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  1. Not a Keeper
    Gieni Quesada
    The whole game is challenging for fast fingers and quick eyes. I was aiming under jungle leafs too and scoring. Not bad...but uninstalled when progress was improbable.
  2. Great until the bug kicks in
    J Doxie
    Great game. But occasionally, it stops shooting. It acts like I'm tapping right on the shooter to switch colors instead of actually shooting a ball. Great "feature" when you die on a round that costs points to play, because you can't shoot anything.
  3. Best Zuma Ever!!!
    Marge Hazen
    This is a really great game of Zuma! Animation, graphics and colors are top notch. No limits other than coins, which you can quickly earn more of by replaying levels you want to improve your star rating on. It's challenging but not impossible and beware, it's extremely addictive. I love it!
  4. Marble blast mania
    Wanjiku Thuo
    Awsome game and very addictive am level 30 but no coins what should I do
    Lee Whitlow
    This game is grrrreat! Ads aren't too invasive, the coin (in game) earning bit is fair. Just be sure when using the laser to point, keep it held down, tapping doesn't work ( I figured out eventually). Highly recommended!!! Enjoy. You've been topped, Zuma.
  6. Awesm
    kiran bhaskar
    My kids lv this game ,its easy ,interesting and thd way they win makes them happy. Sm games are so tough that they r unable to complete and get upset and annoyed. Down load and enjoy.....
  7. Great game!
    Dale Wiggins
    Would recommend this to anyone who likes match 3 games. Great for passing the time and my son likes it too. Fun for all the family.
  8. Marble Blast Mania
    Carla Benson
    Love the colors and the music! But still waiting to receive 1 thousand coins for installing and playing (I will keep on playing ) that was promised when I downloaded it while playing Panda Pop!
  9. Just AWESOME!!
    Sharad Kumar
    Among all marble games this one is undoubtedly the Best! Superb game experience.. thrilling Egyptian maps n BG music.. in game exciting Power ups.. no hidden charges to buy coins..and moreover Addictive.. I installed last night and played till 16th level until my battery drained fully.
  10. Marble blast mania
    Brandon Sorensen
    The best marble game I have played yet. There is something about a map even on my slots.
  11. Howey Strickland
    Enjoyed this game but is there only 61 levels? I completed them in 1 month, just curious if that's it!
  12. Catherine Moore
    Great game. No coins to buy. You can go back and earn them if you need to. I am only on level 12 and so far have had no problems. Need more levels
  13. Chris Daye
    Some level require too many coins to move on.....hit it.
  14. Marble Blast
    Judy Harris
    Love the game, most challenging of all the "marble games I''ve played, but way, way TOO MANY ADS (one ad between "every round,"the constant interruptions spoil this game, any way to play ad FREE?
  15. Marble Blast Mania
    Jeanne Radke
    It seems to have a few glitches. It needs instructions so it's easier to know what works to get more pts. I like that I'm able to keep my score when I resume this game. It's fun & I'll show it to friends & family. It's so similar to Luxor, which we love a lot.
  16. Meyisi Gideon Booi
    Got stuck at stage 10. The menu and the intructions not easy to understand. I had to figgle to get going but the game is excellent.
  17. Only 60 levels
    Helder Silva
    Should have more levels like candy crush does so you can go on until you are old and weak. It also has too much publicity and it starts to get annoying. 4 star
  18. ???
    Matt Mclellan
    Hey, um, do y'all know the difference between blue and purple? Jeez almost unplayable
  19. Sharmeen Hussain
    Very very nice game need some improvement to be more addictive n some work needed on graphics as well.
  20. Great
    Tiffany Leonard
    So far I like it. Needs to give you more chances to collect coins.


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