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José David Poveda | Strategic Advisor & Business Development - From The Bench Games

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Reviews 85,403

  1. My favorite app.
    Greg Kienitz
    I use it everyday. The ads that sometimes pop up slows it down, but overall, it's an amazing time-killer.
  2. Player value randomly reduces
    Kwame Osafo
    I spent alot of time upgrading the player value only to see ut reduce drasrically for no apparent reason. I think its a bug
  3. Amazing game
    mike daley
    Great game,I play it all the time,all my friends love it too,nothin but great.Only way it could be better if you come ld trade players with other people online suh as friends or just anyone.besides that ,this is my favorite game without a doubt.keep up the good work
  4. Question: Retirees
    Kieran Sibley
    I have a high leveled Kevin Garnett and I don't plan on releasing him, when KG retires what will happen to my player? Will he become a legends player? Disappear? Will I get some sort of compensation?
  5. Good but
    Peaceandlove Bob
    It's a very good game, but you guys could put a trade market so we can buy and sell our players. I don't like that if I don't want anymore one of my player, I have just to fire him. I spent money and time to increase their skills, I don't want just throw them away... Then it's not correct that for train a player we have to remove him from the team and lose team points.
  6. Good game but..
    chris church
    It doesnt really make sense that i cant train active players... Having to take my best cards out of my lineup to train them is just senseless.. An lose the energy system,or at least have one game mode that can be played without it,change that,ill give 5 stars. Works fine on (ZTE speed)
  7. D game i played everyday
    norman nazar
    Kinda addicted to this game but still got room for improvement . if we can control d player in real game that wud b much more fun with real face n skill n i wont b suprise if am stuck in d game whole day
  8. Jason Nowak
    I think it's great and has been getting better and better with each update. I understand why we can't trade players with each other, but we should be able to "sell" players back (at a discounted rate of course) rather than just drop them. Also, when improving players, I have 3 open slots to improve 3 players. I should be able to use all 3 slots to improve one player 3 times faster. I shouldn't have to improve 3 players at a time, sometimes I'd like to fast track a player to the next level and would be willing to sacrifice the open slots to do it.
  9. New Son of Congo update sucks
    Stephen Patton
    After the Son Of Congo came this apps shuts down automatically. Please look to it.
  10. Amazing and active!
    Alex Yates
    This game rarely fails me when I open it! And it is also the most interactive experience I have had in a nba gm game! It is def the app I use the most!
  11. The manager is great,
    Amir Deli
    I will give more stars, when the game stops crashing, on my Samsung galaxy s2 plus, i can't play 2 matches in row . Co's the game freezing, crash. Etc
  12. Addicting game-trying a lot to keep it competitive
    Buuain JOhns
    Things are too expensive:players, staff and power-ups'-10% fee for the bank account?! trading players would be nice-UPDATE: wish it would look like the promopictures here in the store concerning the layout..besides its getting better meanwhile and nothing in life is perfect ;)
  13. Still room for improvement...
    Jerome Andrada
    I have read other manager's comments and I saw that they are in the same boat as me. Can you guys please make some sort of consignment store that you can sell your players to other managers? That way, we would get a refund. Also, I had Kevin Love (who is a really good player) and his player on fire is 0!? How can a fantastic player such as KLove be not good? And you guys said that the stats are based on real life. I'm quite disappointed with that really.
  14. love this game
    Jeffry Dulay
    nice game and exciting. players and legends in auction,as well as the coaches and marketing are too expensive for me. i wish the tournament games could be played without intenet like criminal case bcuz lots of my energies are wasted. but overall its a great game
  15. Amazing, but with issues
    Mario Juresic
    It keeps crashing on my Galaxy s6, and the store is not working properly, everything freezes when I try to buy some coins or cash, and just crashes after a few seconds. Also when I play the game, it just crashes randomly, but that is not so often. From tonight, oficially, the store is not working!? I have reported issues almost a week ago, but never got an answer, and problems just got worse. Oh, if you could fix this and maybe consider adding transfer market where we can trade our own players...
  16. Different but good
    seth mccarty
    Definitely different than other sports gm games I'm use to. It took me some messing around to figure out the concept but I like it. Unfortunately in my toying around figuring it out I blew pretty much all my coins. Not a big fan of pay 2 play but I do really like this game so if the developers continue to put effort into this game I can see myself buying some coins. Great job so far on development. I see an addiction growing..
  17. Why?
    Javier Serna
    The game give you 15,000 for winning 5 gamed and it deducts 20,000 if you lose, that doesn't make sense cause you don't gain 20,000 if you win. game flaw!
  18. Auto close dont waste time
    Michael Manzanares
    Why the f always close shit game
  19. Samuel Lopez
    I have every single GM game but I'm just wondering if you guys can make a hockey (NHL) GM? I would so download it
  20. Fly for a white guy
    Daryl Smith
    No sleep til Brooklyn. Good set up. Sucks I gotta spend real money if I want coins tho


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