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кейс кликер
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Kevin Messenhimer | Co-Founder at Fiveamp

Dallas/Fort Worth Area |

Chris Lewis | Co-Founder at Fiveamp

San Francisco Bay Area |

Reviews 297,953

  1. Noisy
    Sebastian Gordon
    It's really good but I wish that every block you mined gave you 3 so I'll get 3 dirt every time I mined the dirt
  2. More biomes
    Rara Bush
    Would be 5 star but there's two things. Wood in the plain biome and I want more biomes. Perhaps starting of with a plain and forrset biome wouldn't hurt
  3. Gets better
    Tyler Michael
    In pick crafter you destroy blocks and get upgrades chare tors and even better picks that have different effects after a while it gets to a point where all you have to do is get certain blocks and ores. yes it does eventually get to a point where all you do is farm but that is what chests are for they get you items and tools which is great cause it makes it so you don't have to spend months trying to get items to get 1 upgrade a new update would be great but it's already a great game!
  4. More
    Joshua Artman
    Needs more thinfs to mine and things to craft with them. Then id rate 5 stars!
  5. Pretty Cool
    Kent Young
    Its really weird, the game takes place underground right? And if I'm not missing my daily minecraft or I'm or if I'm not extremely dumb I'm pretty sure there's more stone underground than dirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Other than that it is absolutely AWSOME /
  6. Awesome
    Katie Clark
    It's an amazing game but I expected it to be more minecrafty.. I think you should be able to take useless sand and craft it into sandstone.. Or if you use the fire pick on sand you should get glass... Anything like that
  7. Like it
    kristopher johnson
    Like the game but it need more features in it.and a bigger spawn rate of diamonds because it took me 2 hours to get 1
  8. Amazing
    Sara Donathan
    Awesome great game very good graphics cool picks there is no way to sum it up very additive and fun if you can put more stuff in the small Chests would be fantastic thanks!!! - a big fan
  9. Relaxing
    Ander Stanton
    Its a good game if you're bored and have a few minutes to kill. It even adds up the stuff you get when the app is closed, so you don't have to constantly play. Pretty fun game overall. Another thing would be to have it reduce the rate of blocks that no longer have a use, like, I'm all the way to the nether, why am I still getting so much stone?
  10. Pretty Good
    Crystal Haney
    It's fun and a great me killer, not the best game ever, but all around VERY fun. Good job :)
  11. Heather Leyssenaar
    Gets a bit tedious. Shoulder hurts. Good and mindless object collecting. No money required. Just load up now and then, get the free chests to boost inventory.
    Loretta Leedy
    I used to love this game but then I stopped playing it for a while (mind you I still had the game installed) and then when I finally got back on after 4 months it reset everything even my chest pickaxe that I bought. So I tried the restore purchases button and it keeps saying restoring IAP's and then the ok button would show up. I pressed it and nothing happened. I did this like 10 times but still nothing happened. If you can give me my pickaxe that I spent MY money on back to me, I will rate five stars plz
  13. Awesome game
    Blake Austin
    Love it the game. Kinda skeptical about it at first now I think it's great!
  14. Overall good.
    Matiss Sergejevs
    I enjoyed it, just one request. Why the useless blocks? Am I just a noob or is sand/ice/clay and whatnot 100% useless? And it would also be very cool if you added a combining feature, for example combining 10 iron makes 1 gold and so on, because getting 225 emerald (or diamond too) is basically a robots job. And maybe consider adding multi-touch as well, would be awesome if I could use more than 2 fingers at once. :)
  15. Very grindy, as you'd expect.
    tinman kincaid
    As isnthe case with these f2p things, the grind gets really long over time. Im currently working toward the nether and It requires an insane amount of obsidian considering how little obsidian you get. Also, when you break a screen it shows like four blocks flying out when you actually only get one. Feels deceptive.
  16. Entertaining but...
    Steve Archer
    ... Frustratingly slow progress finding iron, etc... Small chests should be more rewarding as you get further on - over 3.5 million picks for next to nothing is not an incentive to carry on. Update - if your supposed to accumulate picks over time why aren't I getting my full quota. I'm sure it's not working correctly running in the background!
    isam ahmed
    Its the best,best,best,best,best,best,best,best,best,best and its the best
    Bradlee Mixon
    This game is awesome!! I know it's just a cookie clicker game, but it's WAY better!! It's so addictive and fun! Just one thing. Please make it actually like Minecraft. Because, I mean, 100 diamonds for a diamond pickaxe?! WAY too expensive. Make it like minecraft! BTW rubies in the nether? No sense at all. Same with end stone in the nether. Make an end biome or something for end stone.
  19. Love it
    Brooke Rohan
    The best game ever but sometimes it gets boring but u can just get off of the game and come back on it and u would have a lot of picks and it...I just can't example it u know what I mean by got to get back to playing da game the best game ever. Ps its my apian sorry if I can't spell that good Cuz I'm a kid by
  20. Entertaining, Amazing, love it.
    Tim Gendreau
    Number one this is enterertaining because you work on it for a while Number two its Amazing because its like those games you tap for junk wich is awesome Number Three I love this game because there's so many biomes and I got all the way to cave! Yea its awsome download the game for free its awsome so try it.


What`s new


- New Harvest Event Goals + a new PPS Item
- Added goals that can be collected mid event

- Buffing Harvest Dinner Pickaxe
- Upgrade cost for Harvest Dinner Pickaxe has been balanced
- Elite boost on Furnace works better offline

Thanks for playing, let us know what you think! <3

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