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shweta singh | Vice President Operations and Human Resource at Facebook

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Blake Chandlee | Vice President Global Partnerships

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Dan Neary | Vice President of Asia Pacific at Facebook

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  1. OK But?!
    Edwardson Diestro
    Its nice and very light, but i can't play a video. But overall its ok. Half half situation rather than Messenger almost eat all the memory. Fixed a little
  2. Cannot see replied comment
    Hiệp Nguyễn
    I can't find a way to see my friend comment when they reply to mine. Although the app still have notification
  3. Some problems
    Joseph Reyes
    It's good that it's very lightweight unlike the actual FB app. Thanks for developing this. But my concern is I can't see comment replies, I can't watch videos, and can't scroll from right to left and top to bottom when zooming pictures. I have a small-screened phone so it's really bothersome. I hope you'll fix this. Thanks so much.
  4. Well thanks for hearing our calls ,,
    sue arafa
    There's a lot of missing things like "you can't see the replies for the comments - you can't play videos - you can't copy and paste" I'm so happy with the app and I'm pretty sure that the updates will fix the issues .. Thanks Facebook ♡
  5. Very helpful but.
    Cosain De Castro
    Thank you facebook to develop this light facebook app. It helps from using fb on low end smartphone users. But it has some problems like video playing. And refreshing comments. Btw. I think its same as fb app on nokia c3. It reminds me on my past phone.But thank youfor developing thiss mini app :) i like it so much! :D more power to you facebook!
  6. It's slow
    Nikola Gyurov
    I downloaded this because at work I get bad reception and my internet is slow, but this app doesn't seem to load pictures and posts much faster than the full featured one. I don't care that it uses less system resources, when it's using pretty much the same bandwidth.
  7. Good job!
    Zuhaib Hasan
    In 400+ kb Facebook made an app..Are you kidding me..when I saw it first time I really shocked it's really very smooth running on both 2G n 3G netwrks... good job mark.. keep it up. . Thanks
  8. Paweł Jonik
    I can't click on the posts links - when I do, I get popup asking "Use data to leave facebook?" (no matter if I'm on gsm or wifi), i click "Use data" & nothing happens (except the background dimming). It makes the app useless - too bad because the performance is obviously superb compared to full-blown FB app.
  9. Not so good
    utsav singh
    Needs a lot of improvement you can not edit comments, notification buttons issue , though its fast but has a poor material design
  10. Please fix some big problem!!!!!! :(
    for me i think the interface is good,but in new feeds i don't want to see more story please change like the facebook.and the network is slow even my wifi full. The app is slow when open message and get back to newfeed it loading.the last thing is when i open the link or website in facebook it is slow!! But i hope it update and fix all above problem. ***************THANK****************
  11. Cover photo
    Vinay Bhinge
    Its an ok app but make that whenever we check our profile pic cover photo comes to see big like in fb app...jst this is my complaint and i hope u will fix it..
  12. Myanmar font not supported
    Phyo Zaw
    Just tried it for a while and it looks promising. Uninstalled it because Myanmar font is not displayed. I wonder if the app having a small cache means data has to be re-downloaded everytime u scroll to it again?
  13. Some Modications Needed
    Biswajit Das
    1. Cant like prof & cover pics while visiting others profiles 2.Cant move pics while zooming. 3. Cant see replies. 4.Message pushup is not comming before that normal messenger is poping. 5.App is always running though closing it frm ram option manualy..getting restarted. ***Otherwise Good App***
  14. New update started breaking which wasn't broken
    Ratan Parai
    Now it's going to be worse again. Just started running background all time without any option to use GCM rather Facebook's own push service. I can guarantee that after 1 or two year it will be worse than the current Facebook app. Uninstalling
  15. Still got a lot of shit to deal with (update)
    Farhan Johandy
    can't play videos, minimal picture zooming experience. External links work just fine. Finally can see replies! Very nice. Keep working on, facebook
  16. Loads too slow, cant see reply comment
    Nina Aziz
    As my title.. Approved of the small size yet, it took times to load the timeline, notifications, newsfeed and sometimes to outsource to website. Reply comments features by others, i have to go on browsers or my the function of having smartphones for me. This just happen i tried to post a video with long ass captions and the moment i accidentally tapped on around other buttons my captions are gone? Glitch much?
  17. Excellent !!!
    Aisha Tanweer
    Wooow !!! I can't believe it ! Facebook consumes a lots of space and data ! Our phones slow down ! Uninstalled at last ! But really appericiate this facebook lite version !!! Works v well ! Installed v fast ! Consumes v less space and every option works as other normal facebook versions and it works faster than Before ! 7 stars for this :) :) :)
  18. It's awesome simple and great
    suresh suri
    But I have problem that can't use link it says 'use data' it's not working.....fix it it's best app
  19. Good but badly need improvements
    Ali J
    -You cannot see replied comments -You cannot reply to comments -News feeds does not synchronize properly on "Most Recent" -You cannot watch videos -You cannot tag a person specifically by name in comments If these things are corrected, you will make all Facebookers happy. I know you will not read this, through...
  20. Video
    Revon Jeremiah
    Cant play the video. Fix please. I know how to disable the vibrate notify. Its on your phone yourself. Off your vibrating on your phone. That will fix. All good. But fix the video play.