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Reviews 159,367

  1. nikki berryhill
    Even tho i have unlimited data plan for some reason the area stopped working for me it says cant find server. Any one know why this happened i even tried reinstalling and starting all over and still now working
  2. Great game....
    Shandi Groom
    The only problem is that when I got a new phone I had to start all over again from level 1 even though I logged in through Facebook.
  3. Fun game to keep track of in between other games.. Build and wait..
    Aaron Cross
    **DO NOT COMPLETE OFFERS FOR FREE CRYSTALS. YOU WILL NEVER SEE THEM **Competitiveness needs a leaderboard, and ranking system.. I want to see how i am doing compared to other players.. Also, i want to see the effects of my stat changes and damage after equipping certain items.. Fix and ill give 5 stars
  4. Played for ages
    Michael Offord
    I've been playing this gave on and off for years now, having to restart one after getting a new phone. I only wish there were updates with new content /challenges. Otherwise great game
  5. luv it
    Ivan Ulrich
    I really like it but one thing to work on is giving the dinos there real name;Tylosteus should be Pachycephalosaurus and the Gastornis shoulhf be Compsognathus and the Veracious should be dimetrodon and TONS more name errors. Other than that, its really fun. I know this because i am a paleontologist.
  6. Addictively fun
    DesiWesi BrieAnne
    My boyfriend can NOT stop playin for anything. He really loves this game. It makes me feel like a great girlfriend for downloading this game!!!
  7. Update
    Mat Bunga
    Still no updates? Lvl 70 is the last? Well come on. You've got to be kidding me. I mean,this game is awesome. I need some more. Something refreshing and more tactical. Please give me,no,give us more suprises. We need updates on this game. Many people out there craving to play this game. You developer should consider it. 730 words in Japanese to say YES but no word for NO.
  8. Needs work
    Patrick markham
    This game needs work haven't been updated since Easter of 2013 really sad that you're at max level and can't do anything else did they forget about this game
  9. Great game - my son loves it
    Richard Foster
    He's been playing for over 300 days Needs more option after around level 35 as currently it slows down too much.
  10. Addictive
    Jazzy Kitchin
    This is a game that you can go back and forth with and it never gets boring or old. Only down fall is when you do the tasks for free crystals and complete them but don't receive the crystals. I've done like ten different tasks and completed everyone and only been given the crystals for one of those so that needs to be fixed asap. Overall its an addictive game.
  11. Eh.
    Jack Daum
    Needs major work on daily bonuses and resource management. Don't play if you like being able to progress
  12. Glitch
    Ben Hacking
    Every time I load the game all my gems have gone like if you could fix that I would rate 5 stars
  13. So cool!
    Sandy Vincent
    It's so much fun, I'm addicted to it! There's alot of new things ahead so I don't get bored. No problems so far.
  14. Not funny its so dissapointed game
    Jeff Tamidles
    O my god nose bleed English haha arigatoo
  15. Good old RPGs
    Morgan Babineaux
    Ahh, been playing the game for a year or so, pretty nice RPG even though I'm not into most of them, still very awesome :-) Wish there was a way to play when my battery dies out in the middle of the night and you should make this available for Windows Phones xD
  16. Good game
    Jennifer Morales
    Need a easier way to.gwt resources they run out to fast and u barely get any when u wait for 8 hours
  17. Not much variation
    Johan Engström
    Gather resources, recruit dinos, fight. Rinse, repeat. Not much else. I got to level 19 and got really bored...
  18. AWESOME! BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bianca Warner
    You can set up your dinosaurs in battles! In the Roxton Basin boss level, the boss doesn't stand a chance against me! My fave dino is the Gastornis because it reminds me of a Microraptor! Please install!
  19. Crystals
    Heather Tucker
    It won't let me buy crystals, I tap it but nothing comes up. Also it doesn't save my progress when I go to war
  20. Getting over it
    Phil Hoggarth
    An ok game, but there are things that bring it down, such as the way the "overpower" rule only seems to work against you. And upgraded enemies in the game that are almost impossible to beat if you don't spend money to buy gems.