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  1. Useless
    Mohammad Asif Sayyad
    Used this game on kitkat and enjoyed it. But after upgraded to android L a message appears that unfortunately animal escape has stopped. I reinstall this game 7 times but the same happens all the time. It is really very bad experience for me that you don't want to give any explanation on my review as on 21 April 15
  2. Not working
    Vikash Kumar
    For wat non sense introduced this game.... It open and close automatically. Don't download friends...
  3. Good
    Maddy Bell
    I love it but u have to Waite like 20 mins to get life's or by them Thats a waste of money but I'm still giving five stars
  4. Fun for everyone
    Chloe Pierre
    Its just like subway surfers. But with a chicken and different kind of animals. If u guys don't like subway surfers I prefer u shouldn't play this
  5. Great
    Jasmine Mendez
    Fun game love it°°° Awesome to play and very easy get this awesome game!!!!!ΔΔ :)
  6. Fun.
    Xavier Williams
    Its like subway surfers but way better. You never know what's going to happen next. It's one of the best games I ever played. You should also try clash of clans its also amazing. I hope they make updates because subway surfers only do different regions and what are they going to do next after they run out of places?
  7. Its good game
    Ahmad Nawaz
    Its a running game all like temple run,angry gran ,u should try these games.And if we come to the levels so its like candy crush,farm heroes, juice cubes, bubble witch saga.But this game is more good than subway surfer.Subway surfer game doesn't end and if it end so where.And never changes only the place.This is a good game .And the funniest part is when the chicken dances. You don't know what would happen next.So try this game.
  8. Saliya Johnson
    I would put 5 stars but at one part of the game say that you get to 40 something and you need to collect the boxes then u dont get the boxes you get anything else but or u need the rocket or spring or the helmet they won't give it to you that needs to get fixed and sometimes this games lags at parts of the game I hope u fix this and I will change my rating that all but the rest is fun.
  9. LEVELS!!!!!!!!
    Bevin Nelson
    Why did it just stop at 61? I'm on level 61 now and it won't go any further fix this please. Hello? Is it done does it just stop at 61 because if it does I want to delete it if your not making new levels.
  10. Just awesome...
    Aditi Mishra
    And the best thing was.... I DIED LAUGHING..... it was soooo cool ..... BIG THUMBS UP TO THE DEVELOPERS
  11. Wonderful easy played
    Tanna Easterling
    Grandson favorite if he would let me try
  12. Rubbish
    Kerry greene
    I play a level then when I did it without no banging I get 1 star my brother played it but he keeps getting 1 star so please sort this game out and I rate it 5 stars.
  13. Kinda Fun
    Joe Booth
    This game has the same controls and idea of Subway Surfers Etc. but it seems to be a lot easier. Its good for awhile but will leave you wanting more. Good for younger ones.
  14. Morwesi Dube
    Fun fun and more fun and the farmer is cruel that makes it more enjoyable because you don't know what to expect next
  15. Its kinda good
    Sume Abu
    This is better than sonic dash and stuff, but it all counts on ADS. It would have been a 5✴ but I gave 3✴ just because of that turning up all the time and its totally awesomely RUBBISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. This one's a KEEPER!!!! :-)
    Marcia Rand
    The FIRST time I played, I was hooked and haven't stopped until now! Best, cutest game with really NICE graphics, smooth playing, fun and exciting without being TOO difficult, or TOO easy! (I especially enjoyed the little "chicken dance" the bird does after escaping the farmer!) All ages can enjoy ANIMAL ESCAPE!:-)
  17. Dance when you win
    Damien Black
    Its not an endless runner like subway surfer but its fun.
  18. Fantastic game
    Dwstiny Walker
    I love this game it is the best game ever . Now I can get free upgrade s for liking this game. You other people should try an play this fantastic game because you will like this game.
  19. Really fun
    Jess Pelshaw
    The only thing that I don't like is that I can never die. I keep getting run over, but it never happens. That would make the game a bit more fun to me but its still an awesome, a bit too easy, game.
  20. Lorrie Cross
    Love it love it love it awesome games awesome just awesome can't stop playing it


What`s new

+ Find levels with magic boxes on map!
+ Gameplay balance and level design tweaks
+ Minor bug fixes

All for FREE. Enjoy!

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