and 5 on carts. This version is great for on the go gaming. My only gripe is the buttons. Aside from that, its a faithful port. Thanks SNK!
  10. Zero stars. Crashes at intro
    S. L. Thompson
    Love this classic series. Hate this iteration of it. Costs money yet doesn't even RUN on N5 5.0.2 or Shield Tablet. I'd ask it gets fixed but clearly the devs aren't capable of doing so. You suck SNK PLAYMORE! This shouldn't be allowed to be downloaded on Nexus 5 or Shield Tablet w/ Lollipop as It's incompatible.
  11. Cool game
    Alex Aleck
    But it needs a few improvements: the scale and the opacity of the controls should be adjustable and you should try to remove that "insert coin" message that keeps blinking in the upper right side of the screen. Also please consider adding an option for immersive mode.
  12. Crashes on startup
    Loved this game as a kid in the arcade, great bit of nostalgia to brighten your day. Well it would be if it worked. I've got a brand new Galaxy Note 4 with all the latest updates, game crashes on startup. Please fix it, I'd love to play again.
  13. Controlllllls
    Mike Cirovic
    Classic game would love for it to work correctly. But currently completely unplayable on my nexus 5; cannot fire or do anything other than walk and jump. Every time you press the fire key it just moves the joystick right
  14. Fun but could be far more enjoyable
    depore caladbog
    Have a few issues here and there. But my biggest issue is the button size. I'm playing this game on a galaxy note 3. Has a pretty big screen. Yet for some reason the buttons are huge and I can barely press 1. More then half of the screen moves the joystick and ignores 2 buttons. Iv tried to move em around and it's still pretty hard to play. There needs to be an option to resize the buttons instead of only being able to barely reposition them (yes even repositioning the buttons is a big hassle)
  15. Do not buy!!
    chris guest
    The buttons don't work. I have an s5 and the directional key is so massive that you can't even shoot jump or throw grenades. I feel like they just stole 3 dollars from me
  16. Awesome game!
    Carlos Rivera
    Very fun epic game! The game runs smoothly and the controllers make it easy to navigate!
  17. Huge buttons
    Jeremy Moya
    Unplayable. Buttons aren't scaled right for my phone. HTC one m7. Can't make the buttons smaller and they overlap making it impossible to use some buttons.
  18. Average Entertainment
    Jay Kimsey
    There needs to be more personalization of the buttons. I can barely see them as they are right now and on occasion I'll press the wrong one because of this. The actual ROM is pretty good outside of a few frame rate drops but other than that a pretty good program. I just wish I could save state like an actual emulator though. And the settings menu is a pain to handle. Worth my dollar, I guess.
  19. NEEDS 1080P UPDATE!!
    Chris Bates
    Great game but not playable on 1080p phones. Please fix.
  20. Controls
    Ian McKenzie
    Cant do anything but run and jump cant fire my gun er nuthin pretty weak sauce seeing as how I just paid 4 dollars for this pos


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