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  1. This can't be right...
    Alain Larocque
    I gave this game a chance and installed it. The first 3 rounds of the first game the computer got 27, 22 and 16 not including the crib. I've been playing Crib long enough to know that there something fishy about this game. A definite pass. Why can't they just make a simple Crib game without cheating? Is it that hard?
  2. Easy to install fun to play
    Nadia Burns
    Ads are minimal and don't interfere while you're playing. I tried others and didn't like but this one is fun....
  3. Pass
    The game has a great interface, it's intuitive and easy to use. Great job on the aesthetics. Too bad the "difficulty" simply refers to AI hands that are determined AFTER the deal to always give the AI the best possible hand. Too many pegs are a straight or a pair and too many hands / cribs go 12 points or more to ever convince me that the cards are dealt randomly. Very frustrating.
  4. Just my opinion....
    Jason Lobato
    Unrealistic, I've read up quite a bit about the creators code writing of the program and he seems to think it's fool proof. Setting aside the losing and winning, when I switched difficulty to advanced it was completely obviously. I've played cribbage for a long time and am a decent player. In one game I got dealt 3 hands with trips in it, never had that happen in real life and I've played a lot. Last game I got dealt a quad! Googled and found good article explaining how faulty these AI games can be....
  5. craig fielding
    I played this app almost every day before getting bombarded with the ads. I get it, the people who created this app want to make money. But when an ad completely takes over my phone and won't let me skip it to move on to the next game or even just shut the app off, you lost me there. My phone is my property, not yours. Will never pay this one again.
  6. Don't waste your time!!!
    Ian DeVisscher
    Game has completely lopsided deals whether playing multiplayer or against AI the shuffles and deals are never fair you either get a ridiculous amount of large hands or just the opposite. There's not a lot of skill involved when the program decide who's going to have the better hand before the game starts.
  7. Great
    John Inghram
    Single player is fun and fast. Computers could be a little harder. Multiplayer takes too long and joining games is kind of a pain because they fill up quickly.
  8. Good time waster!
    Dennis Ehlers
    I enjoy the ability to play a quick game. Ads are kind of a pain, but I recognize the need to support a "free" game.
  9. Very addicted to this game
    Mike Mondry
    I love this game. Great way to pass time. Still haven't gotten a double skunk, but haven't been double skunked either.
  10. annoying popups and now ads
    Don Imbriale
    new version with ads is really bad; so much for an excellent FREE game now gone down the tubes like so many others; Advertising should be subtle, not in your face; some ads so bad slows game down to the point you can't play.
  11. Awesome
    daren best
    Great game. Adds are annoying though. When somebody kicks you from joining they should be penalized.
  12. Cribbage about as good as you can get
    Fred Coffman
    Plays cribbage honestly but it cheats on the cut every time. I mean I win like 1 out of 7 or 8 cuts. I still enjoy it, it's a good cribbage player. the online feature is a lot of fun and I would recommend this to any good serious cribbage player
  13. Glad to have, but can be annoying
    Chris Arrington
    Computer gets improbable odds pretty easily. It's gotten to the point that I have to play like I wouldn't in real life because I can predict its insane hands.
  14. Broken
    Mike Hall
    Once I start a game, I do the cut to determine the crib and then nothing happens. The game just stops entirely. Not a freeze, it just does nothing
  15. Defying odds
    Franklin Jenks
    The computer has to be cheating, I've been playing cribbage for over 40 years and I've never seen anyone ever get 4 or 5 16 point hands in a row followed by a 24 point hand. If I was playing against an human opponent I would stop playing with them because they were cheating. Just lost my 40th game in a row computer amazingly scores 20 or better in the home stretch of the game. I'm going to look for another version that doesn't cheat.
  16. Difficulty Doesn't Mean Better Cards
    Ryan Benedict
    When playing greater difficultly for this app means the AI always has the right card to make a pair, a run, or 15 or 31. It just frustrating. Almost like the AI determines what cards it's holding based upon what you play. It gets frustrating and eventually mundane and boring.
  17. Great online play..
    Alan Auger
    Great connectivity but ads are annoying on single player. Good game. Highly recommend
  18. D Anders
    Difficulties in the game are totally rediculous. Easy is way too easy, but if you go to normal, it doesn't just make the computer more skilled, it makes it way more lucky! It gets extremely good hands almost evey time, and is basically un-beatable 75% of the time! The other 25% it throws you a bone and it all of a sudden gets all terribls hands, seemingly just to keep you playing. If you dont want to smash your phone, don't download!
  19. Very Good
    Andrew Solberg
    It is a very good computer game. All computer games seem to cheat either in your favor or in its, depending on the "level of skill" you choose. This one is pretty good.
  20. Hmm
    Chuk Johns
    Over the bloody adds which never came before. Its a shame because I loved this game and had it on since the start but its uninstalled now :-(


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