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Reviews 97,356

  1. Best free ice hockey app
    Carl Brownbridge
    The characters are really bad at picking up the pick weather it is on the ice next to then or in the other teams possession, and it would be easier to defend if the players could skate backwards so they are slower and rosier to control and make the computers chance for scoring a little slimmer and it would be a wonderful game, but even note it is the best ice hockey app by far
  2. Ok
    Gabri El
    Strange scoring method. Bad position of ball battle, i have a 7" TABLET and i must change my hands at the begining of a play or i must learn how to play with my nose. In the penalty shoot it is very hard to defend your net. You must move quickly but for that i try to keep my hand above the centre of display, position wich block my view. Bad passing method...
  3. Meh
    Thought it was good at first but the controls suck. Everyone is a righty, goals are almost always scored from near the blue line, goalies are pretty much useless (it would be better if there wasn't a goalie at all :p) please don't get it its not worth the space
  4. Disgusting
    Noah Hanley
    While the graphics are nice, the gameplay is horrible. I've literally spent 2 and 1/2 periods trying to pick the puck up, and shootouts are impossible. It's pretty bad. I wouldn't recommend anybody to play it.
  5. This game is a joke
    Jeff Leung
    The effort putting this game together can be closely compared with the effort to put together Windows Vista. Even with a high defence team, when you visually poke check the puck off someone's stick, they still maintain perfect control. You cannot play dump ins because of the physics on the boards. Your goalie is worse than the away team's (cannot poke check if his life depended on it). Pass blocking is only blocked if you stand near the passer no matter who is in between the pass. Many more flaws.
  6. Not bad, could use some work
    Ben Shore
    Its fun to kill time. Its a little easy to play, even on hard. The goalies are easy to score on stick side. If the players were better at getting the puck and handling it, it would be a more fun and challenging game to play. When passing the puck, the players seem to stop skating, it would be so much more fun if the play wouldn't slow down on breakaways. Other than that, it's fun to let the computer team get ahead by a few goals and then try to come back and win the game.
  7. Thank you note:
    Susan Hartwell
    Thank you for making this game free ,and I will keep it as long as it is updates are avable.Can you do me a favor.If I see ,or have an idea ,or if I have any bugs that I report can you try to fix it,but if you can't fix the bug I report then I understand that not everything people try fix and fix it but does work is ok.Oh by the way what is your name.My name is Travis Hartwell. I am 11 and going to be 12 in 5 months from the 2 of febury.Oh by the way if your wonding if my birthday is in July it is.My birthday is on July 2.Thank you so much for the second best Game on sports caorgory on GOOGE PLAY! From: Travis Hartwell.
  8. Finally!!!
    Choy Valerio
    Its so cool and I loved the game.just add more player and just remove the energy thing but all of it is nice!!! Tnx
  9. Horrible don't waste time
    Kyera Ziegler
    It was horrible all the graphics messed up badly and it infected my old phone
  10. Ehh
    Jill Hettwer
    It won't let me score its stupid there's an open spot I shoot it glitches and flies back other than that good game
  11. Great game with a few bugs.
    lester stratocastermaster1
    I've had a great time playing this hockey game. But a few suggestions, make it easier to get gems like exchange game earned money for some, easier to get to a loose puck, make the shoot out more realistic to defend, a bug where the puck was behind the other teams net along the boards and there was no way to get possession. And if possible it would be great to have the d-men skate backwards. Checking would be nice to but I know it's hard to replicate real hockey on an app. Overall I like this game a lot.
    Michael Glenn
    VERY difficult to score a goal...on EASY. And it's way to difficult to maneuver around and to steal the puck.
  13. Alright
    Adam Owori
    Pretty good but please make it more responsive like when you press the check button make it so they get wiped out and just make the buttons more responsive also add fighting thats a big part of competitive hockey and why is there no OT just draws thats dumb and when you press pass it takes like 5 minutes for them to actually pass and make the grapichs more realistic like on a slap shot make their back leg fly up and when they turn make there legs turn with them
  14. Horrible excuse for a hockey game. "3d"
    Mike Flowers
    I would say the best thing of this game are the graphics which is not saying much. First off as other reviews say the delay of passing and shooting in gameplay sucks. Also the fact that the computer scores from the side of the net is a load of crap. The mechanics need ALOT OF WORK. If there is any game as good as madden mobile let me know... this game needs a lot of work.!!!!!!
  15. Its ok
    Quinn Jenkins
    I like the game, but I don't get the shootout stopping. If a guy if coming you can't stop it. Does anyone know how to stop the puck from going in in the shootout?
  16. GAME
    Christiano Tavai
    This is really cool. But do u know where to play online? STILL THIS GAME IS A NUMBER 1 ON TABLET OR OTHER DEVICES
  17. Nick Cross
    Make the game right I can't even get the puck unless I win the face off major updates needed but still a good game and I see it improving
  18. Ok
    Hunter King
    The game is OK but whenever there is a faceoff the clock is still going!!! And the shootouts are so hard!!! You only have half a second to click 1 of 5 things to block the shot!
  19. Horrible game
    Jeff Butts
    Horrible gameplay worst hockey game ever made. The quick play mode sucks the shootout sucks the game sucks don't waste ur time
  20. Unrealistic
    Eldys Fabian
    super unrealistic,can only play as some teams and not others,cannot pick uniforms,mechanics are bad, shootouts are really hard to win given the broken way to stop the shot.Checking while on defense doesnt work.Please,if youre going to make a game, do it correctly.


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v2.0.2: Fixed some minor bugs in the last update. Thanks.