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zelda games the legend of zelda free


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  1. Really like but...
    Larry Jacobs
    I have the full version but I need to know if there is a way to transfer it to a different phone. I don't want to have to use my old phone to play it, or have to start over. It's also saying that I need to upgrade again. I had the impression that you only had to do that one time.
  2. Easy and Short Puzzle-based RPG (LGBT-friendly)
    Robert Tan
    Very good RPG, not too long, nor too hard to defeat and earn money from. The gameplay is modestly sized, all of it centering around a village (no island-hopping). With the exception of two massive dungeons and two sidequests, the whole thing is pretty straightforward to follow. Controls are A-okay, but switching characters does take some getting used to. Imho, the Items List could improve with a sorting function. Buying items in bulk from the Shop is also VERY annoying. It's an oversight that needs fixing.
  3. Triple lame!
    Mikiel Stovall
    The first quest is quite simple and it will not let you advance beyond that without purchasing. A bit of advice - the marketing team, let the players actually experience the game before fleecing them.
  4. Liked the f2p...
    Chris Finch
    I Dont feel this should be 4 bux for only a 15 hr game.. drop it down to 99c and this game would sell a lot more. It was very smooth and I'd love to play it past the first 10 min.
  5. Awesome but why do you have to pay for full version? :(
    Cassima Lynx
    I really really like this game but I wish you didn't have to pay to get the full version, you only get to play the 1st chapter unless you buy it and I don't want to pay. :( But if you're someone who buys apps, this game is super awesome and you should get it!! :D
  6. Great till it lasts
    Hangul Lim
    I really wanted to buy the full version, but some of negative reviews and no proper response from dev stopped me from purchasing. How come there is no 'restore purchase' button?
  7. Good game
    Ranger Jake
    Love the game. But why do you have to do that? I get to a good part, and now I have to pay for the full version? Isn't there some other way to make money off of the game? I want to at least be able to play the whole thing.
  8. Borders?
    Infinete 1
    Great game but why the borders suddenly? What happened to the the full screen awesomeness?
  9. ??????
    Thomas Hecker
    If you're going to make a game, why not make the full version free, just use ads when you pop up the menu. It's a good game so far.
  10. Great game!
    Coral Shine
    I played this on an iPod Touch back in 2008 and I loved the game. It's got the perfect mix of puzzles and adventure, and I thought some of the NPCs were just hilarious. If you're a Zelda fan, you'll probably enjoy the gameplay. The soundtrack isn't bad, either.
  11. Great game
    jovon duckson
    I love the storyline and the graphics. This game is boss!
  12. I have been looking for this game for sooooo long
    Abraham Peña
    The last time i played it it was so good i kept it forever and then i got a new phone and could not find it until now thank you for making such an awesome rpg game best one on mobile android
  13. It's alright
    brian schmidt
    Don't much care for the anime animation...a little far away from this styles roots.
  14. Kinda stoopid
    Shawn Davis
    The game is awesome but give everybody the FULL game,then ye'd have a lot of people downlaodin it then. (I decided to put some pirate talk in it sounded boring without it ;))
  15. I don't wanna buy the full version!
    Axel Al
    I really like it but I don't wanna buy the full version!
  16. Adam Campbell
    Great till I had to pay boooo
  17. Roo Stove
    Paid for full but it never installed.
  18. I need help
    David Combs
    I purchased this game and I try to play today and it tells me I have to buy it. I don't want to pay for it 2x. Can you guys help me out? Great game, I just don't like paying 2x for something I own. My phone crashed and now it doesn't recognize that I bought it.
  19. Mateo Serrano
    Guys download mobogenie from the browser and see if u can get the paid version for free their, u get all the paid games for free it's awesome
  20. Its good but
    Jerome Porcado
    It has to pay for the full version ... And I want to play full version of it ... Better to uninstall


What`s new

- Fixed an issue which prevented the game to be bought using the In App Purchase
- Fixed an issue which which prevented the game from running full screen on high resolution devices
- Improved Android OS 5 compatibility

If you encounter any issues please contact us.
Any feedback will help us improve the game.