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Sharon Tal | ceo

Israel |

Tomer Blushinsky | Game developer

Israel |

Nimrod Levy | Lead Analyst at Dragonplay - SG Interactive, Israel

Israel |

Chen Glanz Shtern | User Acquisition Manager at Dragonplay - SG Interactive, Israel

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Reviews 197,474

  1. Dave Harnett
    My biggest issue with this game is unless you buy chips with real money.... you seem to only get crappy hands dealt.
  2. Game won't load
    Tabatha Styles
    Game loads to 37% then stops. Not sure why it won't load. I am on wifi. Started this last night and haven't been able to play since.
  3. Great Game
    Edward Wilson
    Been playing for a few years and always like the Fast Play Wish they would still have the ability to fast fold soon as cards are dealt Having to wait for slow players to make their minds up can be painful at times
  4. Wam Mac
    Its Fastfold fun sounds better. As far as credits being taken by millions changeing screens. Hope to not loose like thats. Not fun. Service is very complete updates nice graphics
  5. Extremely glitchy
    Robert Johnston
    I've lost many hands where I clearly won, and lost over $1m in prize money. ie: pocket kings vs pocket 7's, dead board, pot was 'split', even though I pushed him all in, I ended up losing $200k. Sometimes I can't see my cards at all, sometimes it auto folds my cards immediately after dealing, and I also cannot leave tables, I have to close the game to leave a table
  6. sue knight
    I had the same issues with the new update as all of you but a friend updated and he still has the lists for all the rooms and does not open being thrown into a "play now" table. The only place I had table lists was VIP. I am uninstallinging and re-installing. I wrote dragonplay and never even got an autobot acknowledgement. So I hope this works for me because it is definitely broken like it is.
  7. Fukken robot players funk you!!!
    George Mcneill
    Beware of their fukken robot players will fukk u out of all your gold! No matter your hand theirs is always better!! Time Travel poker kojack all niggrrrrzzzz!!!!
  8. Update killed this app
    Bill Lane
    Even after the latest upgrade I can't choose the table I want to join. Can't get out of tables once I play. Too many times the wrong player wind the pot. Splits the pot with a lower hand. Other than that... This used to be the best poker app out there. Note it's one of the absolute worst. Thanks for the upgrades you butt nuggets.
  9. I like the fast table and the quick action
    Sylvia Lauterbach
    The game is fast and if the break downs are not so occurI would be all the times on it. I am looking forward to the Omaha.. in hope you can play real cash games in the future.
  10. Wtf
    William Cook
    Why did you take out the smaller tables. Now you lose your money twice as fast. Lost your 5 star rating
  11. Is a absurd game. Again a so weird apps. So much chips and won by crap hands
    juan godinez
    What is that with a self stupid fold cards. Made lose hands
  12. "texas hold em poker deluxe" is way better for 2 big reasons:
    juntjoo nunya
    1: You can do other things on your phone until it alerts you it's your turn. I find it improves my game by distracting me, but that is cuz I suck but still, I'm multi tasking. 2: it has history so you can look at the last hands, which im not good enough to utilize but im learning. Otherwise this game is cool. But come on, you can browse porn @ the same time as playing poker deluxe, if you wanted. I don't, im 'just saying'
  13. Fail
    Marcus Harris
    Game starts me in an already active game I did not choose as soon as I log on.
  14. Game is buggy!
    Winston Hope
    Can't see my cards sometimes. Game folds me few times. Countdown system faulty; it feel like it's forcing you to pick quick- like this game is conditioning you to always bet. I could be wrong but it's what I feel.
  15. Error message
    Jonathan R.
    Texas holdem tables are not available, please use the play now cube. Is the message i keep receiving, even when i try to join friends and there are empy seats it wont allow me to sit and play. What is going on?
  16. Typical Poker Site
    David W Cain
    Just another typical poker site full of people running card reader apps. If you download don't spend any money. .still looming for a legit poker app that does not allow card reader apps.
  17. King Rulz
    You get bombarded so hard with ads to buy chips, it's hard to want to open the app again after your done playing. The vibrate option used to make your phone vibrate when it was your turn, now it just makes my hands numb. Also, the animations take so long i have no time to decide what i want to do by the time they finish. Other than that, it's an app that works. However there are hundreds of apps out there just like this one that probably won't rape you with ads. So look for those instead.
  18. Dragonplay poker
    Floyd Curtis
    They dont show you the winning hand. Many times i should have won the hand, but you cant orive it. The site is adolecent and written poorly. Would never spend a penny on their game
  19. Epic fail for poker fans
    P Maddux
    Just played a hand where I lost a few million to a guy that had a straight while I had a full house. Not a straight flush, mind you. Just a normal straight. Does dragonplay not know the hierarchy of hands in poker? Uninstalled and will never play this game again.
  20. Liked game, disliked notifications-uninstalled
    Saul R
    I liked the game, I could not control the notifications. Reached out to dragon play, temporarily fixed. uninstalled after the the third time notifications began appearing again.


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