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  1. Usage experience is like that of going back to Windows 98 in the era of Windows 8.
    Maroof Alam
    Clunky UI, horribly designed menus, super slow. It's better they don't have an app at all. I hope they read user reviews and improve the app.
  2. Better of using the website
    Jamique Mascoll
    This is basically leading you to a dumbed down version of the site.which wouldn't be back it were easier to select multiple car types and the ui didn't take forever to load.
  3. Enterprise car share
    vicki matthews
    New to the app hope it works 4 my trip this year
  4. Not good
    Carmen Matchett
    Made reservation for a van. The day before leaving I get a call saying they don't have any. Lost my business
  5. Berenice Monsalve
    Very Good ! RAFAEL !! On, Wednesday, July 1,2015 he , helping me, very good !! I'm very satisfied. 137 Ave. S.W. 130St. A cross Tamiami airport. Miami, Fl.
  6. Poor performance, poor design
    Inez Korczynski
    Using this application is painful, even more painful than alternative: calling enterprise and getting stuff done with a consultant
  7. Matt Waite
    Works, but incredibly slow -even over WiFi :-(
  8. Terrible app
    Rob McCarthy
    This application has no map for finding available cars. Additionally it runs very slowly and is almost identical to the mobile website. in fact you might as well just use the Website since it gives you access to the desktop version which has significantly more features. all in all this car sharing program from enterprise has not really work out for me. don't let the advertised rates fool you - I just spent over $100 for a five and a half hour rental.
  9. Basic & Tedious
    Moby D
    1) App appears to be a website wrapper. Not even close to being mobile friendly. 2) Your user # is not editable and NOT the same # on your card. Constant annoyance to figure out which # to log in. 3) Selecting a car is way more tedious than needs to be. 4) None of the cars are marked so you're left figuring out exactly which car is yours. I realize its a new app but to see such poor quality from an established and well known company is very disappointing.
  10. Limited website wrapper
    Thad Cox
    This "app" simply wraps the mobile website which in itself is very limited. I got my membership free but will not use it given the limited ability to reserve cars on the go.
  11. Doesn't work
    George Halfkenny
    Sadly always shows a "our servers are unavailable message"...the website works so the error is not correct..Fix the app please.
  12. Don't download. Not Mobile Friendly
    Kevin Jesus
    If I can give it -20 stars I would. Download this app and it sends you their website. Such a big company like this one shouldn't have such a lousy app
  13. Like the app
    Robert Strait
    I like this app because it fast and easy to reserve a car
  14. Super slow
    siddardha gowtam
    Why can't the rental car giant develop good apps? Is super slow and it does not have a map view. Plus very limited number of locations.
  15. Behaviour is unpredictable
    Dmitry Sotnyk
    After few freezes randomly created reservation which can't be canceled. It seems that any screen touch while freeze will be remembered and than applied to arbitrary screen and button. Just curious how this was tested? Will use web version instead of this crap. Looks like it's not real android app, but enterprise is using some form of server-based engine, which is generating HTML for local app, which just displaying them, so this is the source of freezes and random behavior. Old and bad, but cheap solution.
  16. Website in a box!
    Mohammed Baban
    Super slow and no UI, just a framed mobile version of the website!
  17. Get a native app! It's 2015!!
    Jason G'Sell
    Mostly a wrapper for the mobile site. Poor performance. Already looks old and it just came out. Super slow to load pages. Not on material design. I love their service and am excited to see them launch in San Francisco, but if you want to attract the techiest city in the country you better have an app that's up to snuff.
  18. Bob Tilley
    No Downtown location shows up on app, despite calling, emailing and messaging Enterprise CarShare multiple times over more than 4 months. Only UNM locations are listed in app. When I do get a response from E C. They tell me to click on an obscure tab on their difficult to use website to find my car. The website has issues, but nevertheless it is the app that does not show Downtown at all, no matter how many ways you try to search. Seems like an easy fix :/
  19. Unbelievably slow
    Peter Kann
    Loading time for everything is ridiculous. I'm not trying to load a 3D model of a car, I'm trying to load like 5 words of text. Plus it doesn't show when cars will become available, only that they aren't.
  20. Quite basic
    Jordan Boulger
    Allows you to make and view reservations, but that's about it. App is pretty slow (takes about 30 seconds from opening the app to being able to navigate, and moving through the menus takes a while too). A little frustrating if you're trying to find something during your reservation, but it does what it needs to.


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