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Reviews 62,288

  1. Amy Dirito
    Great until you reach level 500. TOTAL RIP OFF! Time and money invested in a game that you can't advance past 500 level.
  2. dawn michelle jackson
    Apart from if u have to reinstall it you have to go back to where u have already done
  3. Fix it please....
    Angelique Jansen
    Doesn't give me money to move forward :( and doesn't give me the bonus when I login Facebook. Loved the game. But can't do anything now.
  4. Bugs Bugs Bugs
    Connie Krapek
    It doesn't give me the daily bonus on a daily basis! When I click to invite friends there are no friends on the list, completely blank! And you can't advance to the next segment of the game without feeding the horse and you can't get coins to feed it without buying, and I can't afford to buy virtual coins! And also I have lost coins along the way they just disappeared!
  5. Carol Gray
    Wont give me my coins to move on to the next level.
  6. Joyce Lend
    Paying to get coins or anything is not worth keeping
  7. Bob Hanson
    I'm on level 176 and it has not cost me any money. Hope it does,not end.
  8. Melanie Chavez
    It won't let me see any of my friends to invite help
  9. No so great
    Sword Rend
    You need coin to buy lives, gifts, etc but when you move to the next level you have to pay wit the coins you get and it wipe you out so you never get ahead. Game it self was fine.
  10. Unacceptable
    Bridget Compton
    I would have given this game 5 stars but when you get to a certain level they want you to buy your way to the next level instead of like candy crush,water splash and all the others just wait until a certain time to advance you to the next level or have a friend send u flag or something to advance to the next episode they want you to buy coins to advance to the next level so therefore I am uninstalling such a waist of time stop saying this game is free because it isn't after you've played a while very disapp
  11. Linda Ruddana-Rudovska
    Even in Facebook this game is better. Its even bo point to connect . When you connect its doesnt show friends ore youre coins
  12. Sue Cleveland
    I liked the game but I Don t want to pay to play the next level.uninstall
  13. Funny Farm
    Rebekah Bradley
    At level 41 can't go any further wants me 2 buy food 2 feed the horse @ I ain't buying.
  14. Was good then , then went downhill,
    Christine Holmes
    Have lots of problems with buying coins,would accept my payment,but crash and NOT top up my coins,loved the game but not wasting my money anymore,will uninstall,and had no reply from anyone about my problem
  15. sylvia woodhead
    This game is stuck on 133 and no matter what it just won't move off onto the next one please do something about it
  16. Uison Lee
    의 선 이 집 사 병 규 이 집 사
  17. :/
    Kristen Matthews
    I love this game BUT getting more coins is hard. The game also doesn't have a help menu to explain half the stuff on there for example the money bags??? It won't even let me add friends from Facebook. The little guy that helps with small tips doesn't know proper English so it takes a few reads to understand what he means. And waiting 30 minutes just for one life is a bit pathetic.
  18. Upset!
    marlene stancil
    Been playing since yesterday having fun its a cute game until..i was watching the clock after 1 game thts all it lets u play!. After tht 1 game, then time starts again !! Upset tht u can only play 1 time !! N clock starts up again for 1 more game takes 30 mins. to wait thts irratating jus for 1 mre game no thanks! uninstalling!!
  19. Callie Myers
    Oh dear lord! CHANGE THE MONOTONOUS IRRITATING, NEVER ENDING: Nyant-nyah❗music, actually- noise! Ahhhhhhhh!❗just stop!just stop!PLEASEno wonder it's called funny farm!!!❗
  20. Fix the game
    Marie Larouche
    I would like to give more stars because I really enjoyed playing the game but I cannot play the game anymore it keeps saying unfortunately your game has stopped working please fix it and I will give u more stars thanks


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