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  1. Works great
    Corey Gilley
    Great Atari 2600 emulator, can't really think of anything that could be improved. If you don't know how to set up and run emulators then don't download this then give it one star because you don't know what you're doing.
  2. Amanda Pouncey
    It won't let me access it and when it does it's a black screen
  3. Awesome app
    Eric Lee
    Perfect for when I want to play some 2600 on the go. :D
  4. 2600
    Dell Green
    Plays games but graphics aren't that great.
  5. Excellent...
    Noel Affonso
    I've been a fan for years. You really can't beat any of Robert's excellent emulators, including this one. Accurate emulation and very full-featured. Worth the money.
  6. S4 . Flawless!
    Rob Z
    App works perfect like every other emulator this dev creates. Rob is by far the best emulator dev out there. I own many of his apps. Highly recommend any emus this dev makes.
  7. Awesome
    Jesse Rodriguez
    Can you please make a atari 5200 and 7800! That would be so cool
  8. Won't open
    James Thacker
    App refuses to open on nexus 5 with lollipop
  9. Old school days
    Peter Fitzgerald
    Works very problems with emulation.very happy chap.
  10. Developer does not reply to emails
    Michael Johnson
    Would rate higher but Developer does not answer emails
  11. Love it. Moga contoller?
    James Kimball
    Great emulator, but would love Moga controller support.
  12. The best Emulators by far
    Luis Nido
    Robert Broglia's emulators are some of the best for Amdroid. I recommend them highly, you won't regret them, trust me!
  13. Amazing
    Roman Deida
    Just like i remembered,good old early 80s gaming
  14. Retro awesome!
    Stuart Johns
    This is a pocket Atari 2600! Love it
  15. Works GREAT on NVIDIA Shield!
    Mars Norman
    I just installed this on my NVIDIA Shield and all of the ROMs I tested, except 1 - Zaxxon - worked as expected. This could be due to my ROM file, but it's not really much of an issue because 1) there are so many other AWESOME Atari games and 2) there are a few other ports of Zaxxon that are far superior to the Atari version. I only fiddled with a few options (like screen size and removing the "virtual joystick" image from the screen), leaving most of the settings as they were, and I didn't run into any problems. I've tried a number of emulators and this one is, by far, one of the most user friendly I've encountered. I can't wait to try out the C64 emulator by this same developer! If Robert Broglia came out with a MAME emulator and/or Atari 5200 emulator, I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat!
  16. Do you support paddle controllers?
    Mark Krosky
    Do you support paddle controllers directly instead of via d-pad? Stella android emulated paddles via touchscreen, but KitKat broke it.
  17. Simply the best!!
    Jonathan Dagnillo
    I own all of Robert Broglia's emulators, and they are always the best. With a very consistent interface and high compatibility/performance, they set the standard. My only complaint is that he should make more of them!!
  18. Lol
    Jay Bone
    Ahh yes the good ole atari sound effects ..beeps dings and farts...cannot go wrong ...
  19. Perfect.
    Jerry Kairnes
    Dave C avatar image
    Dave C November 7, 2013
    Great emu I have many in the series here just for the interface consistancy. A few annoyances are there when using on the Nvidia Shield though. When scrolling the ROM list, which can be quite big, it is cumbersome with the dpad. This should be improved for users with physical devices. For one thing holding the d-pad down only advances one entry, no key repeat. That should be added. Also d-pad right should go down a page, left up a page also with repeat (See MAME4 droid) makes navigation MUCH faster. I know I can use the touch screen but it is not as convenient with physical controls to put down the controller scroll by touching the screen (and adding smudges), then go back and pick up the controler again just to change a game. Otherwise great emu.
  20. Works great but
    Brandon Gonzalez
    It's a great emulator but would be better if it had a cleaner UI showing all your roms in a list type library with cartridge images and compatibility with other Atari consoles like the 5200 and 7800.


What`s new

* Add option to automatically increase audio buffer size if needed such as when routing audio over Bluetooth
* Fix possible crash in the new audio code