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shweta singh | Vice President Operations and Human Resource at Facebook

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Blake Chandlee | Vice President Global Partnerships

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Dan Neary | Vice President of Asia Pacific at Facebook

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Amin Zoufonoun | Vice President of Corporate Development at Facebook

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  1. Good job FB
    Andre Hendria
    I am not a "selfi" lover myself.. but this one is very entertaining.. I love it just for the FUN of it...
  2. Great app selfied! Another great job by Facebook!
    Leopoldo Taravilse
    This app is awesome they really made a great job! I love it!
  3. Great for Security for your everyday common picture of a person shared over FBI Messenger
    Google J User
    It's justcrazy how many photos were stolen from FB Messenger App within the past year! Sadly somebody somewhere is not going to get the reason for this security App but if it's for the wrong reasons I think it's just even better.. Just wish the Windows Phones had this App especially due to open Wi-Fi even less secure than Android! But great job FB , hard job filtering out all the scum bucket thief's!!!
  4. Selfish picture
    Laura Tate
    I was trying to send my family and friends a little laughter.
  5. Hope is the most beautiful. Word i Know
    rose mary
    Act of Kindness was is always being Honest and never getting left out.
  6. Cool
    Zuri Zurich
    It's a good entertainer, but a bit slow
  7. Never worked
    Brian Mulipah
    It has never worked for me. Not even once. I keep getting an erre
  8. Doesn't seem to work
    Wayne Coburn
    The app doesn't do anything but produce errors
  9. Rubbish
    Andrew Cummings
    Facebook tells me to attach separately as cannot process the file..
  10. Interesting idea
    Abdelmadjid Hammou
    ...but requires too many taps to access the selfies from Messenger. Also the selfies end up way too big in the conversation stream. Needs better integration.
  11. I like this app it's a good way to show the you of the moment
    Derek Henderson
    I will definitely use the app it's a great way to express yourself
  12. kim keable
    Nt bad, l like all the Facebook Messenger Apps.
  13. Can be improved
    vipul chaturvedi
    Why don't you guys make a shortcut into messanger. Or include it in stickers it can be more usefull by doing this
  14. William Duodu
    It's great I can send pictures to distance friends in seconds
  15. Funny as fff
    Liangqi Peng
    I am the living emoji. Would be better if made the sticker smaller or give us choice to use small medium or large sizes.
  16. Doesn't even work, even after an update!
    Sam Bernard
    It crashes everytime I drag a selfie down to an emotion! This is another waste of space by Facebook!
  17. Lol
    M. Arbah Binamin
    To tell the truth, I actually like the app's concept. :-D
  18. Huh
    Ankit Daga
    Bad app not to ne installed any person