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  1. Fun
    melissa kilgore
    I like this game. I like the leveling up of certain attributes to make you stronger as the game gets harder. Has some replay value if you take a break from it after and come back to it. I'm actually looking for more like this game. Samsung Galaxy S4
  2. No real replay value
    Jason Stumpf
    The concept is great but once you've completed the game there is really no reason to continue playing.
  3. Great
    Dagan Kay
    Fantastic game. Fun, challenging, cool to look at. Worth every penny
  4. Frustrating
    Ken Lisauskas
    This has got to be the most frustrating game I've played in a long time. I have all the rooms unlocked and all the upgrades but that doesn't seem to matter since I lose sometimes on the very first monster trying to find matches. Not my niche I guess...
  5. I'm addicted
    Max Boll
    This game is perfect to kill some spare-time. It is simple but not boring :) I'm really close to score my freedom!
  6. Decent at best
    D rain
    The fact is that it's a typical match 3 puzzle game with an interesting development interface - misrepresenting it as an "adventure " or "dungeon Crawler " is forgivable, but charging 3 bucks years after release is crappy
  7. Fun take on match game.
    Hugh Walenski
    "Ten" mixes the standard matching grid-style with a dungeon runner and even has rpg elements. I struggled a lot at first, but discovered a trick that allowed me to complete the game in 2.5 hours. I won't wreck it by posting it here, but it can throw off the balance of the game. Overall worth the couple of bucks. It's nice to see a game with no in-app crap.
  8. Not sure if more than 1 Ace level is worth it
    Cynan de Leon
    Match 3. Clock is always ticking. I wish there was a way to see all currently available upgrades' prices at once. Fun game for a few hours.
  9. Adventure with tetris
    Alexander Cory
    It's sorta like puzzle quest, but in my opinion its better and somewhat easier. It's good, while it lasts at least. If you get bored of it you can always erase the game data and do it all over again. I'm working on a 2nd play thru atm.
  10. Satisfying
    The perfect blend of puzzle and endless runner (with RPG elements) that I never knew I needed. No micro transactions, an enjoyable difficulty curve, great music, and high score replayability for those who want it. Took me 4 hours to "beat" and I enjoyed every second!
  11. Fun game, but...
    Joshua Eastham
    New Game+ was just a new game as far as I could tell. No new features ot anything. Other than that I can't complain.
  12. Frustrating
    Steve Dalzell
    For years, gamers have been conditioned to abide by one simple rule when playing a "match three or more" style puzzler; move one tile to match three or more. One tile. This game however breaks that fundimental rule and decides to make you move entire rows to match your tiles, thus making this potentially enjoyable experience a frustrating brain ache. A real shame as there are some great ideas here.
  13. Simply Amazing
    Jason Evans
    One of the coolest games I have played on any platform! A fast paced, utterly addictive, puzzle/RPG in the same vein as Puzzle Quest, but with endless running thrown in for an extra bump in fun factor. Fantastic music accompanies the classic 8-bit graphics and gameplay. Worth all 99 pennies! Can't wait for a sequel!
  14. Way too hard
    Guillaume Bois
    I bought this game because of the good reviews it had. I was very disappointed. The game is too hard. I never reach the end of the second room. It is badly designed. Having to look to match stuffs in the grid and look at the same time in the scroll And on a time limit is too much to ask. Also the game really on the very old, doll, match three things together concept. unimaginative. Could be a start if they make the timer optional. In this case I would add a second star.
  15. Sean Wagner
    A simple match-three style game at first glance, plus a timing mechanic where certain tiles are needed to progress during each "run". Add in a base building mechanic and RPG elements and you got yourself an addictive package. Many developers would kill to make this fun and they would have monetized the hell out of it. This developer wisely decided not to. The price is more than worth it for a fun game with no ads, no freemium "pay to advance" mechanics constantly nagging you to spend real money for fake virtual currency and a real end game to work towards. I wish more games did this.
  16. One of the best!
    Brian Sweet
    This is easily one of the best mobile games ever made. Combining elements from runners, matchers, and even rpg's to create something wholly unique, fun, and addictive. Worth every penny, kudos to the dev team.
  17. Disappointing and bland
    Nils Rungholm Jensen
    Read a good review, and bought this. Shouldn't have. The idea is cute, but the high level of randomness strips you of control, and becomes frustrating. The design is lazy and lacks user testing as objectives, progression and goals are often unclear. Too many layers of systems, clearly there to compensate for a bland, random and unpolished core game. I'd exchange 90% of this game's countless the RPG/grinder-elements for more polished and streamlined core mechanics any day of the week. Do not buy.
  18. Could have been my next mobile addiction
    Tim Bocek
    I played this game for a weekend and have achieved basically everything except the 10,000,000 its self. Don't get me wrong, it's a great implementation of a unique concept, but the game lacks the long-term progression and achievements that would keep me coming back for more. Hooking into Google Play and offering some hard-to-hit 'chievos and leaderboards would go a long way for replay value, as would a few more levels of upgrades with exponentially increasing costs (I'm talking in the tens of thousands of gold - something to sink resources into!)
  19. Lots of fun, and a good challenge.
    Hrolf Forkbeard
    Great game that is frustrating but fun. I keep going back to up my high score.
  20. Amazing Game, Not Enough Replay
    Mike Komorowski
    Highly recommend it. Honestly I was happily surprised by this unique concept. It's two completely different genres that were put together perfectly. I'd love to see more options, more achievements, more replay value. More please :D


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