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  1. Wow!
    All Things Wes
    Best game I've ever played on my Android. No time limit, relaxing, stimulating & addictive.
  2. Fantasic except for level 25
    Andrew Ungar
    Fantastic game! Best of its type that I've played and I especially love the ability to skip levels... which is a good thing because I've been able to complete the whole game except for level 25... I think theres a bug in the physics on that one.
  3. Nicely done, if imperfect, laser game. Worth the money.
    Nick Lear
    Very nice graphics, levels require plenty of thought, definitely worth the money. Sometimes you can finish the level without using all the pieces which isn't as neat as some games. And the coins I earned from the Lite version didn't carry through when I paid for the full version, but I don't really care, and at least the levels were unlocked which is the important thing.
  4. Great game; however
    Chris HITCHABOUT Kollar
    Needs to be updated and more levels. Five star for an awesome game. Freeze Ray would be cool, pun intended, plus it would open doors for all new levels. Awaiting new updates and levels. Thanks
  5. Need more! 90 is only a teaser!
    Don Deppeller
    Finally, a puzzle 'game' for adults, with great graphics, that doesn't insult our intelligence. Eagerly awaiting a fresh batch, 90 isn't nearly enough. UPDATE: still no newer levels?!? Description originally said "more levels to come", we're still waiting, guys!
  6. Laserbreak Pro
    Ron Kosciolek
    Entertaining, loads of fun. Good value, only negative is 90 games is not enough.
  7. Solid
    Wayne Miller
    Nice game, good way to kill time. More levels, please.
  8. Great Puzzle Game
    Ken Nagel
    I had a lot of fun on the first 90 levels. When are the next set of levels coming out?
  9. Great game!
    Matt Tesdale
    So addictive! Fished all the levels! More levels please!
  10. Cool
    laim mcgimny
    So these updates. Are we talking weeks, months, or years?
  11. Great Game
    Armando Munoz
    It's a lot of fun to play, my one complaint is that I finish a while ago but here hasn't been an update for more levels. Other than that it is a great game.
  12. One of my favorite games.
    Brandon Molletti
    Loved this game. Intellectually stimulating and addicting. Hope more levels come soon.
  13. Great
    Matteo Bir
    It's really fun and challenging but the coins are tough to get
  14. Awesome game
    Dave Green
    Only downfall is new levels aren't added fast enough to fulfill my addiction. :-)
  15. Great game!
    Scott Rudin
    Not too hard, not too easy, just right. Waiting for more levels.
  16. Impressive!
    Rahul Harikrishna
    Turn dial is sensitive. The solution is not unique. Waiting for more difficult challenges.
  17. Hate it
    Dominick Ramos
    It only took me 3 days to finish and now I am bored
  18. Fun Puzzle Game
    Matthew Hendershott
    Fun game, tricky puzzles. Should keep you entertained for quite a while. Definitely worth the money. No ads or IAP is a rare find these days. Happy to support this model!
  19. Addictive!
    Alf Seca
    Been playing non-stop already finished! Please release moar! else what was the point of all those coins?
  20. A rare breed - pay for the game and no IAPs!
    Michael Walker-Toye
    Always on the look out for engaging puzzle games and this one is worth the small expense. I hope there's a few extra free levels in the future ;) Definitely recommended.


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