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Bartosz Brzostek | CTO, 11 bit studios SA

Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie, Polska |

Marta Fijak | Game Designer

Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie, Polska |

Blazej Zywiczynski | Producer at 11 bit studios S.A.

Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie, Polska |

Anna Hawrył | HR Manager

Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie, Polska |

Reviews 7,892

  1. Is a really good game but....
    Jordan Crellin
    It really needs to work more with my Xperia z1 phone because it won't get past level 5 because it won't load and it keeps going back to the start up screen please fix this then it will be a 5*
  2. Amazing game!
    Willem Schonken
    By far the best game ive played on a mobile platform. Simple as that, really. Awesome graphics, quite unique gameplay, makes your brain work a bit and very good sound design!
  3. Love the game, BUT
    Ronald Parker
    Please fix the crashes when you return to it from a minimized point.... Galaxy Tab S. Very frustrating on the longer levels. Thx
  4. Thomas Jefferson Wolf Call
    Not sure why this game has such great reviews. Graphics are great but difficult to distinguish between objects, and game play is painfully slow and boring. I would've been more satisfied with a 99¢ hot dog from QT.
  5. Story mode is great
    Lv Sims
    The story mode and new way that units can morph is great. Wish it was more replayable like the Baghdad version with the squad assault, instead of going against other players.
  6. Not Working On Sony Z Ultra
    James Brady
    Was playing perfectly up until mission 4 I think it was "fish in a barrel" then it has started loading to halfway and then sends me back to your company logo. It's a shame because the game has some lovely graphics and gameplay ideas in it, it's just plagued with a few bugs it seems. I think that crashing on startup has happened once also. So for the moment it has been rendered unplayable for Z Ultra users. I will change my review once it is fixed.
  7. no immersive mode.?
    cleber avelar
    the game itself is superb, nice graphics and quiet challenging, but there is no immersive mode, sometimes i accidentally hit the back button while navigate the map. there is a way to activate the mode?
  8. Great but crashing at the same point
    Eoin McDonnell
    Great graphics and I really like the gameplay. But it frequently crashes when returning from being minimized. Also crashes at the same halfway point in the level called Freeze every time. So I can't complete the game. Should they fix this, proper save points that last when the game is minimized would be good for longer levels (One Plus One)
  9. A great end to the main trilogy of Anomaly games.
    Stephen Rivett
    Yes, this is a great game and a fitting end to this series. Forget Defenders (a game I rated as 7/10) and just enjoy every moment you play in this game. A few of the special powers are naff but otherwise 11 bit studios learned all the lessons they needed to from the first two games. Final comment... Nice to play a game where casual difficulty actually means what it says!
  10. Crashes on Mission 10
    Sergey Sagan
    I have a Nexus 6...this should be able to play anything in the appstore... but somehow, this crashes on level 10...I start playing for a bit, then the level quits and I end up on the home screen... otherwise the game is fun, pretty good story, nice graphics...still not sure whether this style or tower defense is more fun... I tend to go with tower defense because it has more strategy...especially Field runners type...this feels a bit too linear...still pretty good overall...if they'd fix the crashing...
  11. Oh my god amazing!
    Landan Moore
    I'm not exactly what you'd call a fan of tower defense games, but this game absolutely knocked me off my seat. After I got done with this incredible game I bought a couple more... best spent 8 or so bucks in my life. The graphics are just insane. I hope that the developer decides to make a game that's just like this, but you get to attack with alien monsters. I love this series and is an absolute must to get. Well worth the money
  12. LOVE IT
    Michael Edes
    11 Bit is the best game developer Android has. For the people giving low scores because their device freezes, get a better device. Top notch games require top notch devices.
  13. Good but bugs let it down.
    Jack W
    Much better than the original, Only criticism is that some morphs you will stop using because they're not as useful - very few reasons to choose hellhound over assault hound for example. Glitchy in places to the point of frustration, decoy doesn't work if enemy behemoths have already fired a shot, missions 8 and 10 will crash out while loading until you launch them enough times they load completely and will let you play. Oh and commander Lynx's voice is awful and he sounds like a major dick.
  14. Great sequel
    Sebastian Klein
    The latest update corrected the crash at startup and the game is back to being great. The basic gameplay of its predecessors is still there with enough new features to set it apart. The improved graphics and effects only add to the overall impressive experience. Bonus points for not using unnecessary permissions and the absence of IAPs. Also: Decent response time to the crash reports; update was available within days. Thanks for that!
  15. 6 hour red eye flight that was awsome!
    Chris Mclean
    Luckily the airport i was flying from had a great 4g connection, i was able to download this game while waiting to board. I was amazed that it worked on the phone. I thought it may have only been for tablets but that is not the case! I played for 6 hours straight and avoided the uncomfort of trying to sleep through a red eye flight! Super fun game with awesome graphics! Un believable that it works so well on a phone. Best 99 cents ive spent i believe.
  16. Beautiful and addictive.
    Jo Bo
    Tower defense turned on its head. Great visuals and a creative storyline set the stage for immersive gameplay that will leave you wanting more. Later levels will give your fingers a workout as all your arsenal becomes available. I will look forward to future installments.
  17. Now amazing for Tegra K1
    Matthew Yee-Fong
    The developer fixed the game for SHIELD tablet. This game truly shines on the Nvidia Shield tablet. The visuals are amazing and its amazing to see how the extra explosions don't slow down the game.
  18. Another Z Ultra Owner
    Yaseen Ismail
    Game resets problem is z ultras fault. Game uses lots of ram when another app wants to launch device closes the game. I keep having whats new popup
  19. Recommended! Worth every penny.
    Trissandi Febinsyah
    I'm using Xperia Z2, haven't found any problems at all. Runs smoothly, the gameplay and story are awesome. Keep it up!!
  20. Best of the Tower Offensive series
    Setnakt Frost
    Unquestionably the best of this series (Anomaly Korea was the worst due to massive game killing glitches BTW).


What`s new

- fixed a crash on launch on some devices
- minor bug fixes