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  1. Disappointed
    Viagrinal X
    Fun game, got to lvl 30 quickly , then bam they want u to pay up to play. Delete/Uninstall
  2. good game - with room for improvment ;)
    Zoltán Nagy
    great game, the first logic game using mirrors in arbitrary angles. on level 11 i cant bump the dominos 4 time out of 5 (phone:4033x) i've switched to my tablet(mz601) because of this, but even on that platform i saw a bomb exploding without pushing a ball; and on some level pushing the ball into the tube was almost impossible. i think you are using dynamic step size in your physics..a logic game should be deterministic => use fixed size steps keep up the good work!
  3. Noriel Atienza
    great but I want 10 more levels
  4. Very good game
    Google Plus Note4
    Clean game no ads excellent work from development team thank you very much
  5. C.Michelle Greene
    I LOOOVE this game...I hope it doesn't get ridiculously hard as I progress. 4's for now!!
  6. Cee Jay
    Not needing to use anything on my phone 5 stars anyday
  7. Balaji Venkatesan
    Gud puzzle game. We really have to think creatively for it. Graphics can be a little bit faster. Overall, nice game.
  8. abdo mohamed
    Probably the best game I have played til now
  9. Great
    stephen davies
    More levels please. I'm up to 90
  10. Amazing
    Jason Blatch
    Promote yourself more, people who own this game!!! Or make a level unlockable once a day with so many coins.people will surely buy it then.I love it.
  11. Loving it
    Sunil Kumar K
    This game has ended my search for a DIFFERENT and good logical game. Deserves 5 star.
  12. Only thing that could make it better are more levels.
    Ryan Asbury
    And maybe a nicer main menu that defaults to last level played.
  13. Great puzzler
    Brian Herberth
    I just finished portal 2 and was looking for a game that could satisfy my appetite for that style puzzle game and laserbreak has done that.
  14. Disappointing
    David Mize
    When you start off it seems like you could just get all the levels through getting coins, but once you finish the first 30 you only have 85 coins so then you have to pay to play more. This game was a big let down for me.
  15. It's free at first
    Ivan Danojlic
    But if you want to progress beyond lvl 30, you have to pay for coins...
  16. Too few levels
    Sougata Som
    The app is beautifully designed and is a great way to kill time but has too few levels, for which I've knocked down a star. I finished all 30 free levels in 3 days. Even the paid version has an additional 45 levels only, which makes me a bit reluctant to buy it. I mean Unblock Me Free has more than twelve thousand puzzles!!! Just saying. Anyway, I'd appreciate if the developers let me know exactly how many coins are required to go all the way. Are 50 coins enough?
  17. Love hate
    Patrick Padden
    I do enjoy it but seems to me that level 15 is broke, most logical way about it doesn't work dynamite gets stuck, used a pass since can't find any solutions online after hours of frustration, but pack 2 needs to be unlocked by coin, now I fall short after using the pass for level 15 even after going back and collecting the bonus, fall short of 10 coins if yous can help out in anyway would be appreciated sorry for big rant lol
  18. Fun, but difficult to control
    Kyle Sherman
    I often find myself taking my finger on and off the screen. The objects need to be more sensitive, and the selection less
  19. Pay pay pay
    Jason Hennessey
    If your after game to throw money at this for you 15 free levels then you pay pay pay
  20. Cool.
    Joshua Nash
    I like it. Has a fresh feel compared to other games.


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