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  1. Terrible App
    Charity Wilson
    I love the concept of this app. However, I can't hear nothing I play. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and it lets me send the sounds but I can't hear them in the app or once sent through messenger. Even when the sound bar moves after hitting play. And yes I double checked to make sure my volume controls where on!
  2. BRILLIANT!!!!
    Van Aus
    Comes through EXACTLY as described. Fantastic laughs, especially with those Family and Friends that are unaware of ITs existence, as of yet!! :) Another technological product, which allows us to better express ourselves more accurately in today's way of communicating. Just UPDATED, more choices and better content.
  3. Can't send any of the sound clips
    Steven Cool-R-O
    This app sucks it is garbage. I can listen to the sound clips but I cannot send it. what kind of app is this? installed and deleted all within 5 minutes.
  4. Love it - keep it up!
    Jay Douglas
    I love this app - it's so fun! Works flawlessly on my HTC One m9. Would love to see Android wear support? This would be a great way to respond to messages from my smart watch. Keep adding more sounds! (An option to add your own sounds would be nice, too)
  5. Can hear but can't send sounds...
    Tamara Myers
    I can hear the sounds but I can't send any of them. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. Is this app compatible with my phone? My sister has an S5 and she can send them. Would like some help please.
  6. Has problems
    Charles Bejarano
    I can play the sounds but I can't actually send them. Asus TF300T Transformer Tablet, Android v4.2.1 Jellybean. It needs some instructions on how to use it. I kept assuming that I was doing something wrong but now I realize that it's just not compatible with all devices.
  7. I also can't send the sounds
    Brydan Mitchell
    As many people have reported... I have the same problem they do. I'd think with having an S5 you guys would have this patched.
  8. Can't Send Sounds.
    Javier Indesteege
    As other people have said, I can hear the sounds but can't send them. A fix for this issue would be appreciated.
  9. Ok but one problem
    Sean Bedford
    Its good but you can only do 15 at a time then when u press one it dosent work but apart from that its good=)
  10. Yo yo ashraf singar
    Ashraf Khan
    Ago enjoy a day off and on to you soon and will have the same as hyeehhdgsst to be a winner for you guys are doing well and truly a good option of your own review the attached document management team the UK in a couple days to be a winner for you guys can do for
  11. Jeff Meister
    Im using a Samsung galaxy tab 3 and while i can hear all the sounds i can't actually send them which makes this app utterly useless! I like the idea though which is the ONLY reason it got two stars.
  12. Good app but ....
    ethan nuth
    It doesn't give me an option to send the sound clips. I can hear all sounds but sending them is the issue. I am using a Note 3 by the way ...
  13. I love the app but needs some improvement
    David Anuszewski
    I enjoy this app. I would like to see in the future though quicker access to the clips rather than having to go through so much to send the sound clips. One suggestion I can think of is of somehow the clips are saved to the message page in the same area below the messages where you can also select emojis. Emojis are saved when they are used so why not sound clips. It would just be faster.
  14. A little more update
    Felix Vendiola Jr.
    I want to share my songs to other.I would rate it 5 stars if I can pass my songs to other
  15. Deseray watkins
    deseray watkins
    My Samsung Galaxy s3 won't send anything just let's me hear them!!! I'm so frustrated that I can't use this!!!
  16. Needs more sound..
    Himanshu Joshi
    There should be an option to play the sound feels more lively that way...those who don't want can have an option to disable it
  17. Add Some More Sounds
    Ziaullah Khan
    I love this app please add some more sounds. I already rate it 5 ★ .
  18. Good thinking
    Sagar Goenka
    Just add whatsapp n se other sharing option also. Also a custom optiom to add our own
  19. Sound Clips
    Richard Randall
    User selects prerecordings that can make you one of the most adorable annoyers on Messenger.
  20. Can't send the clips
    Altaf Khattak
    Good app but i can't send voice clips coz i Don't have send option. I have samsung galaxy note3


What`s new

• We added 70+ new sounds for you to send!
• You can use the app in your language.
• We fixed issues with sending sound clips on some devices.